7 Steps to Change Your Life: Step 6 – Awareness and Energy

April 6th, 2021

By Kanta Rudy

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

[This is the sixth in a series of seven articles – the first step is here]

7 steps. 7 teachings. Are you willing? Are you worth it? Of course, you are!

The sixth step is awareness and energy.

Thoughts create life.

Feelings define our experiences.

What we give our attention to we create.

When we combine our thoughts about life and how we feel, we focus our energy and create from that state of being.

The experience of that creation is defined by our perceptions about life.

The outcome of that is determined by the energy in which it was created in.

We are bombarded with information rooted in fear and panic.

We are living under a global threat. What is happening on the planet is unprecedented. For the first time in our history, the whole world has been shut down? Control has become the mode of operation and we are being manipulated by fear. Wow, that sounds like science fiction…

How does that trigger your already overactive stress response?

How does that change your perception about your life and the possibilities there-of?

In this sixth step, of the series 7 steps for change, we discuss awareness and why it’s absolutely necessary for self-development, and why every thought and every choice matter. Your life’s experiences are a result of your energy. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions focus your energy and create your life.

Being aware offers a glimpse into the unseen parts of self, of life. It sheds light on areas you want to make changes in and offers ways to do that. It allows us to get a better feel for where we are on our journey.

To create a version of your future that would actually please you, you must be aware of how you destroy it. It is that simple.

Let’s try something.

Ask yourself the following questions?

What if you had a chance to create your future right now?

Would you take it?

Would you seize the moment?

Breathe deep, relax.

What happened?

If there was a spark of energy that’s awareness.

If there was no spark, let’s discuss lack of awareness, and what that feels like.

#1 Dull feeling state.

#2 Long-term fear.

#3 Excuse maker why things can’t work.

#4 Internal conflict.

#5 Being a victim.

#6 Unfocused.

#7 Unmotivated.

As time cycles, a person’s choice to become more aware is still an individual shift. To create such a movement in consciousness we must look deeply into our own lives. Taking into consideration our thoughts and how we feel about the life we are living? As we search for new solutions this creates new pathways in our brain-body connection. Then we can refocus our energy and create from that new state of mind.

Now, let’s bring it closer to home.

Awareness allows us to see the repetitive cycle of choices we make giving us clarity to recognize our automatic behaviors that they lead us on the road to nowhere. It’s in those moments of realization that we can use neutrality and honesty to make a choice and move into a new frequency of life that would actually stand the test of time.

As time goes it’s always the perfect time to change. But be warned it will take effort and desire to shift your personal patterns of fear and punishment. Have you absorbed conflicting energies from this global pandemic threat to become both the victim and victimizer of self? If so read on, this will help.

Body Consciousness

Body consciousness’ is about becoming aware of what relationship you have created within your body-mind and spirit.

How do you feel about yourself?

What areas are you in conflict with?

How often do you judge or punish yourself?

How often do you steal joy or fight with yourself?

The following charts are fun tools to help you with different aspects of yourself. They are divided into 3 categories: Do all 3 exercises for 7 days; if you feel like continuing on for 30 days it would be of benefit.

  • Emotional Awareness 
  • Body Awareness 
  • Quieting the Old Cranky, Unhappy, Complaining Voice of Doom 

Emotional Awareness Chart


This chart will allow you to become aware of what emotions and automatic behaviors you empower daily. It will offer you a glimpse into why you feel what you do.

Write down what you feel throughout the day. Don’t cheat yourself with your commentary. Be expansive. Learn to observe your emotions.

Be aware from when you open your eyes. Watch listen then reflect on what you feel emotionally throughout the day.


Physical Awareness Chart


This chart will allow you to see where the body’s pain centers are and your relationship to them. Write where you have pain or discomfort in your body. What does it feel like? Come to know it. Is it something you feel constantly or does it come and go? How long has the pain been there? Is it dull? Is it sharp? What makes it better or worse? How has this pain affected your life?



Exercise for Quieting the Old, Cranky, Unhappy, Complaining Voice of Doom

This exercise helps you to understand your daily communication, you direct at yourself. Coming into contact with this angry voice lets you see and hear how you are now part of the abuse you have been trying to heal all this time.

Look in the mirror. Full length if possible. Where do your eyes go first, how do you feel about that part of the body? How do you behave with a direct reflection of yourself? Listen to your inner complaining, come into contact with whatever you are struggling with. Feel it.

Then: Just observe.

Then: Pick something about your body that you like. Sometimes this is easier said than done. It doesn’t matter what you like hair, nails, skin, eyes, legs, feet, anything at all, but pick something you truly like.

Resist your pattern to go to the problem and start complaining again. Stay focused and only allow yourself to “enjoy what you like” about your body. This can take a few seconds or minutes. Try to stay with that feeling. If this is difficult relax and try again See how long it takes to find a sense of peace and have a break from that cranky voice of doom for a moment. See if you are willing to support your choice for the 30 days. If you get derailed it’s no problem, learn from what happened and start again.


These exercises don’t heal or cure what caused the difficulty in the first place; it’s the beginning process where a deeper bond can be formed helping to maintain change.

Receive at no cost a copy of my book Play and Heal and go to the chapter on body consciousness.

Play and Heal is a book that opens the heart to healing. It brings out the true meaning of healing, and that healing can be a joy. Play and Heal is a beautiful tool for healing.” -Hossca Harrision author of the “Tide of Change”

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Kanta Rudy has been assisting people for more than forty years. He is a spiritual counselor and a Naturopathic Doctor with a Master’s degree in Natural Health, and he is a certified Hypnotherapist. Kanta works with individuals and groups, guiding ones in the area of “spiritual nutrition” and in healing in an enjoyable, playful manner. He has practiced in Los Angeles, California and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Luberon France, and currently lives in Athens Greece.

For more information about Kanta go to www.playandheal.com

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