Explore the Sacred Mushroom Pathway With an Indigenous Microdosing Approach – Free Online Event

Can you feel a boundless wellspring of ancestral wisdom within, patiently awaiting your discovery?

Imagine if this ancient knowledge could be unlocked through a profound connection with your plantcestors.

If you have always been intrigued by the powers of psychedelic mushrooms, then you won’t want to miss this free online event:

Explore the Sacred Mushroom Pathway: Receive Ancestral Blessings for a Flourishing Future With an Indigenous Microdosing Approach

With Xochitl Kusikuy Ashe — a 5th-generation Indigenous medicine woman with over 25 years of experience — you’ll explore the transformative potential of sacred mushrooms as a bridge to ancestral wisdom, personal healing, and profound self-discovery.

You’ll be shown more about the curative power of sacred mushrooms to kindle your higher consciousness and reestablish your bond with the wisdom of your forebears.

This journey has the potential to pave the way for a transformative spiritual revolution capable of profoundly recalibrating your entire outlook on life. This is especially valuable if you’re ensnared in cyclical patterns of health, prosperity, or relationship challenges — and have been seeking a release from these recurring trials.

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Throughout this eye-opening online event, Xochitl will guide you to:

  • Establish a profound connection with your inner self and with mushrooms as your plantcestors — learning how these sacred organisms provide a tangible link to our ancestral roots, reminding us that we are never truly alone
  • Understand how the spirit of mushrooms and the practice of microdosing can help you tap into the wisdom and guidance of your ancestors, forming a council of support that can be accessed at any time
  • Learn to discern and connect with the “well ancestors” — those ancestral spirits who are free from unresolved traumas and are best positioned to provide supportive guidance and wisdom
  • Gain practical tips on constructing an ancestral altar — a physical space to honor your ancestors and the mushroom spirit, enhancing your spiritual connection
  • Write a letter to your ancestors and the spirit of the sacred mushroom that can live in your own ancestral altar

Mushrooms have long played a critical role in Indigenous healing practices. Revered as plantcestors, or plant ancestors, psilocybin mushrooms are seen as powerful allies in this journey of healing. Through their guidance, you can begin to mend the broken bonds of your lineage and step forward with newfound clarity, purpose, and strength.

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Are you ready to emark on a journey of healing through the mystical practice of microdosing psilocybin, time-honored Indigenous healing traditions, and a profound connection with your ancestors?

We’ll see you there!