Discerning True (Versus “False”) Light

December 12th, 2023

By Rachel Horton White

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

As we continue opening our third eye in the process of spiritual awakening, it’s important to practice discernment.

Discernment is about identifying Divine light versus what is often called “false light.” While there are varying definitions out there as to what exactly false light is, I believe that false light is simply light that is not directly connected to Source/Creator (or to God, or whatever term one might prefer). Instead, it is based in Ego and deception. While this false light can seem helpful at first, it can lead followers into places based on fear, greed or other negative emotional experiences.

False light can surface among well-intentioned people. Some spiritual leaders in the New Age community may believe they are sharing words of love by connecting with, or channeling, the energy of a loving entity/being. But in reality, the entity coming through may not be loving at all.

The absence of light is darkness. And darkness is often based on deception. Some of the words coming through the channel may resonate with the listener and feel aligned with that listener’s worldview at first.

What can happen, though, is that the listener thinks, albeit unconsciously, “Yes! That one thing the channeler said feels right, so I am going to now believe everything this person says.”

But eventually, the listener may start to feel that something about the words is off or doesn’t feel right. If they are not connected intuitively to their hearts, they may disregard their feelings as just being the resistance of their own Egos, or something they need to internally work through.

This sort of deception can occur with a person channeling an entity outside of themselves or with a spiritual teacher simply sharing their own words.

It’s important to remember that even if a human being is communicating with a being of pure love, the messages are still coming through the human Ego filter. As a channeler of the Akashic Records myself, while I do my best to clear my own Ego, I’m sure it still comes through at times.

It’s virtually impossible to channel something and not have one’s own personality come through, at least a little. The 80-20 rule, otherwise known as Pareto’s Principle, can apply to channeled information: it is often 80% truth or 20% falsehood (or Ego), or the other way around.

Sadly, many innocent spiritual seekers fall into “guru” worship by ignoring their own intuitive knowing and giving their power away by adhering solely to the words of another person.

In my opinion (take it for what you will), a leader connected to Divine, true light would never tell anyone else what to do, claim to be more enlightened or special than anyone else, and – this one is super important – share information that creates fear.

I have seen this with a few celebrity spiritual leaders and with a local channeling group in my community.

The channeler in this particular group was telling the listeners that a large number of people were going to die on a specific date this year (along with other fear-based information I will not share here to avoid generating any more fear or giving those words additional energy).

There are two problems with this information. The first is that true loving beings do not want us to be in fear. Even if it were true that a lot of people would die, they wouldn’t communicate the information to us that in that way.

The other problem is with the mention of a specific date. Time is relative and not linear in the spirit realm so specific dates are meaningless, and would only come from a human mind.

There have been other spiritual leaders in the past few years, in particular, who speak of specific dates that their listeners wait for with baited breath. As they wait, the followers continue to disempower themselves and ignore their own intuitive knowing by expecting a “savior” in human form to fix everything for them.

But no one is coming to save us. We are here to save ourselves (and thankfully there are Divine beings who are teaching us how to do that).

The best way to practice discernment and to avoid giving our sense of personal agency away to another human is to learn what the unconditional love of Source/Creator/God feels like in our bodies. We can simply set the intention to connect to this light by declaring that “love and only love may enter here.” Saying this out loud is most effective.

Spirit respects our free will, so our intention to only connect with that which is pure love will make it be so.

Then, when we come across channeled information, we re-affirm that only love is allowed in our energetic space. Some people find connecting with Archangel Michael, whose energy is about clearing away low vibrations and fear, can be helpful in filtering out any negative energies.

If the energy of the channel is not of pure love, it will feel dissonant in our bodies. Our bodies always know the truth. When our chests feel tight and constricted, or if we’re in a place of fear, that means that the energy in question is not resonant or aligned with us. Instead, if there is an openness in the heart space, and an expansion of lightness and oneness in our bodies, then the energy is almost definitely loving, Divine light coming through.

In the intuitive work I do in the Akashic Records, I am careful to practice discernment with humans and with non-human entities. I cut energetic cords and try not to dwell on my clients’ concerns after our sessions. As I am aware that darkness seeks darkness and light attracts light, I regularly visualize light flowing through my body during meditation.

I avoid reading the mainstream news, as it carries dense vibrations of fear and anger. I ask to be guided only to situations with other people that carry loving energy. (Or, if I feel guided to enter into low-vibrational situations to help another or to learn in some way from the situation, I do my best to clear those energies as soon afterward as I can.)

In spite of our energy clearing efforts, we still can find ourselves in circumstances that negatively affect us. When we notice this happening, that person may not be a vibrational match for us. We may need to create physical and emotional distance from that person for a time.


The more we learn (and remember) to invite light into our bodies, the less likely it is that low-vibrational energies will affect us. The energy of the Source/Creator/God is the highest, most loving vibration there is, dissolving away anything that is not pure love.

So let’s start thinking for ourselves. Let’s ask questions and not assume any other human has more information than we do or is more special than we are. Our hearts will tell us if something doesn’t feel right.

We need to stop looking to others (such as spiritual or political leaders) to tell us how to think or act. It’s time we start making decisions for ourselves! Once we learn this ourselves, we can learn to teach others to do the same (I am actually offering an Intuitive Guide Certificate Program soon which will do just that). While some leaders have good intentions and are likely sharing light, they are still just humans and can make mistakes.

The path to higher consciousness as a collective human race will be paved by our learning to trust our intuition and our feelings to guide us to truth and to light. May it be so for us all.

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About the author:

Merging the spiritual with the real world, Rachel Horton White helps people release negative patterns in their lives, with practical tools like mindfulness, energy and intuition exercises, to connect with their true, inner selves through this massive, planetary shift in consciousness. Through her work in Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting, Rachel facilitates groups of soul-seekers and spiritual entrepreneurs, has a meditation podcast called The Courageous Path and writes for various online publications. With a diploma in Integrative Healing Arts from the Southwest Institute for Healing Arts, Rachel is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, mindfulness teacher, life coach, reader of the Akashic Records, tree-hugger and loves connecting with angels. Rachel also has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Wellesley College and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Georgia, yet claims her true education came from studying abroad in Dakar, Senegal. Her recent book is called Tools for the Awakening Soul: A Guide to Activate Your Intuition and Uncover Your Life’s Purpose. Rachel now lives on a homestead in mid-coast Maine where she and her husband homeschool their two bright, energetic children.

 You can find Rachel, along with her new book, meditations and writing tools, at http://www.soulfulworkconsulting.com/.

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