Asking Too Much: Astrology Forecast July 19th – 25th, 2021

July 19th, 2021

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

The overall astrological theme this week is pushing too hard, or asking too much. We’ll be doing this of ourselves, as well as others, and we’ll be very quick to find fault when we don’t get the answers or action we think we want.

Monday’s loose Grand Trine between the Sun in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces is gentle and compassionate on the outside, but really these energies are peddling an illusion. There’s a veil of fantasy over what’s really going on, but it doesn’t take much energy to lift it and to peer beneath at the rather mucky and murky reality.

When Venus moves out of grandiose Leo and into critical Virgo on Wednesday, expect the illusion to start falling away. The thing is, however, even where the situation isn’t that bad, the natural instinct of this energy is to “improve” matters, via forceful and damaging criticism if necessary. This is likely to be a day for speaking harsh truths, with not much effort to soften them.

Venus opposes Jupiter on Thursday in classic ‘asking too much’ style. Not content with taking a little, many of us will take a mile as soon as we’re offered any kind of concession. It doesn’t help that the Sun moves into entitled Leo on the same day, furthering a misguided sense of self-righteousness.

Matters may come to a head during Friday’s Aquarius Full Moon, which is conjunct Pluto. Aquarius always wants to see a better world, but is sometimes careless or even reckless in how this may be achieved. Protests and potential violence may flare; the problem is that even if those taking part believe they have right on their side, Aquarian energy understands only too well that there are many different shades of “right”, and this can therefore easily tip over into a control and power struggle between the people and the authorities.

An idealistic trine between Mercury and Neptune on Saturday offers a moment of reflection, but the Mercury-Pluto opposition on Sunday reminds us that this is far from over – there are still battles to be waged and won.


Turn your thoughts this week to health matters – not just your health, but the health of the world. You’re in an unusually structured frame of mind and you’ll want to minimize chaos and maximize organization, especially in your working life and your personal life. Look at time management techniques to help you get more from your 24 hours, which in turn will help boost your mental health as well as lowering stress factors on your physical health. Confusion or uncertainty of any kind will drive you crazy this week, which is unusual for you – use the energies of the Full Moon to get friends, colleagues and co-workers on board with your organizational plans.


You may be asking too much of yourself creatively this week – in as much as you are trying to please others and win praise from others, rather than indulging your creative streak for its own sake. If you work in a creative job, look to the Full Moon energies for a boost to your status which will bring you more freedom in how you work; if, however, your creative streak is “just” a hobby, then stop putting pressure on yourself to win fans and plaudits. Self-expression through creative means is therapeutic for you this week, but you’re not getting the full benefit of this life-affirming quality in yourself if you constantly censor and criticize it.


Expect to feel a challenge to your beliefs and your deep-rooted principles this week. If your religion or your identity or your day to day culture is rooted in your family history, the challenge may be especially acute. You’re struggling to navigate putting on a front because that is what is expected of you, versus your own privately held views. You’re tired of not being true to yourself, but struggling to see a way out of that impasse which doesn’t hurt or offend people you hold dear. The Full Moon will help, as it shows you how you can safely explore other faiths, cultures and traditions, without being disrespectful towards your own heritage.


Your challenge this week is to dive deep into your own subconscious and explore subjects and topics which you have so far felt to be taboo. This may involve re-living childhood trauma or deeply unpleasant events from your past, which is best done with plenty of emotional support -and professional therapy support too, if necessary. You’re understanding gradually that you can’t just ignore this baggage or your desire to delve into the darker areas of life – you have to work through it. The Full Moon encourages you to speak openly about hidden or taboo knowledge, as a means of self-expression. However, don’t be surprised if this is asking too much of those around you.


Change and transformation is on the agenda this week, whether you seek it or not – and much of it may center around your closest relationship and your love life. Your need for financial and material security is being threatened, perhaps by your own actions or inaction, perhaps by someone else; whichever it is you will feel a deep-seated need to address this, which may come to a head during the Full Moon. You may row with your partner over money, values and responsibilities – not a lot of fun, but it’s important that you get your feelings out into the open. If whoever is causing the problem cannot or will not change, you may have to consider some serious options.


Expect your self-awareness to take a huge leap this week. With Venus moving into your sign, you will become much more aware of how others see you, for better and for worse. With the Full Moon in your employment zone, you may find that you need to modify your behavior in order to seek a new job, or that you need to adjust the impression you’re giving if you want to resolve an employment issue. The onus is firmly on you to do the changing; sure, others are also contributing to any difficult situation, but you cannot change them, you can only change yourself. A small shift in attitude this week could pay dividends, leaving you feeling more secure and more confident.


There’s a deeply spiritual vibe surrounding you this week and you will find it rewarding to take part in psychic or mediumship activities, or to explore the paranormal and the mysteries of life. This is not a morbid attraction for you; you find it inspiring and life-affirming, and you should take whatever time you need this week to revel in your spirituality. Find time to meditate, pray, practice divination, keep a dream journal, or work on spiritual art. The Full Moon is a significant moment for finding joy, even if your joy and your method of finding it leave some people with raised eyebrows.


If ever there was a week when friends feel more like family than family does, it could be this one. One or two very close friendships in particular will mean the world to you this week, especially if you are currently finding life difficult with your extended family. Spend as much time as you can in the company of those who have chosen to be with you on a friendship level, rather than those who feel forced to be around you through blood ties. The Full Moon could bring resentment and drama to the fore when it comes to dealing with distant or difficult family, but you sense that friends have got your back, which brings you confidence and peace of mind.


Look to your communication skills this week if you want to advance your career or your status in life. You need to find a way to make your voice heard so that your true leadership skills can emerge. Stop sitting on your hands and become active both speaking out in person and on social media. You have a lot to say, and people can learn from your views, so this is no time to be shy or diffident. During the Full Moon, you may find that what you say creates controversy, but don’t let that put you off. In your working life, be confident that you can command respect for your opinions, skillfully phrased. It’s asking too much of yourself to keep subduing your views, so let them out.


Religion, faith and principles will mean a great deal to you this week, so don’t hesitate to stand firm in that regard. You are being challenged left, right and center, but it’s vital now that you are true to yourself. During the Full Moon, your values are in the limelight, so be very clear on what they are, and what you will do or say to defend them if necessary. It’s a good week to be open-minded and to listen carefully to opposing views; you have a lot of learning to do. However, you feel an emotional need to anchor yourself in some firmly stated principles. From there, you can build up the confidence to explore other views and beliefs.


This week’s ‘asking too much’ theme is especially pertinent for you, Aquarius. You are ahead of your time – the zodiac’s visionary – and yet you expect and require others to keep up with where you are. Your political moral, spiritual or philosophical views are often dramatically different to the mainstream, and this week in particular you want to push, and push, and then push some more. Although the Aquarius Full Moon does increase your personal magnetism, it also lays you open to very heavy criticism or even punishment if, in trying to push your views, you overstep a line. Try cultivate patience. Your time will come, but this week is not yet it.


The arrival of Venus in your love zone is typically a good sign and an offer of serenity and calm – however, this week in your relationship, you are definitely asking too much of your partner. The problem stems from unrealistic expectations. Try to stay grounded in reality and to understand what is and is not possible or even desirable. This is not a fantasy, this is real life, and your partner may well find what you are asking simply impossible. Be aware also of your hidden motives this week; during the Full Moon, you may learn more about yourself than you ever wanted to know with sudden insight into what is really driving you.

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