New Frontiers in Music Medicine and Cymatic Science – Free Online Event

Sound is so much more than what we hear.

Yet only recently have we begun to truly understand its profound impact on every aspect of our lives.

Understanding the secrets of sound gives us keys to unlock our health and higher awareness. It’s the new frontier in energy medicine and personal transformation — one that harnesses vibrational frequencies, specific sound patterns, and music to initiate profound healing at the cellular level.

This is an invitation to open your ears, your eyes, and your mind to the incredible science of sound — including new research that speaks volumes to the relationship between sound and gravity.

Join us for an eye-opening free online event:

New Frontiers in Music Medicine and Cymatic Science: Optimal Healing Frequencies for Slowing Aging, Decreasing Inflammation and Pain and Improving Cancer Prognosis

At this event, acclaimed acoustics pioneer John Stuart Reid will give you a tantalizing taste of what’s possible: How sound can be directed and harnessed for non-invasive pain relief… how certain musical frequencies can regenerate your tissues by oxygenating your cells… and how you can create optimal healing frequencies yourself just by listening to special music selections that contain specific healing frequencies.

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In this free highly intriguing hour-long event, you’ll:

  • Learn how sound played a key role in the creation of the early universe and still influences the world today — and appreciate sound as a universal creative force that can be harnessed for healing
  • Hear a live music performance from Anders Holte and Cacina Meadu — an excerpt from their acclaimed Dream of the Blue Whale — with a spectrum analysis of their beautiful music from John Stuart Reid
  • Experience a live cymatics experiment, demonstrating recent research that indicates sound has anti-gravity effects — even from your voice or musical instruments
  • Understand how specific frequencies can break the pain cycle by increasing oxygen flow — and relieve pain naturally without drugs
  • Understand how music regenerates old cells by oxygenating their membranes — so you can initiate your own cellular fountain of youth
  • Be introduced to “Acoustic Heterodyning” to create calming ELFs — stimulating your vagus nerve, thereby slowing aging and resolving inflammation and pain

Join us to be immersed in the medicine of music that ancients knew — and that scientists like John are rediscovering today.

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Here’s to the power of sound!