Embark on a Shamanic Journey: Connect with Divine Beings and Wisdom Beyond the Seen

At the heart of the ancient practice of shamanic journeying lies a profound belief in the ability of the soul to transcend the limitations of the physical body. In these sacred journeys, one can traverse realms where timeless wisdom and divine entities eagerly await, ready to share insights, healing, and guidance. Renowned shamanism teacher Sandra Ingerman invites you to embark on this transformative adventure  free online event.

Sandra Ingerman, a cherished member of the Shift faculty, visionary leader, and esteemed elder within the shamanic community, will guide participants on a path through the unseen landscapes where the Divine reveals itself in myriad forms. This online event, titled “Find Your Helping Spirits in Shamanic Ceremony: Empower Your Healing Journey With Wisdom Transmissions From Unseen Realms,” promises an exploration into the tangible benefits of shamanism and the profound insights that these unseen worlds hold to navigate times of uncertainty and change.

For over four decades, Sandra has been a beacon of wisdom, teaching others how to traverse the otherworldly realms. Drawing from the rich tradition of shamans who have long journeyed to connect with spirits, nature beings, and ancestors, Sandra will share her experiences and guide participants in a ceremonial practice of shamanic journeying.

During this inspiring event, participants will:

  • Experience Deep Connection: Immerse yourself in the true essence of having a profound and intimate connection with divine beings and nature spirits from unseen realms.
  • Explore Ceremonial Magic: Discover the transformative and healing potential that comes from connecting with helping spirits through sacred shamanic journeying.
  • Uncover Wisdom in Uncertainty: Delve into the practical benefits of shamanism and explore how the wisdom of unseen worlds may provide solutions to navigate challenges and times of great uncertainty.
  • Break Free from Conditioning: Allow Sandra’s rhythmic drumming to transport you beyond the limiting constructs of conditioning, opening up a world of expanded possibilities.

As a bonus, Sandra will guide participants in a playful ceremonial meditation to release burdens and submit their greatest dreams to the creative forces of the universe.

If the call to gain deep shamanic insights from a beloved teacher resonates with you, RSVP for this transformative event here.

Can’t Make It? No Worries! If you register and miss the live event, a downloadable recording will be made available to you as soon as it’s ready. Your journey into the unseen realms awaits—don’t miss this opportunity to connect with helping spirits and wisdom beyond the seen.

Embark on a shamanic journey with Sandra Ingerman and discover the transformative power of connecting with the unseen realms. Your path to healing and empowerment begins here.