Cancer Solstice Influx: Astrology Forecast June 19th – 26th, 2022

June 20th, 2022

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The 4 Energy Acupuncture Points of the year – the Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox -are symbolic stages of an inner spiritual journey through time. These are particularly powerful points of Chairos – time out of time – lifting you briefly out of Chronos – calendar linear time.

2022 has been in turns shocking, brutal and intensely physical and this moment is a point in a much larger cycle of Gaia focused Light Influxes – in readiness for another surge of acceleration in July and August.

The Summer solstice is an energetic Node in the year when in the Northern Hemisphere the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky at the longest day, mirroring the Light within you. The cycle of the Sun represents the cycle of your life and reflects the natural flow of energy moving inward and outward. There are times to grow, times to pause, times to shed and times to learn.

At the start of the Cancer Sun Season, the Summer Solstice reminds you to turn inwards and find the nourishment needed to grow and evolve. It’s a time to pause and wait for the energy planted in the Spring to reach full bloom. If the Spring represents action, the Summer represents patience to trust that, with Cancerian nurturing, the seeds you planted during April and May’s eclipses will grow.

The Solstice Chart

The Chart is loaded with Pisces, Aries and Taurus planets-a helpful supportive alchemy of planetary energy. Pisces, the last sign, dissolves the old; Aries the 1st sign, sparks the seeds of the new; Taurus the 2nd sign, grounds your instincts and guidance in your body. Make it a priority to cleanse, clear, re-balance and recalibrate to receive new information.


“Accept what is. Release what was. Create what must be.” Andrea Balt

 At this Solstice Influx, ritual is everything to enable you to amplify and manifest the wave of incoming Creator energy. It doesn’t need to be dramatic, just your own mindful moments of acknowledgment and attention:

  • cleanse your space – the ritual of purification
  • light a candle – the ritual of sacred fire
  • observe and journal your emotions – the ritual of self-discovery
  • spend time in nature and in water – the ritual of embodiment
  • meditate in the Sun – the ritual of grounding

Click image to view full-sized chart.

Chandra Symbol Cancer Solstice:

A potter at work.

“A return to what is natural, a restoring of ancient timeless way. It seeks to manifest a remembrance and a rededication. And when these things are forthcoming, they will seem intrinsic, implicit, nothing to think about. Deep inside the pattern there is dispassion, a viewpoint far removed from the action carried over from before. There is this cosmic beholding power, this witnessing intelligence. It’s a craft, a practice, a discipline. And this requires careful cultivation. You need great readiness, a practical skill to set the tone for spirit to do its great work here. And all the steps and stages, all the learning and growth are already part of the guided pattern, instrumentally choreographed by those who know.”

~ Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: June 19-26, 2022

Feel the energy shift quite dramatically from Air to Water on June 21st when the Sun crosses the World Axis at the Cancer Solstice. The base of your solar chart is illuminated as time seems to stand still for three days. Family and tribe, both past and present will be on your mind until July 21st.With so much intensity and the danger of personal inflation in your own sign at the moment due to Jupiter and Mars, avoid hubris and regain your sense of perspective by connecting with those who are important to you.

Seek advice and support.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: June 19-26, 2022

As the Sun arrives at the summer standstill known as the Cancer Solstice, just feel the elemental shifts from Air to Water, so compatible with your own Earth sign. From now on through to July 21st, you’ll be feeling much more sociable than recently, wanting to be around friends and neighbours. The good news is that from June 23rd, when your own planet Venus leaves Taurus for another year, your finances will receive a boost of some sort. Watch out for overspending and instead be alert for opportunities to add to your income stream.

Time to pause and smell the roses after what has been a busy few weeks.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: June 19-26, 2022

On June 21st your month in the Sun winds down as the Sun enters Cancer at the Solstice. Take some quiet reflective space for yourself to mark these 3 days of time out of time in any way that resonates with you. This solar shift from Air to Water is a celestial nudge to move out of your head into your heart, to catch up with yourself and find ways to rest your nervous system. The last 6 months have been, by turns, shocking, brutal and unrelenting and if you keep on keeping on, your stress levels will soar. Happily, Venus returns to Gemini on June 23rd, smoothing your path and reminding you to take care of yourself

This is about being, not doing.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: June 19-26, 2022

June 21st is a special day for you, as this is when the Sun-our Light-returns to Cancer. You’ll certainly feel the shift from the Air to your own Water element on Tuesday and, hopefully, soon start to feel more at home in your own skin. That Full Moon was a doozy, so take some quiet time in the days after the Solstice to make sure your emotional boundaries are in place. There are no harsh or disruptive aspects this week meaning you can hear your soul’s promptings more clearly than usual.

Pay attention to that quiet insistent voice.

Leo Weekly Forecast: June 19-26, 2022

From June 21st at the Cancer Solstice to July 21st the Sun is travelling deep in your reflective 12th House. This is a time each year when your solar batteries are flatter than usual and a signal for you to mirror the planetary cycle and conserve your energies ready for your birthday month. This is a quiet week aspect wise, perfect for taking stock of the last 6 months and for attuning to your soul’s craving for peace and tranquillity. The recent Taurus/Scorpio eclipses across the pinnacle of your chart have given you a perspective on aspects of your life needing to be recalibrated.

 Looking at the big picture.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: June 19-26, 2022

On June 21st the Sun arrives at Cancer Solstice and the shift from the Air to the Water element will be almost tangible. Take a breather as much as possible before the pace picks up again from June 28th.As your own planet Mercury is in your career angle, you may be feeling quite sociable and enjoying spending time with friends and co-workers with no real agenda. The 3 days around the Solstice when the Sun appears to stand still in the sky are time out of time-a reminder to drop your to-do lists and pay attention to your emotions.

Heart before head.

Libra Weekly Forecast: June 19-26, 2022

On June 21st at the Solstice, the Sun returns to Cancer for another month. The Sun seems to pause and standstill for 3 days while time itself feels less linear and clock oriented, more diffuse. The more you can mirror this natural cycle of slowing right down, the more in your element you’ll be, despite the Sun being right at the pinnacle of your chart. Knowing that the pace will change quite abruptly from June 28th, plan a work trip or a business launch for after the New Moon and enjoy some down time now.

A natural pause.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: June 19-26, 2022

The intensity of the last few weeks fades as the Sun returns to fellow Water sign Cancer from June 21st. Just feel the energy shift, welcoming you back in your element. Take some time for yourself in the days around the 21st to attune more deeply to your own somatic guidance system. The Lunar eclipse in Scorpio in May is still reverberating through your life and affecting the choices you are making. If you can spend extended time either in or near water this week, just do it-your soul will thank you.

Your time is precious – make the very most of it now before the pace picks up from the New Moon on June 28th.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: June 19-26, 2022

Make the very most of a quiet week before life picks up pace at the New Moon on June 28th.You probably have lots going on and many demands on your time but make some space for reflection around June 21st when the Sun crosses into Water sign Cancer at the Solstice. Sagittarius is a Fire sign and currently Jupiter-your own planet -and Mars are both in fellow Fire sign Aries, pouring petrol on the flames. Time to cool down, slow down, cool down, step away from the treadmill and just be. From the 23rd, Venus will boost your friendships and social life, reminding you that life is for living.

Reconnecting with what really matters.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: June 19-26, 2022

Feel the welcome energy shift on June 21st when the Sun returns to your opposite sign of Cancer for the next month. At the Solstice when the Sun appears to stand still for 3 days, find a meaningful way to mark the change of season and element. Reflect on what the last 6 months has brought, on how you are feeling and ask your inner guidance for a signpost for the second half of the year. Partners -whether intimate or professional-could be a helpful source of inspiration. Enjoy the slower pace this week before life speeds up again after the New Moon on June 28th.

What is stillness showing you?

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: June 19-26, 2022

On June 21st the Sun returns to Water sign Cancer for another month at the Solstice and the pace of life slows down. From the 23rd, Venus in Gemini is at a beautiful angle to your Sun lighting up your angle of fun, pleasure and creativity. It’s time to slow down to the pace of life, to stop and smell the roses and to get out of your head and into your heart. This is not being self-indulgent but a necessary mirroring of the planetary cycles. Soon enough, from the New Moon on June 28th, life will suddenly pick up speed.

Focus on what’s working.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: June 19-26, 2022

In the Northern hemisphere, June 21st marks Midsummer with the Sun returning to Cancer at the Solstice. Cancer is a fellow water sign highly compatible with Pisces, so in the coming month you will be in your element. Take this literally and seek out water whenever you can-swim in it, bathe in it, float in it and restore your soul. Venus returns to the roots of your chart, so home is definitely where your heart is. Gather your family and friends for a summer celebration before the lovely slow pace suddenly speeds up again at the New Moon on June 28th.

Purifying with water.

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