The Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Aries: What Does It Mean for You?

April 18th, 2023

By Emma Lange

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The hybrid solar eclipse in Aries takes place on April 20th.

This eclipse takes us to a new future, and can speed up many processes. Before the eclipse and a little after it, we may feel discomfort, because the energies carry us into a new world. This is a time to realize reality as it is, and, having understood reality, to make the transition to a new life.

The decisions you make during this period will be very fateful. During this period, we sweep out all the garbage and unnecessary programs from the Soul and free up space so that we can be filled with something new, fresh. New energy emerges – speaking in the language of Analytical Psychology, new Archetypes can come to life in our Destiny.

This solar eclipse can bring a big transformation for the Soul. Imagine that a new portal opens, offering new energy to transform your Life. Not every person will enter this portal. Some will simply fall behind; some, on the contrary, will accelerate their transition and go too fast. This eclipse can cause inconvenience and discomfort because everything can feel like internal unrest, as have to face what we brushed aside and thought could not be. This eclipse is given to all of us for transformation, but everyone can begin to change in their own way, at their own speed. When mankind receives additional power, it is also necessary to be able to handle this power correctly.

What can this hybrid solar eclipse bring to the signs of the zodiac?


The eclipse can accelerate many changes in personality. You should pay close attention to details. Before you commit any act or make a decision, you need to think about it. This is a time of acceleration, transformation and change. Many processes will have to be included independently, take the initiative, try to work on communication. Fate will now throw up many different signs and you should be attentive to what you are now bringing into your life. The best role now is to remain an observer, only in a month, or maybe even in two, you will be able to decide what to do next with your Destiny.


You have to complete an important cycle of your life. You have to completely say goodbye to the past, change your profession, close relationships behind you, cope with feelings of guilt and regret. Some representatives will find it difficult to immediately adapt to the new reality. This eclipse forces you to collect all the energy and transform it into a new experience. For example, you can remember some of your talents and start developing them, or turn to new relationships. This time for you will bring both loss and gain. This eclipse can transform your role in family, work, friendship. Karma will force you to sacrifice something, this is important in order to open the doors to a new Destiny. Use self-isolation to your advantage.


A lot of different information can appear around you, which can create a funnel, a magnet and attract something important. You may not be successful in individual activities, only in group activities. Someone can help you fulfill your desires, someone from the group will help you open the way to the realization of your desires. You need to ask for help and you will receive this help. You should not check Fate and act alone, learn to ask for help and give thanks. Do not enter into a conflict, otherwise it will drag on for a long period.


You can improve your living conditions. The eclipse sends you to the public service, paper and bureaucratic affairs. The eclipse will give energy for the implementation of large and long-term goals. Just do not enter projects where there is competition. In order to achieve your goal, you need to rebuild internally. Go through the transformation, look at yourself from the outside, more objectively. The Eclipse opens channels of power for you, but with it comes responsibility. During the period of influence of the eclipse, you can get very important advice that is worth heeding.


You need to take care of your Soul. Material matters have to be resolved but you must also fulfill the requirements of the Soul. Now set goals for the Soul. The energy will touch your spiritual needs, you may want to go on a journey or gain new knowledge. In the event that you do not work with the Soul’s needs, then later you may feel that you are in the wrong place and everything that is not at all interesting around is unnecessary. In the event that you do not work with the Soul, you can lose a lot of energy. Someone older can help you see yourself from the outside or give you important advice. You can also expect family reunification, or joy for the success of adult children.


You need to go in search of new energy in order to enter into a new alliance or activate your old one. This is a time of new discoveries and the ability to accept people as they are. Your ideals may change. It will be necessary to understand your life, to be imbued with a new meaning, to work out your mistakes. In the event that the doors to the crises and traumas of the past remain open, they will constantly come to you as obsessive thoughts. This eclipse will help you work out the rules that you used, discover new experiences in interaction with Fate, and see new opportunities. The Eclipse makes you re-evaluate the role of the people you have in your life.


In everything you should try to be restrained. Eclipse teaches you to restrain all your spiritual impulses and energy. And the energy of the new will bring you changes in communication with other people, you can see many in a different light. Keep track of the time, what it takes you. Try to organize the Time so that you have enough for everything, because if you do not listen to the Inner Time, then the flow of your Luck will decrease. The eclipse expands your cash flow, someone can help you financially, or the energy will be balanced in partnership. Balance in cooperation, in partnership will bring new opportunities.


Success and luck can come to you if you strive for happiness in small steps. Do not doubt your success, and do not do everything hastily. You will open new paths to health, to work, to self-realization. If you want to achieve something, then you need to love not the result, but the process. Everything has its time. The energy of the eclipse can make you more practical, grounded and teaches you to believe in the small but important details of life. The eclipse indicates that you will need to work with your emotions, understand where they come from, unmassage your complexes, which can greatly affect your well-being.


The eclipse suggests going through a life period without joy. This does not mean that you will not have joy at all, but you will have more responsibilities, obstacles, and you will need to work at high emotional speeds. Someone may have more claims to you and you will have to find out something about colleagues and loved ones. Learn to perceive the world subtly, think about the consequenes of your spoken words and ill-conceived decisions. In the event that you want love, then you yourself need to open up to it and build a dialogue with love. The eclipse will make you go through a deep transformation, reduce the emotional field, close the dialogues that were still unfinished. In a month’s time you will feel lighter.


Fate will put before you too heavy and difficult tasks that will require careful study. It will be necessary to rebuild not only your personal Destiny, but also to take responsibility for the Destiny of the entire family. If you don’t remain passively on the sidelines – if you cease to be merely an observer and become a doer – you will be able to receive a great gift of Destiny by autumn. Difficult memories can come from childhood and feelings of loneliness can also manifest through the structure of the Inner Child. You will want warmth, so let this motivate you to give warmth and care to other people.


The Eclipse can show you what you have harvested or will harvest if you do not close your past. Try to study yourself, find new resources in yourself, expand your consciousness. You may have interesting ideas, write them down because you can implement them later. People can be different, have different opinions and views on life, do not reject their opinion. Perhaps you do not need advice now, and if someone tries to make a remark to you or criticizes you, then you can perceive it as pressure. Reconsider this and consider that this person could be your teacher.


The Eclipse will bring some misunderstandings with the outside world. Money will float away, because unforeseen expenses may appear. The influence of external factors is much higher than internal settings. Now you can be carried along with the flow, and you will have to adapt to the new conditions of life. In small details you will be successful. And at this time, be attentive to the emotions of other people. Do not criticize those around you. Life will dictate new conditions and you will need to adapt to them. You will be able to show elasticity and benefit. This eclipse will make you look at the world differently, acquiring other values.

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About the author:

Emma Lange is the author of many practices, creative therapies in the field of psychology, author of many books, transformational games. She graduated from analytical psychology, transpersonal psychology and depth psychology. Work in the laboratory of chemistry and applied physics – magnetic field research and bioresonance. She is also a virologist by profession – scientific work in the field of oncological virology. She works with neurographics, she is also the creator of therapy using neurographics, she uses neurographic drawing in the work of a psychologist. She took part in meetings with Stanis?aw Grof, Marek Solmes, Irwin Yalom, Jan Friedman, and participated in the conference of Transpersonal Psychology “Hero’s Journey” (Workshop of evolutionary knowledge and practices of Vladimir Maikov, the creator of transpersonal psychology).

Emma is currently a Lecturer in Psychology at WSB, Gdansk where she conducts classes in pedagogy, psychology and psychosomatics 2022-04. She is the founder of Digital Psychology and the creator of Subconscious Mind Analysis. Founder and author of the Yoga Creativity club. Founder of the “Healing with the Forces of Nature” program. Psychologist of Modern Psychology, creator of transformation games and metaphorical cards. Specialist in the field of Neurography, Psychologist and Practitioner of Deep and Integral Psychology and the author Yoga of Creativity.

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