Emotional Exhaustion: Reclaim Your Vitality With 5 Pillars for Recovery from Overgiving – Free Online Event

What if emotional exhaustion is a sign that you’re cut off from a part of you that is yearning to be seen?

This is especially true for women, who for millennia throughout the world have been taught to abandon or hide themselves away in order to feel safe, put others’ needs before their own, and relate amicably to the people in their lives.

It’s a “likability cage,” as psychotherapist and women’s emotional health specialist Nancy Colier calls it, that holds hostage the greater truth, gifts, and empowerment of a woman’s individuality and vibrant existence — that too often leads to burnout, resentment, and even illness.

If you’re a woman who is experiencing emotional exhaustion, you’re not alone. And, as Nancy teaches, it’s totally valid… and not your fault.

To find out how to deal with this, you are invited to join Nancy, a lifelong practitioner of Eastern spiritualty, at this empowering free online event:

What’s the Real Culprit for Your Emotional Exhaustion? Reclaim Your Vitality and Your Life With 5 Pillars for Recovery From the Habit of Overgiving

Nancy will work with you to explore how emotional exhaustion is actually the manifestation of misguided beliefs about your own needs, what constitutes emotional safety, and the best way to take care of yourself.

In this insightful online event, you’ll:

  • Discover a true self-care system — a paradigm shift from “doing” to “being” that will bring you back home to yourself, to the power of your truth, and to your inextinguishable vitality
  • Learn the real and valid underlying cultural causes of emotional exhaustion — and why it’s not your fault
  • Experience a guided meditation into your body, heart, and truth — an embodied journey of real self-care
  • Take the first step to free yourself from the “likability cage” of the current self-care industry — which covertly exhausts and disconnects you from your divine authenticity
  • Explore real self-care as your ultimate sense of safety and strength that grounds and reconnects you with your truth — and the courage to live and voice it
  • Embark on a new path of self-care that will replenish and reconnect you with your fundamental vitality — and lead you to a deeper experience of yourself and your life

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Join us to explore the roots of emotional exhaustion — and take the first step toward empowering your deepest needs, desires, and authenticity… and freeing yourself from the habit of overgiving.

You’ll take the first step to recover your emotional balance, energy, and sovereignty by embracing an embodied self-care approach that prioritizes and empowers your deepest needs, desires, and authenticity — instead of what others expect and want you to be.

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Isn’t it time you freed yourself from YOUR “likeability cage”?