Uncover Your Destiny and True Self Using Ancient Vedic Face Reading – Free Online Event

At this point on your journey, are you feeling called to understand your essential character, past traumas, and karma more deeply — so you can activate lasting physical and spiritual transformation?

You may be surprised at how insights into your past, present, and future are literally written all over your face and held in the tissue of your body.

Thousands of years ago, Vedic sages understood the connection between the mind, body, and spirit — and developed tools to uncover the secrets behind physical, mental, and spiritual transformation.

These practices are just as powerful today, says energy medicine expert Deborah King. One such practice is Vedic face reading, the Indian sages’ sophisticated system for divining character, karma, and destiny through the analysis of individual facial proportions and characteristics.

To find out more, join us for this fascinating and free online event:

Uncover Your Destiny and True Self Using Ancient Vedic Face Reading – An Online Event

You’ll learn how Vedic face reading combined with the analysis of energetic body types can facilitate self-analysis, insight, and healing. This powerful tool can help you relate and connect better with those around you, see yourself and others without judgment, and increase your connection to the present moment.

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In this hour-long online event, you’ll discover:

  • How you can analyze your character and karma using Samudrika Shastra — the Vedic study of face reading, aura reading, and whole-body analysis
  • How Pancha Bhoota (the 5 elements) correspond to the 5 major face shapes — and reveal insights into your true personality and character
  • The technique of dividing the face into 3 major segments, identifying the most prominent section — so you can begin to read the face and uncover new insights into your inner world, your relationships, and even your potential romantic matches
  • How a Vedic teacher and healer like Deborah uses face reading to understand dominant planets and elements of a person’s astrological chart, revealing new understandings of their karma and fate
  • The ancient tool of Vedic face reading in action, as Deborah uses celebrities as examples — so you’ll see how major facial sections and traits correspond to character

This is your opportunity to discover how Vedic face reading can unlock new insights into your own inner truth — as it reveals how past traumas are stored in the body and provides insights into your fate and the future.

Vedic face reading is a sophisticated take on astrology that can reveal truly startling insights about your future and your destiny.

This is your chance to uncover unexplored parts of your character – and your karma.

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