Alternative and Affordable Ways to Treat Cancer

May 4th, 2022

By Ty and Charlene Bollinger

Guest Writers for Wake Up World

Treating cancer with alternative methods is a massive topic! The beauty of holistic health is that there are so many options that for many, this can be the biggest challenge. Another common challenge is the cost of alternative therapies, as most are not covered by insurance.

It’s common in our society for people to hand over their health to their doctor. We simply don’t know better until we know better. When approaching cancer with alternative methods, those days must end.

To heal your body, you must empower your mind with knowledge and become the leader of your healing team. To be successful, you must want to learn and do whatever is necessary to understand the needs of your body to heal, and you must be willing to change. If you are serious about overcoming cancer with alternative methods, this mind shift will lead to a life shift.

It says in Romans 12:2, “… be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” If we can detox our minds of all of the lies and bad programming that we have accrued, we are well on our way to some serious health improvement and a longer, happier life! “For I know the thoughts I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” (Jeremiah 29:11) God’s desire for us all to live long and healthfully does not include an end caused by cancer!

With that said, here is some advice for finding alternatives to the toxic standard of cancer treatment that has become so prominent in the west (and that will work within your financial means. Remember: Cancer is NOT a death sentence! As long as there’s breath, there’s HOPE!

Assess Your Resources

Whether you are just starting or have come to a crossroads, this is an important step. If you don’t know what you can handle, you’ll already be at a disadvantage when it comes to finding the right treatment protocol.

What is available to you now, right where you are?

Plan for an increased demand on your finances for a minimum of two years, if not longer, depending on your situation. As you evaluate and detox different areas of your life, you will find that you will be doing some re-allocating of funds. For instance, if you are spending $100 plus per month on coffee, reducing or eliminating that change will improve your health, as well as free up funds for your new lifestyle.

Do you have friends that live close by who are supportive of your choices?

Having help with juicing or grocery runs is always important. If not, seek out online support groups, and you can connect with people that are close by.

Is there a privately-owned health food store in your area?

If so, they tend to have a lot of connections and resources. Chain stores may be helpful as well. Seek out the expert in the supplement section. Look for people nearby who are going through what you are: health nuts, people who juice, people serious about detox, and anyone who might have a common interest in what you are doing.

If you have access to something, use it! For instance, if you have access to a sauna or ozone chamber, become an expert in that area and get the most out of it. Check eBay and other selling platforms for used equipment like saunas, juicers, rebounders, and other health equipment. You would be surprised what people have lying around that they have stopped using!

The Healing Puzzle Pieces

Part of your mental shift and empowerment is to understand the overall picture of what is necessary for you to be well. Healing can be a bit of a roller coaster ride at times, but you must understand this and decide not to panic every time you feel something strange or different happening in your body. Throughout your journey, you will most likely have a few doctors and practitioners. They will cover some or all of these areas, and ideally, you should always be aware of the overall picture and listen to your body. At times you may need to increase detoxing or decrease a certain therapy or regimen. What works for you is specific to your needs and how your body responds. We will not go into great detail on each piece, as today’s focus is on understanding the whole picture and doing it on a budget. All pieces are important, but I do not suggest starting them all at once. This is a process. It is key to not overwhelm your body and mind!

First, you must understand how extremely important it is that you come to terms with detoxification as a repetitive part of staying healthy, now and forever. The digestion process is quite a journey. It starts with the mouth and ends with, well, our end! There is so much that can get in the way of proper absorption and nutrient assimilation. The biggest culprit is the colon and the intestines. Over time we all develop a sort of sludge that lines our entire intestines and colon. It is referred to as mucoid plaque or biofilm. If this plaque is not removed consistently, it decreases the effectiveness of every nutrient you put in your body via food or supplement. It’s literally increasing the value of everything you do to start with a deep clean colon cleanse targeting mucoid plaque. Of course, this is only if this is right for you and your current condition. If you aren’t sure, contact your practitioner.

1 | Adopt an Anti-Cancer Diet

An anti-cancer diet encompasses a lot of things, not just food. We will focus on the things that most people are doing that need to stop immediately due to the way in which they contribute to cancer. These things are foundational and should be continued now and ongoing. It is ideal to have family members to support you on this, but do not be discouraged if that doesn’t happen.

  • Stop processed sugar. Cancer cells have somewhere between 10-16 times more receptors for sugar, so decreasing sugar intake decreases energy supply for cancer cells immediately and benefits overall health for many reasons. This is a major shift for many, but starting the fight with your fork is one of the most powerful weapons you have.
  • Initially, it is ideal to limit all animal proteins. For most, this is ok to do short-term and then decide if it is right for you to continue in the long term. There is ample research to show that excess animal proteins contribute to cancer and tumor growth. As you are detoxing, especially in the beginning, relieving the burden of the long digestion process of animal proteins will aid in accelerating detoxification. This is also an excellent way to reallocate funds for expensive clean meats to more vegetables for juicing and yummy large salads. A vegan diet should be accompanied by B12 and essential fatty acids.
  • Water. Drinking clean, filtered water with no fluoride is priority. Dehydration is extremely common. Your total intake daily of water should be at least half your body weight in ounces. If you are juicing, your juice intake counts towards your daily water intake amount.
    • Stop drinking bottled water immediately. Use only (lead-free) glass containers for storage and water on the go. Ball jars are great, and stainless-steel containers can be used as well.
    • The least expensive way to drink clean, filtered water is to take glass containers to locations that offer clean water and refill. You can purchase glass containers at at good prices.
    • If you can invest in a filtration system, Berkey is great and worth fitting into your budget and is a lot less than other expensive water filtration systems. Testing your water after filtration is suggested.
  • Switch to organic food as much as possible. Studies have shown that in just two weeks of going organic, chemical levels in the blood decrease by 90%. In just six days of eating organic, glyphosate levels decrease by 75%.
    • Organic food on a budget: Check out your local sources such as food co-ops, health food stores, ALDI, and many grocery stores will at least have a small organic section so you can affordably shop.
    • Find local farmers: let them know you are juicing for cancer, and they will often help you with better prices or give you surpluses.
    • If the cost of organic is too high for you, try to stick to the dirty dozen list and at least buy these organic: strawberries, spinach, kale, nectarines, apples, grapes, peaches, cherries, pears, tomatoes, celery, potatoes. Or you can grow your own food! This is the most cost-effective way to eat organic.

2 | Detoxification

This is a multi-faceted topic, and as mentioned before, many things need to be detoxed.

1 | Colon/Full-Body Cleansing.

When starting out, you most likely have years of build-up from toxic habits, so it will be more intense at first, but it does get easier! Depending on the cleanse you choose, it should be repeated every 3 or 6 months (adjust according to what is best for you).

In addition to a colon cleanse, you can do a full body detox, which is a great idea when you’re starting out and can be repeated yearly. The order in which you cleanse should be as follows: colon, parasites, liver, kidney, and lymph. If the colon isn’t cleansed first as you detox other areas, those toxins, parasites, etc. will just embed in that mucoid plaque and not make it out.

You can also incorporate gallbladder and liver flushes after your colon cleanses in order to increase your detox. These methods are extremely effective and can be done inexpensively.

2 | Day to Day Detox.

As part of your regimen, the following are detox methods that are great to be used at home and can be done fairly inexpensively:

  • Coffee enema: its overall benefits, especially for the liver, makes it a powerful tool. This therapy helps to accelerate the healing process and how you feel overall. Valuable and inexpensive!
  • Rebounding: Rebounders are easy to find used, and you can also get the benefits of rebounding from brisk walking or even seated bouncing on your bed if you can’t exercise or jump.
  • Dry Skin brushing keeps the lymph moving for the cost of an inexpensive brush!
  • Oil Pulling: Powerful detox for dental and overall health.
  • Essiac Tea: Moves the lymph to aid in detox. Cancer Crackdown loves to donate 8-herb Essiac Tea, it’s very powerful and very cost effective!
  • Sauna: You can build your own near infrared sauna for under $100 using NIR bulbs with clip lamps.

3 | Home Detox.

You spend a ton of time in your home, which is why the products you use – from cleaning supplies to cosmetics – are so important.

  • Throw away all toxins: cleaners, air fresheners, candles, cologne, hair products, nail polish, toothpaste, and lotions.
  • Homemade products are an excellent way to save money. You can easily make cleaners with vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils.
  • Dr. Bronner’s is a clean and easy to find product to begin replacing personal care items.
  • Discontinue using your microwave: it destroys the nutrients in your food and emits harmful radiation.
  • Change to stainless steel cookware. You can find these on sale, just start looking for them one piece at a time!
  • Get rid of aluminum foil and plastic storage containers.
  • Add filters to showers and baths.
  • Outdoors: use nontoxic bug repellent and sunscreen and replace pesticides with natural options.
  • Make sure that your personal care items (things like makeup, shampoo, and toothpaste) are free of toxins. [This is why I created the CHARLÍS line of luxury skin care products. on a mission to provide you with toxic-free products made in the USA that nourish and cleanse your skin. Our manufacturing standards are unsurpassed, and all our products are formulated using efficacious, toxic-free, non-GMO ingredients.]

3 | Immune Building 

There are many factors that promote the immune system. This is also an area where you can spend (or save) a lot of money!

  • Adequate sleep is one of the least expensive and most powerful ways to affect your immune system. Work on getting yourself in a good routine of falling asleep early and getting quality, deep sleep.
  • Fasting and intermittent fasting are other powerful and affordable ways to boost your immune system. Intermittent fasting limits your food intake to a certain window of time and fasting eliminates solid foods altogether. If these approaches work for you, they are powerful tools, especially on a budget.
  • Vitamin D3 supplementation. This can be done at very little cost via supplementation, and if you can get enough sunlight, you can boost production naturally. Vitamin D levels should be in the higher range, 30-90 is normal but if you have cancer or serious illness, practitioners suggest being at 70-90. Some even support even higher levels.
  • If you have insurance, a regular chiropractic adjustment is a worthwhile investment, in order to benefit the overall alignment of the spine to boost immunity.
  • Many supplements are available to boost the immune system. Having at least one good in your regimen is ideal.

4 | Oxygenation

This is an important area that you can absolutely work on for free.

  • We are all typically shallow breathers and even stop breathing when we are anxious or nervous! Focused breathing is powerful and learning to breathe properly all the time will give you an oxygen boost and overall boost in health.
  • Breathing exercise: 4-8-8 Inhale, hold and exhale. Inhale for 4 seconds (your belly should extend), hold visualize the oxygen sinking into your cells for 8 seconds, and then briskly exhale for 8 seconds, expelling the toxins released from your cells.
  • Exercising is amazing for oxygenating the cells and also stimulates the lymphatic system, and it’s FREE!
  • Avoid hydrogenated foods such as margarine or fried foods, as they defeat oxygenation.
  • Other ways to get oxygen:
    • Ozone can be done on a budget; there are inexpensive ozone bubblers to make ozonated water and you can find less expensive generators if this is a therapy you would like to utilize.
    • The Budwig smoothie, hyperbaric oxygen, exercise with oxygen therapy, and peroxide therapies are a few others.

5 | Emotional/Spiritual Healing and Cancer Causes 

This is a two-part puzzle piece. Emotional and spiritual healing is an entire component on its own but there are other causes, usually many, that lead to the formation of cancer in the body.

The most difficult part of getting well is often the emotional part of the healing process. If this could be put first, the process of overcoming cancer and getting fully well would be much quicker and much less costly regarding time and money. There is always an emotional component to disease – always. Budget for this part of your healing! I’ve seen many cancer patients exhaust all of their resources and leave nothing to work on this part of their wellness. You can get better without emotional and spiritual healing, but I’ve yet to find someone who experienced complete healing without some sort of work or revelation in this area of their life.

Additional potential causes for cancer include viruses, heavy metal toxicity, dental toxins (root canals, amalgams, cavitations), chemical toxicity, fungus/candida, parasites, Lyme, hormones, obesity, lymphatic issues, EMF exposure, GMO and food toxicities. Some of these will be naturally dealt with by going organic, detoxification, and building your immune system. Some may be a little harder to determine and fix. When people have recurrent cancers or aren’t experiencing progress, I always suggest going to or revisiting emotions and causes.

6 | Cancer Killers

If you are successfully treating all of these puzzle pieces, your body will naturally be able to go after and maintain the cancer. Over time, you may be able to invest less and less of your money into your regimen. To be cost-effective, you can overlap needed nutrients that are also cancer killers as much as possible, for example: juicing, turmeric, vitamin C and fasting, to name a few. Understanding this “crossover” effect of certain therapies can be super motivating for you to make the most of these powerful tools.

7 | Metastasis Prevention 

This piece is important for your peace of mind as you get better. At times, you may have unexplained pains in strange areas. When the body heals, it heals everything, so you might have old injuries that are painful or just unexplained pain. This does not necessarily mean that the cancer is spreading! Understanding a few key foods for stopping or slowing the spread of cancer, along with some supplement options, are an invaluable addition to your plan. Reducing overall stress is important, so the more you understand about common stressors or variables while healing with alternative methods, the better.

Foods that slow or help stop the progression of cancer: onions, green peppers, celery, parsley, sage, holy basil, oregano, turmeric, blackberries, raspberries, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, dark cherries, green tea, and chamomile tea.

Commonly used supplements for prevention of cancer metastasis: Modified Citrus Pectin, Mathias Rath protocol: lysine, proline, Vitamin C and EGCG.

8 | Digestion

When overcoming cancer there are two types of digestion happening: digestion of your food and digestion and ridding of the tumors and cancer cells in the body. You want to make sure that your body is supplied with the right tools to do both of these things.

Proper gut health and digestion can be a lengthy and tricky topic. It’s really easy to get caught up in a bunch of expensive tests to label our potential problems. If gut health is an issue and you just can’t afford the cost of discovery, there are less expensive protocols that can heal the gut without too much fuss. A favorite of ours is the Silver and Aloe protocol . It’s pretty simple; just important to stick to it until your gut is healed. You can find this protocol in The Power to Heal is Yours, co-authored by Ty and our good friend, Robert Scott Bell.

A good digestive enzyme and hydrochloric acid for use with food are both excellent for assisting with the breakdown of food and assimilation of nutrients. This may not be something you have to continue forever with all meals, but it’s certainly great with high protein meals. Also think of this: while your body is working hard on healing and ridding you of cancer, any area where we can assist and preserve our energy is beneficial. Concerning hydrochloric acid, low stomach acid is the precursor to expression of the MTHFR gene, and an inexpensive HCl supplement can help fix the problem! Without proper stomach acid to break down food, the assimilation of nutrients is very difficult. Check out your MCV in your labs, and if it is over 85, it may indicate low stomach acid.

It’s safe to say that digestive enzymes are a good fit for overcoming cancer most of the time. An effective approach is to find a good solid enzyme that fits your budget and don’t be afraid to take the doses needed to do the job. Taking enzymes on an empty stomach causes the enzymes to have a systemic effect: when there is no food for them to work on, they go searching the entire body acting as an anti-inflammatory, blood cleaner, antiviral, and they then break down scar tissue, fibroids, and tumor tissue. Find an enzyme that you can use as both a digestive and systemic enzyme to save on cost.

9 | Nutrients

Keep in mind that you want to overdose on nutrition and get as many nutrients as possible through your food. Juicing, smoothies, organic salads, and superfoods are excellent for maximizing nutrient intake. Every meal is a new chance to fuel your body and fight your cancer.

There are a few nutrients that are tricky to get or get enough of through food. This is a list of basic nutrients that you want to make sure are included in your regimen: Milk thistle, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc, B12 (vegans), Omegas / Essential Fatty Acids, Iodine. Life Extension offers many of these at great prices.

10 | Testing

This can certainly be one area that kicks your wallet in the pants. For any test that you decide to take, determine what you will do with the information. If the answer is something that you can afford and you will be able to implement, then the test is worth it. However, there’s no need to collect a bunch of interesting information about yourself if it doesn’t help to guide you in your decisions. Paralysis analysis is real, and if you are a detailed overthinker, you can easily drown in all of this. If you are struggling with getting the labs done you want or haven’t found the right practitioner, you can order your own labs on Life, and they have doctors who will review your results with you. They have a great sale every summer on all of the labs they offer. When it comes to testing and keeping up with your numbers, it’s important that you learn some of the key labs to follow and be empowered when you see the numbers improving!

Healing can happen on a budget! Everyone’s path is different and should be focused on what is best for you with the resources you have and what your body responds to.

If you are in a bind financially while healing, consider asking for help directly through friends, church, or an online fundraiser. Garage sales and selling items of value that you aren’t using can be helpful.

A viatical settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy issued on the life of a person who, in this context, is called a “Viator.” There are options available to get money NOW out of a life insurance policy.

The most powerful tool I know of to heal, that costs you nothing but gives you everything, is Jesus and the word of God. ‘The sword of the spirit is the word of GOD.’ (Ephesians 6:17) Learn every verse in the Bible about healing and speak them, memorize them, and make them part of your everyday worship. Remember, Jesus is the great physician!

Originally published at The Truth About Cancer and reproduced here with permission.

About the author:

Ty BollingerTy Bollinger is a health freedom advocate, cancer researcher, former competitive bodybuilder and author. After losing several family members to cancer, he refused to accept the notion that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery were the most effective treatments available for cancer patients. He began a quest to learn all he possibly could about alternative cancer treatments and the medical industry. What he uncovered was shocking. There is ample evidence to support the allegation that the “war on cancer” is largely a fraud and that multinational pharmaceutical companies are “running the show.” Ty has now made it his life mission to share the most remarkable discovery he made on his quest: the vast majority of all diseases, including cancer, can be easily prevented and even cured without drugs or surgery.

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