Discover an Ayurvedic Approach to Flourish and Thrive – FREE Online Event

Many of us in the Western world have been taught to idolize youth and to fear getting older. Yet, even as we age, we don’t have to live in fear that our bodies will degenerate…

We can choose to rejuvenate instead.

According to Ayurvedic wisdom from ancient India, living your truth — and speaking your truth — not only eases stress levels, it’s also vitally important for enjoying a long, healthy, and spiritually fulfilling life.

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Discover an Ayurvedic Approach to Flourish and Thrive: Powerful Cleansing Techniques to Feel Relaxed, Refreshed and Rejuvenated as You Age

Dr. John Douillard, DC, a recognized leader in Ayurveda and natural health, teaches Ayurveda practices that can shift physical and emotional patterns to help you improve your mind-body health, find greater spiritual fulfillment, and live a longer, happier life.

In this empowering event, John will share how this ancient approach to health can help you change lifestyle habits that lead to weak digestion, shallow breathing, and poor sleep — the major obstacles to healthy aging and living a long and enjoyable life.

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In this nourishing and fascinating online event, you’ll:

  • Discover how Ayurveda practices, when integrated with your life, will set you up for better health and longevity
  • Learn how to shift unhealthy emotional and physical patterns that limit your potential and hinder longevity
  • Experience a guided breathing exercise designed to help you feel your diaphragm and create calm, focus, and relaxation
  • Discover the differences between nose breathing and mouth breathing — and why one way invigorates and the other may hurt health and wellness
  • Learn about the body’s biophotons and why they’re important not only for health, but how they help heal and connect us
  • Explore the glymphatic and lymphatic systems and their activations to cleanse the body — helping to improve digestion, mood, and sleep

Ayurveda shows you how to slow down and free yourself from undesirable emotional patterns, helping you become less reactive to stressful situations and people…

… so you can fulfill your life’s purpose and maintain a sense of balance and equilibrium as you age.

Join us to hear how you can introduce the ancient philosophy and practices of Ayurveda into your daily life — and experience less stress, better digestion and sleep, and healthier aging.

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Ayurvedic practices can promote wellbeing across your whole life, from your physical health to your emotional and mental health – as well as enhancing your spiritual growth and longevity.

Isn’t it time you discovered the power of Ayurveda?

We’ll see you there!