Unblocking the 3rd Eye: Overcoming the Obstacles That Block Your Psychic Abilities

January 25th, 2023

By Sarah Elkhaldy

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Out of all of the energy centers within our body, the third eye is the most popular center due to its ability to perceive beyond the limitations of this reality. The third eye is our center for clairvoyance or clear vision. It is the spiritual gland that allows us to perceive what is normally unperceivable. It’s how we perceive the dimensions beyond this physical realm and how we access the subtle realms. The physical gland that corresponds to the third eye is the pineal gland, which is one of the most spiritual organs and glands that we have within our body and mind.

This center is widely known for being the seat of the soul; however, in occult terminology, it went even deeper than that. It was known as the Ark of the Covenant. That’s how important this center is; not only to the soul and being able to operate within this reality, but also to embody our divinity within this reality.

The Ark of the Covenant is the third ventricle in the brain. It is the capability for time travel.

You see, the cavities in our brain serve far more than the pragmatic functions that we are aware of; the occult function of the cranial cavities are as antennas. They receive and transmit waveforms, but the third ventricle within the brain is where all of the occult anatomy in the central nervous system comes to a peak.

You can think of the cranial cavities as a portal; they are receiving waveforms and light—transmitting this throughout the different chambers or lobes, but the pineal gland (and to a lesser-known extent, the pituitary gland) is the system in the brain that projects us into any given dimension or reality. They are what locate us in time; which is why the hidden purpose of the Ark of the Covenant was known as highly advanced, sophisticated time travel technology—and are we not time traveling this very moment as we speak?

Does not the nervous system serve the critical role of locating us in space and time? We are time travelers, and our own body is the astronaut suit.

Unblocking the Third Eye

The third eye center is very important to a spiritual awakening journey; but to unblock this center, we must first understand why it was blocked in the first place. Mysticism has always run parallel to religion. You could think of mysticism as the esoteric version of religion, and you could think of religion as the exoteric version of mysticism. Meaning, that religion is the mainstream spiritual system designed for the general public. They are externally oriented and heavily concerned with worship and rituals. Throughout the ages, mysticism has always been oppressed by its external counterpart, religion; and religion has always pulled more than just inspiration from mysticism. They have even rebranded mysticism’s practices and all of their knowledge—distorting them to serve their own belief systems. This theme of religion (pulling from mysticism while they’re banning and oppressing the practice of mysticism) has gone on throughout the ages, both in eastern and western civilization.

In other words, it’s never been safe to be in our higher centers; or to be in our intuitive powers and abilities. Simply put, in the past, we’ve suffered severe repercussions for activating these centers by the mainstream spiritual systems that persecuted it.

So the first thing to understand about the third eye is that our ability to activate it depends on how safe we feel to do so. This is something that goes so far back, we might not even be aware of it in the present moment. We might have our whole reality, in fact, shaped from a space of wanting an ability that we’re actually subconsciously afraid of—due to the past repercussions that we have suffered.

Ironically, even with having this major block of fear held within the third eye system, creating a program that shuts it down—many of us still came into this life with an open third eye. But even though it was already opened, it doesn’t mean that we’ve actually connected to and activated it. You could think of it as it being open, but not fully activated yet; and not fully realized.

The second primary block that we have is logical programming.

We are in a world that requires so much of our logical and rational mind—and that’s all well and fine. However, when the logical mind acts as a barrier to the intuition (the creative mind), it then begins overriding the intellect, which has now become unbalanced to the extent that it overpowers our intuition.

When there’s any type of unbalance between our intuition (which is our feminine hemisphere) and our intellect (which is our masculine hemisphere) this does not create equilibrium. The third eye (the pineal gland) is activated through the equilibrium of these two hemispheres. If we are unbalanced because our intuition is overpowered by our logical mind, or if our intellect is overpowered by our intuition—we will not be able to create the equilibrium that allows this center to open. And because we live in an intellect driven world, it’s more common for us to be unbalanced by our intellect overpowering our intuition.

Because of this, what we need to do in order to restore balance is not necessarily to rid ourselves of our logic and intellect; but rather, we should notice when it’s being used as a way to regulate or to control our intuitive abilities—which is done primarily through self-doubt. We doubt ourselves even when we’re perceiving something. If it’s not vivid, or live in color, then we don’t believe that it’s actually going on.

The third eye is more subtle than that, because it’s attuning and accessing the subtle realms.

Third eye activity will look a lot like what’s going on within the mind’s eye, but we don’t validate it. We have all of this self-doubt coming from the intellect, and then we think we need to completely rid ourselves of self doubt so that we can fully be in our intuitive power; and that’s not realistic at all.

In fact, the third eye can be fully-open, fully-activated, we can be in full use of it, and we can still have the intellect doing its thing in the background. The one where it’s doubting every single thing we are visualizing, sensing, and receiving. The intellect will come in and invalidate the entire experience and that is still okay. This is the best kept secret when it comes to unblocking the third eye. Do not struggle against the analytical mind and the self doubt it will inflict; simply master the act of receiving the experience and fully immersing yourself into it while the intellect is regulating the activity.

We don’t need to place our attention on any of the mental chatter. None of our mental activity will negate or invalidate the fact that we are having a mystical experience. The third eye center needs to be activated through our ability to validate the fact that we are directly experiencing something. If we’re in a state of complete self-doubt and expect to just be able to have a real life, live and living color experience of something, that’s just not realistic—so it’s very important to know that as the third eye is opening, you’re going to have direct experiences. And, they might not be as prominent as you wanted them to be. This might trigger the self-doubt you feel when it comes to having these mystical experiences, but validating this center exactly as it is, and exactly as it shows up, is how we train the center to feel safe enough to continue to be activated

As empathic beings, we are experts at gaslighting ourselves. Half the time we don’t even need someone on the outside to gaslight us; we’ll just gaslight ourselves for them.

With this in mind, when we are having any type of vision—even if it’s not super prominent, even if it’s not super vivid, even if it just looks like dream activity or inner visualizations or a screen inside the mind’s eye that is holding some sort of scenery that’s at play—whatever it is, however we’re receiving imagery, however we’re receiving this third eye activity—validate it. Allow yourself to know that it is important information that you are communicating to yourself.

Even if you see colors or if you don’t see colors; even if you see symbols and you’re working with symbols; however it shows up, honor it as such.

We gaslight ourselves to the extent that it’s one of the primary blocks to the third eye being able to be of use to our everyday experiences.

The Third Eye Opens in Stages

Not everyone is going to experience clairvoyance at the same level, because not everyone has the same soul contract to carry out the same soul journey. Some people have soul contracts to have full-blown clairvoyance and that’s because that’s a part of their journey. Some people are going to have third eye activity and it won’t necessarily be full-blown clairvoyance, but it’s going to be a strong clairvoyant ability that they honor in their own right; that they’re able to use within their own right; and again, that serves their journey.

Don’t judge your clairvoyance by someone else’s—even though, objectively speaking, there is more clairvoyant meaning. There are absolutely those who are capable of being fully clairvoyant and fully seeing more of that capacity than others, so there is that objective reality. But also, you don’t need to judge your ability to use this center by its most realized level of manifestation.

That said, there is a cosmic catch-22 when it comes to the third eye center. And that is, in order for us to actually be experiencing third eye activity (a power reserved for people who have reached the level of consciousness that we know as Oneness) we must recognize that the most powerful way to unblock this center is by raising our consciousness into the state of Oneness.

When you’re operating from Oneness, good luck trying to keep the third eye blocked; because at that point, it’s just going to naturally unravel into that and you won’t be able to help it.

You could even look at this as the same process, rather than two distinct processes. Creating equilibrium between the hemispheres of our body and raising our consciousness into Oneness is one and the same—activating the third eye center (the pineal gland) to the point that we are able to see beyond this reality; because we’ve raised our consciousness above this reality.

If you find yourself wondering, “Well, how do I raise my consciousness into Oneness?,” then you’re already halfway there; because you’re an empathic being, which is part of the criteria for even being a human. But let’s say you’re an extra-empathic being; meaning you came into this life very empathic already and you’re aware of your empathic nature. This is unrealized Oneness, because being empathic gives you the ability to understand that another person is experiencing something. Whether it’s pain or pleasure, they’re having some sort of experience that you are personally affected by. Whether we know this or not, this is experiencing Oneness.

It may not be at its highest potential or fullest awareness, but this is already the visceral. It is the emotional body’s innate wisdom of knowing that we are all interconnected; and that the pain that is inflicted onto another is also affecting us.

Even if it’s at a subconscious level, being connected in this way is knowing that we are all one. Even if the cognizant mind has not yet fused with the subconscious, and even if our hemispheres haven’t balanced to the point of being able to open the third eye—we are still more than halfway there to the realization of Oneness—simply because we are in touch with our empathy. All of our inner powers can only be fully realized once we’ve come into the consciousness of Oneness. Before that, we are doing things, but there’s some sort of energy exchange that comes to it—meaning there’s some sort of sacrifice that comes to it.

That’s why we see people who have no empathic connection at all, who can still have marvelous powers, because it’s coming from an energy exchange. Whether it’s making a sacrificial offering, a trade, or even making pacts with natural forces.

It’s not coming from the person’s own godhood and it’s not coming from their inner power; because they have not awakened into enlightenment. A being can harness powers through external forces to a certain extent, they can even consciously align themselves with abusive forces, but clearly aligning oneself with abusive forces would be the opposite of enlightenment. This arrangement would not come from a being operating from that higher plane of consciousness; and because of that, there’s going to be some form of energetic exchange at work.

The Spirit of this Age

The good news is the energies on Earth, during the spirit of this age, are all super potent and super supportive of raising our consciousness into these higher consciousness states of Oneness; and enlightenment people are awakening into these states left and right. What would have taken a person over a hundred years ago to have a whole lifetime of accumulative meditative practices to attain, can now be attained by somebody having an epiphany while drinking some MCT coffee because this isn’t our first rodeo on Earth.

We’re not starting from scratch. We have an accumulation of momentum over lifetimes of skills of energies of practices. When we come into this life, we don’t come needing to learn things from square one.

The energies in this time frame are reflecting to us the momentum that we’ve already come into this life with.

Cellular Memory

The third eye center holds fear in the form of cellular memory is also a belief system that’s become a program within this center, which is operating under the belief that it has been abandoned from the light. Abandonment of the light is a very strong theme to be aware of in order to activate this center; because when we have experienced very high levels of persecution—persecution to the extent that we have shut off our higher centers because of the fear of those repercussions—we have also developed the belief system that we have been abandoned. How could torture; how could betrayal; how could all of these very severe repercussions happen if we were supported by a higher power or supported by the light?

Naturally, we come to a belief system that’s stored within our cellular memory, believing that we have been abandoned by the light. One of the ways that we can start healing this belief system that’s blocking our third eye from fully opening is by shifting our perception to start regarding ourselves as the light.

What if we are the light? And what if we came into physical experiences over time to anchor in more light, in the form of more awareness, into this reality? What if on a soul level, we entered into certain themes that contained certain experiences in order to anchor in more light?

What if we were to turn the tables and reframe this to where the light actually needs our help? And rather than not being supported by the universe, instead we were assisting the universe by anchoring more light, aka consciousness, into this reality.

We sometimes think the universe doesn’t need anything from us. That we are helpless and the only one in need. This is a very innocent misstep and it’s the byproduct of being in a state of spiritual amnesia. When we’re in spiritual amnesia, we have lost contact with our power, we identify more with being powerless, and therefore not capable of assisting the universe. Abandonment from the light is a universal theme that takes many forms depending on our belief system. But even if we don’t relate to this concept in the form of us being abandoned by the light—having the fear of opening this center because we weren’t supported in some metaphysical, existential way is crucial to become aware of, as well as creating a safe environment for ourselves so that this center can open.

Methods to Open the Third Eye

The first powerful tool that you can start implementing to open this center is sensory deprivation tanks.

Sensory deprivation tanks are like many vision quests. They’re the perfect environment for the third eye activity to be exercised and to be activated in. They encourage and enhance the center by putting the rest of the senses at rest.

The second tool to start unblocking and activating the third eye is by using the energy center in the palm of your right hand.

Open it up the vortex that is located directly in the palm of your hand and begin to use this energy center. Allow energy to run through it in a circuit from your heart. Imagine energy being pumped from your heart, through the circuit, into the energy center in the palm of your hand—and then from there, place this vortex over your third eye and intend that it cleans your entire third eye. Create a visual intention that the energy that’s coming from your center through the palm of your right hand, is cleaning out any ancestral programming, any blocks and all forms of trauma that have been stored within the third eye.

Use the power of your intent to clear all detrimental belief systems, contracts and implants that are stored in this center. Visualize this energy coming from the palm of your hand, (it could either be in the form of light or just energy) and have it clean the entire pineal gland and then the entire third eye center.

So first focus on cleaning the physical manifestation of the third eye, which is the pineal gland, and then after that region has been thoroughly cleared you can move onto the metaphysical representation of the third eye, which is the general region of this energy center. Have this light or the energy from the portal in the palm of your hand clean out all blocks; emotional, contracts, programming—especially implants, because the third eye center is where they are stored the most.

Do all of this through the power of your intention, so that you’re willing this to be done—even if you don’t believe that it’s being done. The power of intent is the strongest force in existence. When you are intending that this clearing is actually happening and taking place, it is so.

The real reason we long to unblock and to activate this crucial center is because innately, we know that our inner power and our psychic abilities are our birthright.

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About the author:

Sarah Elkhaldy is an energy healer trained in shamanic and holistic healing modalities that address soul loss, trauma, supporting the body in detoxification of chronic stressors and regeneration.

She is the administrator of the social media account: The Alchemist, where she shares esoteric knowledge to help humanity gracefully tap into our evolutionary potential. She considers it her work to connect the higher with the lower; the outer world with the inner world.

 Sarah hosts retreats and workshops in Los Angeles on Alchemy and Shadow Work.

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