Pole Shift Update: How to Approach Dramatic Upheaval of Planet Earth

October 10th, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

A recently declassified CIA document details distinctly plausible science, showing pole shifts detach the earth’s crust from the underlying mantel, leading to global devastation of biblical proportions. I share reference because it’s my knowing that we’re moving into one right now. However, if we can break through our fears and equalise with what’s unfolding, then it can be a tremendous spur in our lives; a catalyst for the elevation of humanity as naturally spiritual beings. That’s the great opportunity.

The Cyclical Pole Shift

Earth Crust Displacement theory is nothing new, it’s been proposed several times in the past, and even supported by Einstein at one point, although a crucial key to the science has previously been missing, until that is, the declassification of the recent CIA document (see video below). What we have from the past in mythologies around the world are corroborative stories of sudden and dramatic floods going back through history that have decimated the earth’s surface. But we also have clear geological evidence supporting very sudden upheaval of the crust; we have biological evidence in the fossil record of powerful floods followed by abrupt freezing.

The likelihood is that some of these cataclysmic events were caused by the completion of a cyclical pole shift, that unhinges the earth’s crust from the underlying mantel and flips the continents around like peel detaching from an orange. Such a shift would unleash unimaginable storms across the surface of the earth, 2 mile high deluging waves, and rivers of magma bursting up through the crust. Little sophisticated life would survive. It’s essential awakened people hoist this history on board.

We are perhaps 30 years away from the current pole shift completion, which is tying in with abrupt climate change, the lowering of the earth’s magnetic shield and the increased probability of solar plasma irradiation, leading to what some in New Age circles have prophecised as, “The Event”.

Personally, despite the copious evidence from wide and diverse sources, all stacking up pointing clearly to an epic conclusion of our current karmic construct, I still wouldn’t be sharing it if I didn’t ALREADY KNOW that this IS building for our immediate future. I have seen it, as future-landing-now, within the morphing space-time-continuum. It’s what I saw during my car crash incarnation back in 2002, described in the book 5GATEWAYS.

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Why speak of it again now?

I still feel like humanity is sleepwalking to the cliff edge, including the spiritual mainstream. I can understand why – there have been too many stories and fantasies of biblical catastrophe. Why pay attention to another one, and how does it serve the emergence of consciousness? But what if there’s truth connecting many of the underlying stories? What if the scientific evidence is already stacking up toward the completion of another cyclical cataclysm? But the biggest question of all then is…

How would your life change if you knew deep within your consciousness that such a dramatic conclusion – powerful transformation – was about to unfold? What would you do differently now? And how might it catalyse tremendous inspiration for change within you?

Dealing Directly With Fear

Ancestral Psychic

Of course, there would be the fear to deal with. Which is why so many don’t want to venture there. But fear is a double sided coin offering the very gateway to your expanded cosmic self. You know everything is of consciousness, everything is shaped by it. Subconscious fear is the only thing that separates you from your divine birthright. But it’s the direct confrontation of it, rather than burying it, that is the liberating force. People break through into their divine selves when they break through some kind of fear. That’s the only thing holding humanity in limitation at this time (I’ve explored this in my recent article… A Life Without Fear).

Humanity has a tremendous opportunity right now. When reality shifts and shapes only slowly over a long period of time, the mirrors are less strong – you could cosily sleep walk through life. But where you’re suddenly confronted with a rapidly transforming landscape, for those not burying their heads in the sand, there’s much greater inspiration to take note. If you know how to look within at the constrictive reflections such transformation catalyses, then you now have a tremendous engine to break through (it’s exactly how I came to develop Openhand’s Breakthrough Approach).

Without further ado then, take time out to watch this video below from the very well informed and articulate Suspicious Observers about the recently declassified CIA document (exactly why did they classify it in the first place?). It is quite technical, however, what’s really striking from a spiritual point of view and impactful, are the first 7 minutes. And the commentator’s approach comes more from a point of riding it out and how you might do that, as opposed to the Openhand Approach, which is more to go with the soul and take whatever shows up. That’s the real point for me, how can the enormity of it set you free?…

So what is your immediate response to the information? It’s pretty convincing, right? And people around the world can all feel we’re moving to some kind of epic upheaval. You might be a degree numbed or shocked by it. It might be an inconvenient truth you initially want to turn away from. Don’t. This is a very real cyclical process. It has happened before and it will happen again. That’s why the document was classified in the first place and then heavily sanitised when eventually it was released. So this is a very real and plausible landscape that we’re actually moving into right now.

My reflection to you is that I know it’s going to happen.
It’s what drew me. It’s why I’m here.
And there is absolutely nothing to fear about it!

The only issue to confront is the very fear itself. From the moment you were born, and all life, you were immediately on a trajectory to your death – to your passing on. Stay with this a while, that’s why I wrote my article (A Life Without Fear). Fear is a doubled sided coin. It’s a tremendous gateway. Fear is what limits people into the smallness of life – but when you confront it and soften through it (my article explains how), then it’s like taking the top off the genie’s bottle – you expand into the bigger picture, the macrocosm, your miraculous cosmic self. And that’s why humanity and the planet summoned this. That’s why YOU chose to incarnate at this particular time in history. Your spiritual mastery beckons. A new home in the New Paradigm at a higher vibration beckons.

Why not seize your destiny!

There are plenty of us here at this time who already know they chose these particular circumstances to help others break through and to forge their own soul in the process. Even the children right now are incarnating with vibrational frequencies that can greatly help in this unravelling process – the Earth’s Great Realignment. I wrote my article to cause you to step out of the shell. To stop playing small. To be inspired to transcend any arising fear and use it as a vehicle for your immaculate expansion. The Universe is open to you.

So what now?

Living the Shift

It’s all about choosing where your loyalty now lies. Is it in the Old Paradigm of control and restriction, where we live small and manipulated lives, in a reality which is progressively degrading? Or do you choose the emergence of your very own soul, which is yearning to break free? It’s time to live large, to live the shift in all the daily choices you make. It’s about learning how to tune into your soul on a moment-by-moment basis and coming from there.

And you have time. I’d say we have a window of at least three decades, and possibly several. It’s enough, for anyone that’s truly committed, to peeling off the veils leading to your Enlightenment and Ascension. It’s enough, to inspire some of those around you to do the same. There are already plenty of people realising themselves and stepping forwards to encourage others.

In conclusion, there are two ways you can look at this: (1) either you keep pushing the inconvenient truth away, which is the truth of your soul that wants to break through and emerge; (2) you can be inspired by change and use this as the engine of your immaculate emergence. You can strip off any fear that keeps you in the box, to step out and then live a bounteous life of magic and miracles. If you knew you had absolutely nothing to lose (because you don’t!), which one would you choose?

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Bright Blessings


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