Eternal Student: The True Measure of Mastery

March 11th, 2022

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

On the spiritual path, what is the true measure of mastery? You may have journeyed plenty, you may have touched deep presence and be able to open into multidimensionality. You might get visions and insights into future-landing-now, or you might be able to facilitate, heal and catalyse. Yet there’s a fundamental problem in ever embracing the word “master”. Because there’s always something to be mastered, always something to integrate. The very term itself breeds complacency…

The Eternal Student

When you reach a certain point on the path, where you’re truly tuned into the quantum field and its magnificent flow, then you’ll come to realise three interconnected fundamental truths: 1) no two moments are ever the same; 2) each situation has unique challenges and opportunities; 3) the soul is invited to find the highest expression in each circumstance and situation.

What this means is that you can never guarantee mastery in any given moment. Because you’re being invited to search for, and find, a new expression of self. The good thing is it will always be based on a previous version of you. The great risk of embracing the term “master” is to breed complacency, and the likelihood that you won’t deliver of your best. The key is to always keep innovating, and working to improve on previous iterations of self.

To me, true mastery then, is to realise yourself as the eternal student.

Never Perfect!

This in itself is pretty advanced. But it retains the humility to accept that a) you’re never perfect; b) you’re always fallible; c) to keep striving for the next best version of you. To me, this is a true form of mastery.

I like to think I can follow signs, synchronicity and flows in the quantum field pretty well. I’ve gotten through some big challenges and major scrapes here in the shift. Yet only yesterday, at Heathrow airport on my way to an Openhand event in Mexico, I got myself in a tizz trying to find the carparking company. I had to go around the inner circle three times before finally finding it. I did have the wherewithall, a degree of “mastery”, to recognise I needed to slow down, open up, let go and just follow the feeling. That did eventually get me there!!

In this situation, although like countless others, there was something unique to be learned. Yet part of me was a degree complacent that I could easily figure it out. A lesson learned indeed.

What are the Qualities of the Eternal Student?

This is why, to me, an “Ascended Master” would never own or embrace the term. What does it mean? That you’ve attained mastery in Ascension? Well, EVERY Ascension process in EVERY shift is complex and entirely unique. You can bring past awareness, integration, skills and knowledge to bear, yes. But each moment requires a new application, a new learning and integration.

The term “Ascended Master” is only recognised because it’s a term that’s used in the spiritual mainstream. It may be viewed as a bridge, a connection, to then go beyond.

So what qualities of the eternal student might we embody?

It’s being prepared to stop, open, tune in and feel.
it’s having the courage to follow the soul and go with the flow.
It’s recognising that each moment will have a teaching in it:
Where do you get tight? How might you open up through it?
Now, what’s the next highest version of you, the next harmony wanting to express?

What Nugget of Soul Gold Can You Find Now?

If you explore this template, then I’m sure you’ll gain masses from it. I would say it also means you can give up the striving for mastery or perfection. The moment you’re engaged in right now has a nugget of soul gold buried within it. The only question is: what is that, how can you integrate and express it?

I felt given to put this video together about the “Ascended Masters” and how they’re truly working in the shift to help liberate and uplift humanity. Notice some key features: 1) they’re in the background and never put themselves above you; 2) they work on frequencies of beingness, soul gold, to help you realise the next best version of yourself; 3) they’re not interested in a “victory” or an outcome in the outer. Only to be the best expression they can be.

If You’d like to find the nature of the eternal student in you, and dig up some real nuggets of soul gold, the consider getting involved in the work of:
Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings


Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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