Discover Cellular Healing Secrets with Interval Entrainment Healing – Free Video Event

Did you know that your cells have a kind of sentience, in that each of the 75 to 100 trillion cells of your physical body is imbued with choice and free will?

According to Dr. Shawn Marie Higgins, an osteopathic doctor and sound healer, your cells actually choose to work together to make your physical body the miraculous creature that it is.

When all parts of your body collaborate in an optimal way, you walk through the world as a healthier and more vibrant being, with access to the highest level of intelligence… joy!

Yet when they don’t… the body may fall out of balance, causing physical and emotional dis-ease.

Join Dr Higgins to find out more at this intriguing free video event:

Discover Cellular Healing Secrets with Interval Entrainment Healing

In this fascinating hour-long event, Dr Higgins will share her perspective on how the cells of the body are self-actualized, intelligent beings with the power to communicate through the universal energy field. A powerful conduit for this energy is sound — and when we produce and receive sound, we can activate our own healing process.

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During this online event, you’ll:

  • Discover the intelligence of your cells and how you can cooperate with them for optimal health
  • Explore the concept of “the field” and how it plays a crucial role in your ability to communicate with your cells
  • Understand the importance of interval entrainment theory as a powerful sound-healing modality
  • Be introduced to Interval Entrainment Healing, a modality that aligns the vibrations of tuning forks with your intention
  • Be guided through a “Communion With Your Cells” healing meditation — where you’ll “meet” your cells for the very first time!

Sound connects you to the universe and everyone in it through its vibrational nature, and serves as the gateway to your spirit — to your energy and light and that place of truth and wholeness within where your healing can expand to its highest level.

In this illuminating workshop, Dr. Higgins will provide a light-hearted yet profound introduction to Interval Entrainment Healing, her unique healing innovation that uses tuning forks in harmonic balance with your own thoughtful intention.

This is an opportunity for you to create a bridge between the physical and nonphysical aspects of yourself and bring your body back into balance.

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