The Potency of Conscious, Connected Breathwork and Shamanic Practice – Free Online Event

If you’ve found yourself bound by stress, anxiety, or patterns of self-sabotage, you’re not alone.

These challenges, which are often the result of our lived trauma and are deeply ingrained in our nervous system, can rob us of our capacity for sustained wellness.

Yet, what if you could release trauma, dissolve blocks, and foster healing using the innate rhythmic power of your breath?

To find out how, join this inspirational free online event with Steph Magenta, co-founder of Integrative Breath:

The Potency of Conscious, Connected Breathwork and Shamanic Practice – Free Online Event

Conscious Connected Breathwork, a profound technique centered around the simple yet potent action of intentional breathing — a practice that’s a gateway to altered states of consciousness — provides a powerful vehicle for personal exploration and growth.

Steph sees breathwork as a form of “soul retrieval” — creating a bridge to self-discovery — supporting you in reclaiming the lost parts of yourself so you can return to whole-self wellness.

Join Steph for an empowering hour-long event where she’ll share how combining Conscious Connected Breathwork with shamanic practices can help you release trauma and facilitate positive and enduring change in your life.

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In this nourishing hour-long event, you’ll:

  • Discover how to use your breath to regulate your nervous system for enhanced wellness and peace
  • Learn how to create an intentional life by fully stepping into present-moment awareness
  • Realize how to free yourself from comparison, competition, unworthiness, and the replaying of old stories by identifying them and examining how they drive your current lived experience
  • Understand how to uncover your unique gifts in the world by being willing to meet the parts of yourself that usually remain in the shadows
  • Find out how to use the Medicine Wheel as a holistic way of looking at life

This is an opportunity to take advantage of the potent breath medicine available to you at all times, so you can release trauma, expand your consciousness, and reduce stress and anxiety.

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…and discover how combining Conscious Connected Breathwork with mystical shamanic practices can help you release trauma, reclaim self-worth, expand your consciousness, and cultivate inner peace so you can lead a more actualized, balanced, and fulfilled life.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.

Here’s to the power of your sacred breath!