Compelling Evidence Showing That We Are Living in an Illusion

December 13th 2023

By Paul A. Philips

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Are we living in an illusion? The illusory nature of reality has to be understood or we may never gain any real insight from our human experience. Remember, an insight allows us to achieve something which would have not been possible had we not got that insight. How many know this? How many can apply this understanding that we are living in an illusion which can be put to good use? Does the illusion use you or do you use the illusion?

In reflection, here is some compelling evidence showing that we are living in an illusion. Consider the implications!

The Universe is a Hologram by Nature 

The idea that we are merely living in a simulated reality, a super-advanced computer-generated universe may lead to having a rather deterministic view which could potentially disempower us from agency, take away true purpose to our existence and we may not recognise who we really are.

Having said that, are we living in a simulated reality, a holographic universe? According to a number of physicists, we are. To explain the holographic nature, it’s necessary to first consider how black holes form:

Black holes are the results of stars coming to an end. These huge stars run out of their nuclear fuel causing them to implode (gravitational collapse):

A star’s 3-D sphere collapses to such an extent that an event horizon occurs whereby its gravitational pull becomes so strong that not even light can escape, hence the term black hole.

Research has shown that this event horizon results in all the information on the used-to-be 3-D sphere star is still retained in the new-formed 2-D (flat surface) black hole, which is proportional in volume.

Physicists such as Leonard Susskind and Jacob Bekenstein had carried out research with the realization that this was similar in nature to a hologram: Through projected light beams a 2-D hologram formed having all the informational code, when observed, appears to have the appearance, depth and orientation like that of the original 3-D object.

From this, as an expanded principle, it has been said that the whole universe may be an apparent 3-D hologram: A holographic informational projection from 2-D black holes. 

Solidity is an illusion

Following on from 1, did someone ask: “How can we be in a holographic universe when, unlike the hologram, we experience solidity?” The answer: Within the holographic universe solidity is an illusion.

The physical universe consists of molecules. Each molecule is made up of atoms. Within each atom are sub-atomic particles comprising a central nucleus and orbiting electrons. A proton at the central nucleus could be scaled up in size and be represented by a football. While an electron whizzing around the central nucleus could be scaled up in size and be represented by a pea. So, in this representative model of an atom we have a football (proton) somewhere on the soccer pitch with a pea (electron) whizzing around somewhere in the stadium. All the rest is space.

In fact, matter is about 99.9999…% space. -All that’s left in atoms are only vibrational and waveform informational relationships. We don’t fall through the floor or no 2 objects can occupy the same space due to quantum mechanics aspects, different quantum states and electromagnetic repulsions… giving the illusion of solidity.

For more on the idea that we are living in an illusion take a look at this fascinating interview on the nature of reality with Oxford physicist Jude Currivan

Space is an illusion

In our 5-sense, 3D world, we perceive reality as things separate to us. However, when we go beyond this limited viewpoint, we find that everything is connected and empty space is an illusion: Including us, in the universe, there are only energetic expressions. All is connected through a field. This informational field is conscious, dynamically changing, energetic, having the potential for manifestation…

As author and biologist Rupert Sheldrake explains with his idea of morphogenetic fields. Our minds go beyond our brains, extending into a universal field, transcending the limitations of matter, energy, space and time associated with our 5-sense 3-D reality.

A simple example of this comes from 2 people who are close relatives living apart from each other: One relative has thoughts about the other, wondering if the person is well, then suddenly the phone rings and it’s from that relative they were thinking of.  Before the phone rang, the relatives were able to detect each other’s intention in the universal field.  Has this or something similar happened to you?

This equates with the idea that comes historically from many different cultures all over the world that spells out we are one. Our knowledge, thoughts and intentions can connect us all if we tap into the field: We are all connected in the universal informational field with our different vibrational states. Intuitive or psychic people are able to be like this by having the ability to access this universal informational field. We are all capable of this.


Will more and more humans open their hearts and minds and realize how magical life can be care of accessing the field?

Animals also know what’s going on by picking up information in the field. Like humans, information is known through natural, nature-driven instincts. Having predicted earthquakes, storms, tsunamis and other natural disasters in areas hours, days or even weeks before they happened, there have been numerous cases where animals have fled through knowing what’s going to happen by picking up information in the field.

Take the case of Phuket, Thailand in 2004. This area was badly hit by a tsunami. Studies showed that numerous animals had left the area before this catastrophic event occurred.

Unlike animals, humans, for most part, have ended up insensitive or desensitized from their connectivity to nature and the field: Maybe it’s because unlike humans, animals don’t get brainwashed by electronic applications, mainstream media junk, the education system deception and social media…

The cosmically conscious field is the hologram.

These compelling pieces of evidence showing that we are living in an illusion are part of the new paradigm science; new biology, new physics.

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