Witnessing the Chain of Cause and Effect: Astrology Forecast April 9th – 16th, 2023

April 10th, 2023

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The Jewish Passover, Christian Easter and the Aquarian High Aries Festival are constellating a triple point of Light in our journey through the year, reflecting different levels and facets of soul evolution.

This year, as we focus on our hopes and intentions for the new astrological year, in the outer world, we are already witnessing the outlying ripples of karma from April 20th’s ultra-rare hybrid solar eclipse – beginning as an annular ring of fire eclipse and transitioning into a sky-darkening total eclipse.

It activates the master degree of 29 Aries and is the first eclipse with the Node of Fate in Aries since 2006, kickstarting a whole series of wild card eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis between now and March 29, 2025.

Make a note of the dates April 15-23– the seismic geo-physical storm window- and make sure you get extra hydration and grounding and reduce your agenda during this time. Close down to allow the flux realign you and create your own private, protective, higher frequency sanctuary.

This week, Venus conjuncts Sedna -the Resurrection archetype – at 29 Taurus, before entering Gemini and aligning with both Pluto and Saturn.. On April 11th, the Sun makes its annual conjunction with Jupiter in Aries. Depending on past actions and causes, this can be either extremely auspicious or create hubris – a sudden fall from grace.

It’s time to discern what you truly value, cherish and hold sacred and then re-commit to it. When you know and live your core values in daily life, each priority, each choice is obvious and everything else falls away. You walk your talk, you are congruent, you are transparent.

When you set out to be honest, the matrix is wildly alive around you.

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Chandra Symbol Sun/Jupiter Aries 22:

Puppets coming alive at night.

“The inner worlds can be just as animated, as vivid and vibrant as any outer world could ever hope to match. There are vast kingdoms to explore on the inner. It is all a matter of motivation: if you seek it, you will get it to infinity and beyond. Here you get what you ask for. Everything snowballs. It tests you, as everything inside comes out. A wish like magic becomes embodied. Being so fertile and ingenious is one of the most demanding possible arenas to put yourself in. The inner life becomes the place where you must cultivate your highest and your best, or else be treated to the proof of whatever you put in there coming out again amplified, magnified, completely full-on.”

~ Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: April 9-16, 2023

Despite its reputation as very lucky, the meeting of the Sun and Jupiter-both gas giants-in your sign on April 11 needs careful handling. You might be tempted to go overboard, throwing caution to the winds or get caught up in relationship soap operas and dramas. Remember that the old saying “Moderation in all things” is still good advice, although perhaps not what you want to hear. Your light is burning brightly, so channel it into setting your hopes, dreams and intentions for the new astrological year.

Go deeper, not wider-superficial distractions won’t cut it.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: April 9-16, 2023

Listen to your body’s many messages and rest more, spend time quietly on your own and recover your scattered energy. As happens every year at this time, the days leading up to the Sun returning to Taurus on April 21st are when your solar batteries are at their lowest. This year, with so much happening in your hidden 12th House amped up by the meeting between gas giants Jupiter and the Sun on April 11th, you could be feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. Withdraw as much as possible from outer events and put your wellbeing right at the top of your agenda.

Putting your highest interests first is not selfish, it’s a life saver.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: April 9-16, 2023

On April 11th, Venus returns to your sign, helping to smooth your path. You probably feel as if you’ve had an uphill struggle with people and circumstances for months, as Mars travelled back and forwards across your sign, so welcome the chance to drop some of your responsibilities. While you’re at it, notice which were dumped on you rather than willingly chosen yourself, then leave them by the side of the road and walk on. Also on the 11th, watch for arguments, dramas or soap operas in your community or friendship groups as gas giants the Sun and Jupiter merge in fiery Aries.

Stay on the side-lines as they play themselves out.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: April 9-16, 2023

As Mars travels through Cancer for the first time in 2 years, little by little your desires and ambitions return. Look around and notice what you’re building. Take pleasure in your creations and your commitment to your goals, despite having just been through 12 hard years of change agent Pluto in your opposite sign. Although you sometimes prefer to stay in the shadows, Jupiter at the top of your chart until mid-May-not to return until 2035- is setting the stage for you to become a leader in whichever field and setting you feel most comfortable in.

What is your natural arena?

Leo Weekly Forecast: April 9-16, 2023

As the light returns and the quickening begins, all this fiery Aries energy is nudging you out of your comfort zone to break new ground. On April 11th, gas giants the Sun and Jupiter merge in your 9th House-a signal if ever there was one to find more meaning and purpose in your life through a combination of travel, teaching and learning. Raise your eyes from the everyday and look at the big picture, seek wider horizons and more challenges. Find like- minded fellow travellers to share your experiences and knowledge.

Balance living between structure – supportive routines – and surprise – the spontaneous and unplanned.

 Virgo Weekly Forecast: April 9-16, 2023

This week, Venus lights up the pinnacle of your chart, smoothing your path and making you and your efforts much more visible than usual. With both Saturn and Neptune in your opposite sign, find creative ways to draw down and synthesise your dreams, inklings and intuitions into practical expression. These ideas, this wisdom and this knowing do not come from striving, analysing or willpower. They come from waiting, watching, listening, being curious, making space. The quieter, more available you are, the more obvious the solution or the next step.

Not all insights arrive with bells and whistles – sometimes you just know.

Libra Weekly Forecast: April 9-16, 2023

Frame last week’s Full Moon in Libra and this week’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Aries as an initiation, a quickening and an invitation to a new way of life. To accept it, something outgrown and outlived needs to burn away to dross. What might that be? A relationship? Old beliefs that have kept you small and stuck? Or a habit that has been draining your energy? Make two lists: what you need to resolve or eliminate and what you are compelled to create. Weed out old entanglements. You are now in a moment where you get to review, rethink and recreate just about anything you want.

No more tolerance for misalignment-when you compromise your truth you are weakened.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: April 9-16, 2023

When both change agents Pluto and Uranus cross the angles of your chart, the tectonic plates of your life start to creak and shift. Where and how you live and who you live with is up for reconsideration now and in the months and years to come. Watch for sudden events and changing circumstances beyond your control around the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses on May 5th and October 28th to start the process. Meanwhile, invest your energy in enjoying the here and now and day to day, clearing space for the new to enter and trusting that all will be revealed at exactly the right time.

Make meaning and fulfilment more important than anything else.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: April 9-16, 2023

There is a huge amount of flammable energy around this week-be careful how you handle it. As a Sagittarian, you know all about fire yet when gas giants Sun and Jupiter merge in Aries on Tuesday 11th, things could quickly get out of hand. That said, as long as you rein in over spending, making promises you can’t keep or taking big risks, luck is on your side. Channel it into fun, leisure and pleasure for its own sake. Anything that involves children or play is well starred.

Think about what makes you happy then do more of it.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: April 9-16, 2023

As a Fixed Earth sign, you need to feel in control of what matters to you and yours -an impossible task when, as the old saying goes:” Change is the only certainty”. Pluto’s 12 years’ transit through your sign delivered events that nudged you to release your grip on life and to flow with the river instead of clinging to the bank. Now, it’s time to enjoy the simple pleasures, finding joy where you live with your tribe or family. As the Sun and Jupiter merge at the base of your chart, put down strong roots, cultivate a sense of belonging and settle in.

Home is a feeling, not a place.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: April 9-16, 2023

Everything is conspiring you to seek new and fresh ways to express yourself. With change agent Pluto newly arrived in your own sign and already nudging you towards a radical personal reinvention, you’re restless. A word of caution-with gas giants the Sun and Jupiter together in Aries on April 11th, there’s a huge amount of flammable energy around this week-be careful how you handle it. Resist the temptation to tell it how it is, to deliver some home truths or to burn bridges behind you. Instead, ground the energy by discharging it into physical activity.

Don’t singe your wings by flying too close to the Sun.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: April 9-16, 2023

With Saturn now in Pisces, you’re starting to think about how you could build firmer foundations. New and practical ideas flow easily this week when Venus lights up the base of your chart, reminding you of what a sense of belonging really means. It is when your home, your relationships and your skills and talents align to support you in making a difference in the world. Once you embody that commitment and purpose, you can create it in the physical form of income flow, a roof over your head and a base to support your achievements.

Creating a sense of containment and contentment.

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