Exploring Key Evidence for Alien Intelligence Influencing Humanity

July 4th, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I find it fascinating watching the podcasters and mainstream speculating on whether there are Aliens visiting the planet and then “whistleblowers” sharing “classified intel” on crashed alien spacecraft. Yet when we look closely enough, the evidence is clear that a highly advanced consciousness has influenced life on the planet for many thousands of years. It’s utterly essential to explore this influence if there’s a yearning to be free and sovereign. Because they very much ARE here, and influencing the whole of society.

Ancient Alien Artifacts

You only have to consider a few threads of “acceptable reality” before the whole mainstream narrative of human life on the planet unravels. It quickly becomes stark starringly obvious that an advanced race intervened with the natural trajectory. Plenty of sentients out there can clearly see these ETs in the field, and increasingly more of us are telepathically communicating with them. We can feel both those who are trying purposefully to misdirect and those who are here to support. But I do also recognise that it’s a tall ask for people to blindly accept this if someone is not having these experiences. That’s why when asked about ET intervention in human reality I usually start with the science.

Take a brief look at megaliths like the Giza pyramids for example. They point perfectly along the cardinal points of North, South, West and East. They are perfectly aligned with Orion’s Belt, exactly as it was at the lowest point of the constellation in the night sky during the precession of the equinoxes in 10,450 BC. The weathering on the Sphinx temple clearly reveals these astounding megaliths are much older than the mainstream Egyptologists would have us believe. They must have already been there during the great flood, after the Solar Nova Event 11,700 years ago, which brought the last Ice Age to a rapid melt in 3 days.

Look deeper still. They encompass the mathematical figure of pi and the speed of light – centuries before these were ever known to man. They have concealed channels perfectly cut pointing directly to Sirius and Draco. Now look at the 200-tonne blocks of the Sphinx temple, effortlessly lifted and somehow fused into place so that you couldn’t pass a piece of paper between them. When Openhand recently pilgrimaged there, several of the group regressed into experiences of exactly how they were built – having been there at that time:

They stones were cut from the bedrock using lazer technology and then levitated by sound. The rock was also made malleable by sound so that the crystal structure could be realigned so as to create an interstellar stargate.

You don’t do this kind of work with simple chipping instruments, blocks and pulleys!

Recently in the Openhand community, we’ve actually connected with the ancient Annunaki Architects of the Moon. Yes, as astounding as it may seem, it is artificial – here are the 9 facts that confirm it. The evidence clearly reveals it was hollowed out and positioned in its near perfect orbit so as to harness electromagnetic energy from the Sun and then impose widespread comtrol upon the Earth through the 4D morphic fields. I have explained here the impact the Moon is having on all Life on the Planet.

Once you’ve woven these threads together then we must look deeper into the genetics. How, for example, humanity made sudden, monumental, adaptations. Like the voice box that suddenly appeared and has not developed in any other primate. Like the fact that we have 4-5000 genetic disorders when the average creature has only a 100. And that we have 256 genes that appear nowhere else in the planetary tree of life.

But it’s when you look at the chromosome count that reality starts to rock at its very foundation stones. How Homo Sapiens jumped instantly from 48 in primates to 46, which is several simultaneous step changes for both a breeding male and female who had to be both fertile in the same place and time. It gets increasingly curious when you realise this is an evolutionary disadvantage rather than an advantage that Darwin’s theory demands – because it creates infertility and genetic disorders. The odds of this happening by some chance mutation is about the equivalent of a tornado ripping through a high-rise apartment block and rendering a perfect bungalow with not a brick out of place – it is infinitesimally impossible!

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So Where are these Aliens of the Intervention Now?

When you accept that an intervention has happened in the evolutionary journey of humanity, the next question is: where are they now?

They are in the multidimensional ether all around us. And the reason that most people in society aren’t aware of them, is that the higher dimensional perceptional capacity of humanity has been purposefully shut down by them – exactly through this restructuring of the DNA. Instead, the masses have been programmed to receive conditioned impulses to keep people nose-to-the-grindstone looking “out there” rather than within, where the influences exist.


But as I go on to explain, by working in the right way, at a soul level, humanity can reclaim this multidimensional birthright and dispatch the intervention.

Learn how to remove entities and Implants from Your Field

What the Intervention Does Not Want You to Know

Many of us now in the Openhand community have actually regressed into past lives where this genetic hybridisation took place. I can tell you speaking personally, it was certainly no pleasant experience. Many suffered horrifically through the experimentation. No wonder these alien “Gods” want to keep their actual interventions secret. Let’s be clear, it is the intervention that has derailed the natural evolutionary path of the human soul.

And as I go on to explain, it was also necessary to have the intervention here, in order to animate the darkness of unconsciousness that humanity needs to emerge from.

Here’s the essential takeaway from my article: when you explore the evidence and realise that it could in fact be true, then instead of us simply pontificating, postulating and staring in podcaster bewilderment, let’s actually turn the tables and do something about it. So what can we do?

What the intervention does not want you to know, what’s it is working tooth and nail to distract from, is the very basic mechanism of relativity within your being. I’m referring to the Soul embedded within the separation consciousness of physical form. The intervention works by interrupting soul infusion – then genetic hybridisation and suppression will work. But where you infuse soul and take ownership of your being, then the intervention is ejected, you reclaim your power and there’s not a jot they can do about it.

Even the intervention has to respect the universal law of sovereign free will. As your soul emerges from the source it is endowed with this natural sovereignty. It’s quintessential to life itself. And where you consciously express it, no other interdimensional life form can intervene. Why? Because in the moment that it does, it’s sucked into the source through you and realigned or dissipated – this is the ancient mystical secret we’re revealing in the Openhand work and how we apply it to strip out and realign intervention from someone’s field.

It’s exactly what we do in the Openhand Advanced Facilitator Program.

The 5 Fundamental Steps to Strip out the Intervention

Specifically here are the steps to reclaiming soul sovereignty…

1) Begin to observe yourself in life, witnessing your thoughts and actions throughout the day. Keep doing this until you know yourself more as the Oberver, rather than that which is being observed.
2) Start to tune into the sense of plain joy of living. What brings you upliftment, the sense of connection or simple “rightness” of being? Do this in any given day as much as possible.
3) Get to notice when the soul is calling you to act, through signs and synchronicity, movement patterns, flows and numerology, and in sacred geometry. Now you’re actually being guided by the soul.
4) The soul will guide you on a path that confronts and strips out karma. Learn how to regress through these experiences and strip them from the layers of your being. This includes removing implants and entities.
5) At each step on your path, get to know the feeling of infusing soul, and especially the 9 frequencies of being. Learn to come from these harmonics of being in any given moment. Put simply, you’re unfolding and expressing your authentic self.

Take these steps in life and the intervention is stripped from your being. What’s more, you’ll start to actually see their previous involvement in your life and wider afield on the planet. It becomes stark staringly obvious!

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A Pivotal Moment in Human History

We stand at a pivotal moment in the history of humanity and for the planet. Personally, I have no enmity for these ancient alien architects whatsoever. Why? Because they were simply fulfilling a role: which is to animate the darkness of unconsciousness. I respect them and honour the great sacrifices and karmic burden they took on to fulfill this. Every time I encounter them and look into their eyes I see the pain and suffering they’re carrying and feel empathy toward them. But now that role is complete. The Grand Galactic Convergence that we’re sailing into, of Galactic Superwave, Solar Micronova and Pole Shift demands that we step out of the darkness and into the light; that we reclaim sovereignty and ownership of our rightful path; that humanity becomes fully fledged members of the Galactic Family of Light.

That opportunity stands before Homo Sapiens right now. The alien intervention is omnipresent and has been so for many thousands of years. Peel the veils of multidimensionality from your eyes and witness the blatantly obvious, beyond the space-craft-crash stories. But the intervention has fulfilled its role now. It’s high time for us all to step out of the simulation and into reality…

Openhand’s World Ascension Summit, Avalon Rising 23, presents the perfect opportunity to explore the inner workings of the intervention and to strip it from your being. Then to infuse your multidimensional soul and claim your rightful place in the Galactic Family of Light. Intrigued? Then join us…

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Bright Blessings


Originally published at www.openhandweb.org and reproduced here with permission.

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