Explore Shamanic Rituals to Embody the Healing Power of Spirit Animals – Free Online Event

When life feels difficult and unpredictable, where do you turn for guidance, peace, and joy?

For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples have found the wisdom they need by relating to all of life through a sacred, continuous ritual of love and gratitude — which includes a deep connection with the purifying, balancing energies of the animal kingdom.

And if you want to learn how to do that too, you won’t want to miss this inspirational free online event:

Explore Shamanic Rituals to Embody the Healing Power of Spirit Animals: How to Connect With the Magical Energy of the Spider, Monkey and Hawk

According to Andean medicine carrier Puma Fredy Quispe Singona, animals are the elder brothers and sisters in our spiritual family and emanated from the constellations to build a strong alliance with cosmic forces. They vibrate at a much higher frequency of love and intelligence and possess an accelerated ability to aid in healing.

Just as our Incan ancestors did long ago, you can learn to connect with these animals through sacred rituals and ceremonies, take on their powerful energies, and step into a higher realm of spiritual awakening and profound evolution, liberating yourself from the limits of human consciousness.

Join us for a very special hour with Puma as he introduces you to the powerful energies of the spider, monkey, and hawk — and explains how you can embody each of their unique powers in your own healing journey.

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In this free online event, you’ll:

  • Discover how to call on powerful spirit animals to embody their potent energies for transforming your life and our world
  • Enter the portal of the Sun God and commune with your inner light during a guided journey to connect with the energy of the hawk
  • Explore how to awaken the warrior within through the hawk’s loving contribution to the animal kingdom — and become the fierce guardian of your family and community
  • Learn how you can connect with the energy of the spider to activate the power of attraction and manifest abundance — using natural forces that are in service to your wellbeing
  • Learn how embodying the spirit of the monkey — a source of abundance and lightheartedness — sets the stage for miracles to unfold

When you join us, you’ll also be among the first to learn about Puma’s upcoming course, where you’ll be immersed in the world of hampi huywa, or healing animals.

He’ll introduce you to the powerful energy of a new animal each week through practices, group exercises, meditations, and rituals. With Puma as your mentor, you’ll call on Mother Earth and powerful spirit animals to embody their potent energies and help transform your life and our global community.

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