Hope Triumphs Over Confusion: Astrology Forecast 17th – 23rd May, 2021

May 17th, 2021

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

There’s a real mixed bag of astrological activity this week, and at times the cosmic waters are quite muddy. Nevertheless, the energy of Jupiter’s recent arrival in compassionate Pisces is still settling in, providing an underlying optimism and hope which transcends the various stop-start, awkward T-squares in operation this week, on both the fixed sign axis and the mutable axis too.

We start the week in confident fashion, with a positive trine between the Sun and Pluto on Monday – useful for getting the powers-that-be on your side or for shining a light onto corruption, manipulation or skulduggery, whether that’s in your personal life, your working life, or wider society. Things turn murkier on Tuesday, however, when the lunar T-square with Uranus and Saturn promotes stand-offs. Those who have a vested interest in the status quo aren’t going to give up the fight that easily. On a personal level, Tuesday is not the time to push your own agenda too forcefully. Persuade and motivate rather than dictate or enforce.

Wednesday’s Venus-Saturn trine is stabilising and soothing, especially where relationships or money issues have been fraught. The Taurus Sun’s final action, however, is to stir up stubborn attitudes in a loose T-square with an on-the-cusp Virgo Moon and Jupiter. Be persistent with someone who won’t see sense, but you’ll have to adapt your strategies as the energy shifts. It’s about finding out what works for your particular situation.

Once the Sun moves into fun-loving Gemini on Thursday, the atmosphere will lighten again. Talk, talk and talk some more, because the more ideas are shared and developed now, the easier change will become. The Sun’s square to idealistic Jupiter in Pisces on Friday is not as problematic as you might think; the Gemini Sun is the very embodiment of mutable energy and so the result of this tension is constructive – an intelligent adjustment of spiritual goals, or the understanding that we need to learn something new in order to open up Jupiter’s potential for healing.

Slightly more of an issue is Mercury’s square to Neptune on Saturday, which is a recipe for confusion. Rational, logical thinking is clouded here – note that at this time there is a very fine line between idealism and fantasy, and between reality and illusion. It’s one thing to be hopeful and optimistic, but when Mercury squares Neptune, we can be impossibly naive.

Look to the influence of Saturn turning retrograde on Sunday for a period of reflection and better self-understanding. When Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius, we turn our rebellion inwards, looking for the outdated patterns and self-imposed limitations which are holding us back. During this retrograde, each sign has the chance to re-invent itself, ready to face the shifting energies of this age with renewed confidence.

Aries Week Ahead

The early part of the week is ambitious and focused on your work and your income. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd or to draw attention to yourself. This looks likely to be a highly sociable week for you too, and a very busy one with constant errands and demands on your time. Through friends and associates, you may be reminded that you have a lot to learn. It’s important to set your ego aside for long enough to truly listen to what others are telling you. Something someone say may trigger deep memories or emotions for you, but through that, you have the opportunity to grow. Once Saturn turns retrograde, focus on the extent to which you want to fit in with those around you – are you still a little bit afraid to show your true colours? Why?

Taurus Week Ahead

This is a great week for stretching your wings. Get out and about as much as you can, because being confined to one space will drive you crazy(ier). Your ruling planet Venus creates a very promising trine to Saturn on Tuesday, which will enable you to make sensible, long-term financial decisions. Remember your values though, and don’t allow yourself to be pressurised into taking too materialistic a view. At some point, particularly when the Sun squares Jupiter, you will find yourself weighing up what’s best for you versus what’s best for those around you. In particular, once Saturn turns retrograde, you will have to wrestle with the extent to which your career ambitions impact up on those you love the most.

Gemini Week Ahead

Monday is a key day for forgiveness. If you’re willing to forgive (nobody said anything about forgetting) then you can move past a previous trauma once and for all. Do it for your own sake, it has nothing to do with your current feelings towards the one who wronged you. Once the Sun moves into your own sign, the emphasis will be on freedom – freedom to say, do and think whatever you please, and the freedom to be your authentic self, rather than conforming to what other people expect of you. Anything blocking you from this is likely to cause some deep-seated anger, but it’s important to be careful over how you handle these blocks. Too much drama will backfire. When Saturn turns retrograde, you may want to address any insecurities you feel over your education or qualifications.

Cancer Week Ahead

There’s a lot of inward focus this week and you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of privacy and down time. Tuesday’s Venus-Saturn trine is a good moment to speak your truth in matters of love or money, especially if what you’ve been biting your tongue for some time. Once the Sun shifts into your spiritual zone, however, you’ll take a more philosophical approach to everyday matters and you’ll be more interested in how something feels rather than whether it’s right, wrong, fair or just. The Sun’s square to Jupiter is likely to bring out some very firm opinions you didn’t even realise you had. Expect to have to defend your views. Once Saturn turns retrograde, you’ll start to figure out that you as an individual can create change – no matter who agrees or does not agree with you.

Leo Week Ahead

Start the week with confidence at work, especially if relationships with colleagues have been difficult recently. Your ruler the Sun creates a very positive trine with Pluto on Monday, empowering you to create reforms, changes or adjustments to your everyday working life. Don’t wait for permission. Just do it. Your humanitarian impulses will come to the fore when the Sun changes signs but don’t be surprised if you feel conflicted in the latter part of the week, between your own selfish desires versus what you know you should be doing for the greater good. It’s not always easy being a way-shower. When Saturn turns retrograde in your love zone, focus on heart to heart contact with your partner. Transcend routine niggles and worries to rediscover what drew you together.

Virgo Week Ahead

Ambitions run high this week and for once, you’re feeling empowered to take charge and to call the shots at work or in business. Don’t be afraid to take some off-the-wall decisions or some calculated risks, because luck and intelligence are both on your side. Once the Sun shifts into your career zone, people will start to sit up and take notice of what you have to offer. Be aware, however, that your focus on work does come at a cost to your personal life; you’ll notice this keenly when the Sun squares Jupiter. You can have it all, but only if you truly listen to your partner and work together to compromise so that you can get the most from work and from your personal life. Look to Saturn turning retrograde to uncover some home truths about your work-life balance.

Libra Week Ahead

For you, the focus this week is on knowledge and understanding. You may be tempted to bluff your way through a job interview, a presentation or some other situation where your knowledge is tested – and given your levels of luck, you might just get away with it. However, deep down you know that you have some learning to do here. Look at the possibility of gaining new qualifications or extra training, especially once the Sun moves into your fellow air sign Gemini. If you continue to bluff later in the week, once the Sun squares Jupiter, you may end up in an embarrassing situation. Saturn turning retrograde this weekend will teach you a lot about how you can avoid future self-censorship, and will help you to understand your own creativity better too.

Scorpio Week Ahead

Take time out this week to think about karmic links to those around you. Some very deep emotional and psychological issues are coming to the fore and it would be easy to be overwhelmed by these emotions – but you can channel them positively if you choose to. The Venus-Saturn trine is important for healing and for releasing negative attachments to people, places or things. Once the Sun shifts into Gemini, you will feel more in control of yourself and able to dig deeper into your own psyche. When the Sun squares Jupiter, however, you may find feelings of guilt, emotional debt or recklessness spiraling out of control. You are not alone. Reach out to loved ones for help and support. Saturn is about to turn retrograde in your family zone, but this can be an uplifting, healing, inspiring understanding of your roots and your background.

Sagittarius Week Ahead

Financial issues have been acute recently, but Monday’s Sun-Pluto trine empowers you to take matters into your own hands. With that done, you can better focus on the main theme for the week, which is love in all of its glorious forms. From romantic love to the love you feel for your pets, your friends and even your favourite hobbies, it’s all about feeling good and helping others to feel good too. The Sun’s arrival in your opposite sign naturally lights up your love zone, but watch out for interference in your love life from well-meaning (or not!) family members when the Sun squares Jupiter. Don’t allow anyone to dictate who or how you love. When Saturn turns retrograde, you may have to fight for your right to self-expression. Go for it.

Capricorn Week Ahead

There’s good news for your mental health this week, as pressures appear to lift somewhat and during the first part of the week the emphasis is on fun, laughter and creativity. Once the Sun moves into Gemini, pay attention to your overall holistic health and wellbeing. It’s all too easy to give up on a health project when the Sun squares Jupiter – everything else will seem more important in your busy week, and it will be hard to make the time for what may seem like a selfish indulgence to workout or to relax and meditate. You are a creature of habit, however, so once you start to miss one or two sessions, your overall wellness will suffer. Make yourself a priority. Saturn is about to turn retrograde in your values zone, so it’s a good time for understanding that you are important.

Aquarius Week Ahead

There’s a  lot of joy around this week and you may even be able to turn a hobby into a lucrative side gig of some kind when artistic Venus trines stabilising Saturn in your own sign. It helps no end that the Sun is set to move into your creative zone too – and this solar transit also increases your self-confidence and your levels of self-expression, so what’s not to love? Self-doubt could be an issue when the Sun squares Jupiter, especially if you’re worried about the financial risk of going ahead with a creative project. However, Saturn is about to turn retrograde in your own sign – a significant movement which will help you to understand your key objectives and priorities. Sometimes, the end result is worth the risk.

Pisces Week Ahead

There’s a nostalgic feel to your week ahead, Pisces, especially when Venus trines Saturn. Dig into genealogy or get back in touch with childhood friends. You tend to see the past through rose-tinted glasses, and at times you’re guilty of wallowing in it too, but this energy is uplifting and empowers you to move forwards into the future with confidence too. The Sun arrives in your family zone mid week, so it’s a great time for a family vacation or simply for spending more time at home with those you love the most. If your childhood wasn’t the best of times, use the energy of the Sun-Jupiter square to ensure that for your children, or for those children in your orbit, you create a much more loving environment. When Saturn retrogrades in your spiritual zone, you’ll get a lot of insight into how to do this.

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