Soul Communication: 7 Crucial Signs to Look Out For

May 25th, 2023

By Aletheia Luna

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Mystics, sages, poets, holy people, and shamans throughout the ages have always known that the soul doesn’t speak the human language.

Instead, the soul communicates with us through symbols, metaphors, archetypes, poetry, deep feelings, and ordinary magic. The human language is far too limiting to express the full spectrum of profound knowledge, insight, and revelation that the soul has to share.

The reality is that most of us were never taught to tune into the sacred and wild voice of our deepest essence. Unfortunately due to our social conditioning, we have come to heavily rely on the mind only and its interpretation of reality instead.

As a result of this mechanistic emphasis on hard data, facts, and linear logic, most of us feel a gaping hole left inside of us.

To avoid the pain of this empty inner chasm, we fill this empty hole with consumerism, addictions, violence, and endless distractions.

Sometimes, a traumatic or extreme event in our lives shakes us out of our habitual way of perceiving existence. But usually, most of us tend to miss the big glaring daily signs that our soul is trying to communicate with us.

Not only that, but we tend to actively mistrust, ignore or doubt any sacred form of communication that we receive from the soul due to our busy, over-scheduled, and hyper-stimulating lives.

How can we begin to tune into this subtle inner voice and rewire our conditioned brains? How can we listen to our soul’s vital messages and nourish ourselves with its life-changing wisdom?

Soul Communication: 7 Crucial Signs to Look Out For

Image of a person touching a pink rose and absorbing its energy

What you seek

is seeking you.

– Rumi

Soul communication isn’t just reserved for medicine men or women, sages, mystics, or poets; it is a birth right of every person on this planet. It is a vital part of inner work.

For years I lived without the guidance of my soul, actively ignoring it or numbing myself out from its voice. Since reconnecting with my soul, I have discovered that it offers endless gifts, insights, teachings, and direction that helps me to connect with my innate wholeness and life purpose.

Observing the people in our society, I’m saddened to see how soulfully emaciated we are.

I can immediately tell whether a person has got in touch with their soul or not by the sparkle in their eyes and the type of energy they transmit.

Unfortunately, most people are shells of what they truly are at a deep level. It’s almost like we’re living our lives grabbing at whatever source of warmth we can scavenge when in truth, we are the fire and warmth we’re seeking for.

If you’d like to learn soul communication, you need to first pay attention to the subtle and synchronious signs that your soul is trying to speak with you.

There are many types of signs that your soul is trying to connect with you, but below I have compiled some of the main ones to look out for:

1. Dream signs

Image of a girl sitting on top of a giant spirit wolf

In the west, psychologists believe that dreams are the unconscious mind’s way of making sense of reality. But in ancient cultures, such as in Egypt and Greece, dreams were messages from the spirits, gods, or divine realm. Many indigenous cultures have also used dreams as a gateway to higher consciousness and revelation (e.g., native peoples of America).

These days, most psychologists and spiritual healers agree that dreams express important messages and truths about our lives and destinies. In my experience, dreams can serve as doorways to deep revelations, reflections of true inner feelings, and even offer portals to interacting with our spirit guides.

Pay attention to your dreams and the images, symbols, and scenarios within them. What stands out to you? You might like to keep a dream journal and record your immediate impressions.

Please note that dream dictionaries can sometimes help you out, but they rarely convey the true message your dream is trying to transmit to you. Why? Dreams and the archetypes/symbology within them are highly contextual and personal. A snake, for instance, could be a positive sign for one person, and a negative sign for another. So pay attention to your own interpretations first and foremost; they are the most accurate.

2. Lucid dreams

Image of a woman in a surreal book lucid dreaming

Spontaneous lucid dreams involve suddenly becoming aware that you’re dreaming while asleep.

Becoming conscious within your dream world is not only spiritually symbolic (literally of “waking up”), but it is also an opportunity to explore the hidden realm of your unconscious mind. This opportunity from your soul is rare, however for some, lucid dreaming is a natural gift (if so, I’m jealous!).

How do you lucid dream? The key is to practice it a little every day. You can start with a question like “Am I dreaming right now?” and then notice signs that you’re awake during the day (e.g., is the clock moving normally, can you feel your feet? etc.).

The more you get into the habit of asking this question, the more likely you are to transfer this question into your dream and use it as a trigger to wake up. There are many, many other lucid dreaming techniques, so check out my how to lucid dream article for more guidance.

If you manage to get into the habit of having lucid dreams, treat it as a sacred gift. Very few people have access to the depths of the unconscious realms in such a direct way. Treat it as an opportunity to ask yourself questions and find direction that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access in waking life.

3. Repetitive words or numbers

Image of a variety of numbers floating around in space

How many times have you looked at the clock and seen “11:11,” “12:12,” “13:13”?

Many skeptics say that putting importance into repetitive words and numbers is a reflection of something called “confirmation bias,” but I personally don’t believe this is the case. It’s easy to be cynical and use the left-brained approach, but much harder to explore the equally important personal and subjective meaning of these experiences.

Regardless of the meaning we assign to repetitive words and numbers, the function of them is to momentarily “wake us up.” Otherwise, why would we give them so much significance? Whenever I see a repeated number or hear a name/word said constantly, I take it as a sign of soul communication.

So whenever you hear a picture, word, or number repeated, ask yourself, what is the hidden message here? What does my soul want me to know?

Ancestral Psychic

4. Animal omens and guides

Image of a mystical deer symbolic of the soul

Most of us come across animals every day. When you pay attention to the different animals that cross your path, you’ll realize that each one of them has a specific teaching, message, or energy type.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the meaning you assign to different animals is highly personal and not necessarily the “orthodox” meaning already established out there. So don’t feel the need to go by the “textbook” definition. Go with your gut.

One way of discovering your own unique meanings is to observe what animals you constantly come across every day. Watch them and try to understand what their teachings are. What are they revealing? How do they behave, move or sound? This is a powerful form of soul communication.

For example, you might constantly come across crows. Watching these crows, you might realize that they are always very loud and agitated. The message you might assign to these animal messengers could be that you need to pay more attention to the emotions you have suppressed so that they can be released.

5. Synchronicity or serendipity

Image of a dove symbolic of inner peace

Have you ever had a string of events happen in a way that seemed special or out of the ordinary? You might refer to these events as “serendipity” when in fact they may have been something known as “synchronicity.

What is synchronicity? Synchronicities are moments of meaningful coincidence, where our inner and outer worlds align.

Often synchronicity is a good way to tell that you are on the right soul path because everything feels as though it is unfolding without your conscious effort: you are “in the flow.” You might even have the sensation that Life/Spirit is playing an active hand in making your dreams or aspirations come true.

It is my personal belief that nothing happens by chance, and coincidence is an illusion. I believe, at a core soul and spirit level, that everything is interconnected. It was Einstein who said that, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

So watch out for moments of synchronicity — they are powerful reflections that you’re on the right path and are connected with your soul.

6. Gut feelings

Image of a sacred wild woman

gut feeling is an sudden inexplicable sensation that tells you to do (or not do) something. Another synonym that some use for this phrase is the word intuition. We all know what intuition is, but most of us have trouble listening to it because we confuse it with the mind’s fearful voice.

Intuition is different from the mind’s inner voice of fear because it is subtle, calm, and centered, as opposed to being frantic, loud, or aggressive. This is a very important distinction to make. Many people believe they are being guided by intuition when, in fact, they are being guided by their fearful inner talk.

Intuition, or gut feelings, can be thought of as the voice of our soul communicating to us. Whenever you feel drawn towards something or someone (without loud and frantic inner talk), you can be sure that this is your soul trying to guide you.

7. Visions during meditation

Image of a psychedelic blue fractal pattern

Meditation is another way to experience soul communication. When you enter into that calm, spacious, and loving space within, you will find it easier to feel a sense of ensoulment.

Meditating for long periods of time (30 minutes or more) is a powerful way to experience what has been referred to as the mystical experience and even energetic shifts known as kundalini awakening – which are both tastes of not only soul connection, but often a liberated non-dual state of no-self.

One common form of mystical experience involves tuning into visions or spontaneous names while you’re meditating. These visions or names might be of your current spirit guide or they could directly be a message from your soul.

I’ve even had people tell me that they’ve received unknown songs or melodies during meditation. Personally, I have experienced spontaneous visions and words.

But how can you tell apart normal mental chatter from visions, names, or songs from your soul? Typically, the images you see or words you hear will have a specific theme that seems foreign (e.g., it sounds like it could be from an ancient culture, another time or place, or has some kind of unusual quality about it), and they will often be very repetitive. You’ll also have the sensation that somehow they are important for you to pay attention to.

I recommend keeping a meditation journal to record these visions, images, words, or songs. This will help you to better articulate what your soul is trying to express.

If you’re wanting to learn more about the power and potential of journaling, see my free guide on how to journal.

How to “Speak” to Your Soul

Image of a man reaching for the sun symbolic of soul communication

There are many ways for you to actively communicate with your soul, but that is for another article. In the meantime, I recommend simply saying a daily prayer.

Here is an example you could use, or build on yourself:

“Dear soul, I love you. Thank you for supporting my life. I’m so honored and appreciative of your presence. If you have any messages for me, please communicate them to me. I am open and receptive. I welcome your guidance.”

See how you go with this prayer and ensure that you pay attention to any emotional, physical, or mental sensations that arise.

Another simple and low-effort practice is to spend time in solitude – even for just a few minutes. Solitude is sacred, and it can reveal the deepest mysteries of your authentic self if you dare to listen.

Being in nature is another way to “speak” to your soul – or rather, let your soul speak to you through the rustling of the leaves, the wind through the trees, the clouds, birds, sunshine, and rain.

Journaling and creating art are another way to create an ongoing dialogue between you and your soul. Like all of the above practices, writing and drawing are immensely healing in and of themselves, helping you to stay grounded in the present moment and attuned to your inner voice.

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You and Your Soul Are Inseparable

Image of a vesica pisces symbolic of soul communication

I’ve had to refer to your soul as an almost “other being” in this article primarily for those new to the spiritual journey.

When we think of the soul, we see it as a “higher” part of us that is almost unreachable or can only be accessed when everything is perfectly still and serene in our external world.

But the reality is that you and your soul are inseparable. The separate sense of self (the ego) that you are identified with tends to think that the soul is “out there.” But remember that the soul is right here, right now.

The soul is your deepest essence – it is Spirit embodied in a unique form that is you. When practicing soul communication, just realize that it’s really quite simple. Your soul isn’t as “unreachable” or “out-of-touch” as what your mind might believe, it is always and already here, just obscured by the mind’s chatter.

Even if you don’t currently feel connected with your soul, know that it’s still here, for without it you wouldn’t be alive!

Connecting with your soul is simply about finding more ways to tune into the present moment. Be open, be receptive, and keep it simple. And remember what the mystic Rumi said: “What you seek is seeking you” – why else do you think you’re reading this article?


I hope that you’re now more aware of the deep craving of your soul to make itself known to you, and understand soul communication better.

Deep down, we all crave for Oneness and wholeness. By learning the language of your soul, you can open a sacred doorway to the connectedness, joy, peace, and fulfilment that is your birthright.

Any thoughts or questions? I’d love to hear them below!

About the author:

Aletheia Luna is a prolific psychospiritual writer, author, and spiritual mentor whose work has touched the lives of millions worldwide. As a survivor of fundamentalist religious abuse, her mission is to help others find love, strength, and inner light in even the darkest places. She is the author of hundreds of popular articles, as well as numerous books and journals on the topics of Self-LoveSpiritual Awakening, and more. See more of her work at

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