Runic Forecast for June: Plan For the Future

May 26th, 2023

By Emma Lange

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Each month, Emma draws a selection of runes from across diverse runic traditions and interprets them to give insight into the prevailing energies of the month ahead. Here is Emma’s forecast for June.

The Scandinavian rune Teiwaz indicates what external forces will affect us. Rune Teiwaz is a rune of active action, disclosure and accuracy. Everything that is conceived, everything must achieve its goal. You should not set too long goals for yourself, because you may be disappointed.

The energy of this rune indicates that vitality will be at a high level. This is the time of active actions, disclosure of potential. You are advised to focus on the future and making plans to achieve your full potential in the future. For those who run their own business, the best form of cooperation is an exchange. The exchange can be made in transactions and in advertising.

Teiwaz indicates that someone can actively move towards his power. People will strive to become the authority, the best, the unique. This Rune’s motto is : “Notice me.” And many will try to gain the energy of popularity. For someone, a cherished dream will come true, but this may come with attached criticism that someone may not be prepared for.  Therefore, before the energies begin to act, you should consider where to direct your attention.

June’s Slavic rune is support. This rune calls for finding our important life foundations. These points should be looked for in the Analysis of the Subconscious, where there is a description of Anima and Animus. Think about what your family, your individuality relied on to become a winner. What makes you different from other people? What helps you understand yourself? What makes you whole? And it is also worth looking for resources in the outside world, such as friends or useful contacts. This rune says that there is an opportunity to lean on someone, and you yourself can help someone, you will have to support someone.

June’s Celtic Ogham is Ruis – this tree in Legend is a Witch who was able to avoid the crowd of people. She hid and is shown only to those who can resonate with her. Those who can feel it. The symbol of the Celtic ogham shows us what changes will need to be made in ourselves. Ruis  advises to delve into your inner world, hide in it, find shelter in your good qualities. Also during this period, intuition can become aggravated. Listen carefully to your inner impulses. Look for wisdom, reflection in everything, feel your wise body. Ruis  advises to think deeply about all decisions, not to talk about your plans to a large circle of people, to focus on the experience of generations when making decisions.


The Elven rune of magic (Cynath) is a rune of ice and cold. Death comes to those lands where everything is covered with ice. The magic of ice and winter. In the event that you want to freeze someone or freeze the situation, then you can use ice magic. You can do meditation, immersion in the world of Winter, in order to freeze what you want to stop, delay, finish. You can also melt ice with fire, with the intention of releasing or dissolving something. If you want to release some kind of energy, then the ice must be put in a mug and melted including the intention, then the release of energy will come.

The month’s Icelandic Rune, which reveals our Shadow, is Kaun. The shadow will manifest itself through disease. In the event that you get sick this month, you should pay attention to your Shadow. In psychology, the Shadow means what is hidden in your mind. And this rune wants someone to see it or hear it. What you are hiding may be your talent or it may be your conscience.

About the author:

Emma Lange is the author of many practices, creative therapies in the field of psychology, author of many books, transformational games. She graduated from analytical psychology, transpersonal psychology and depth psychology. Work in the laboratory of chemistry and applied physics – magnetic field research and bioresonance. She is also a virologist by profession – scientific work in the field of oncological virology. She works with neurographics, she is also the creator of therapy using neurographics, she uses neurographic drawing in the work of a psychologist. She took part in meetings with Stanis?aw Grof, Marek Solmes, Irwin Yalom, Jan Friedman, and participated in the conference of Transpersonal Psychology “Hero’s Journey” (Workshop of evolutionary knowledge and practices of Vladimir Maikov, the creator of transpersonal psychology).

Emma is currently a Lecturer in Psychology at WSB, Gda?sk where she conducts classes in pedagogy, psychology and psychosomatics 2022-04. She is the founder of Digital Psychology and the creator of Subconscious Mind Analysis. Founder and author of the Yoga Creativity club. Founder of the “Healing with the Forces of Nature” program. Psychologist of Modern Psychology, creator of transformation games and metaphorical cards. Specialist in the field of Neurography, Psychologist and Practitioner of Deep and Integral Psychology and the author Yoga of Creativity.

You can contact Emma online:

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