Raising Kundalini in the 5D Shift for Divine Connection & Empowerment

February 2nd, 2024

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Activation of kundalini is often described as the rise of energy from the root chakra, clearing and cleansing before reuniting with soul consciousness flowing from the source and in through the crown. This free flowing divine energy creates miracles and magic all around you, feels like interconnected joy of living, and unfolds a path of light under your very feet. We’ve entered a phase in the 5D Shift where Kundalini is strongly activating for people…

Forging of the Soul

Humanity has been isolated from free flowing kundalini for too long. Lack of trust, attachment in relationship situations, the need to control and manipulate, has created a limiting matrix of confinement, which has disconnected the majority from this essential elixir of life. And that’s entirely okay – it’s the karma of life itself. There’s always truth at the heart of the distortion. In this case, manifesting a reality of exploration, energetic ties binding it together, but then experiencing how these can be limiting and confining.

It’s all about the forging of soul. The natural Law of Attraction brings bodies together, for mutual growth and education. But life was never meant to be about fixed attachment. How can you experience being “The One” that you are, if you have a fixed relationship to the polarity of separation?

In other words, if you’ve already decided that you need another to make you feel whole and complete, then you’ve already established yourself as separate from the wholeness of The One. Activation of Kundalini brings you back into the universal fold. Sense of loss, or neediness, transforms into the joy of completeness.

Moving beyond intellectual and emotional Enlightenment

I’m blessed to be traveling out around the world meeting and working with people consciously on the spiritual path. It’s a great joy to witness the incredible breakthroughs as people come home to the revelation of The One, inside of themselves. Right now, there’s an acceleration of consciousness in the 5D Shift – life is unraveling itself from the karmic distortion of humanity’s limiting past, and unleashing the vibrant possibility of the New 5D Paradigm. People are living and breathing this phenomenal new existence, right here, right now!

Importantly, it’s not just about experiencing the peace of interconnectivity, because the risk is it leads only to an intellectual/emotional level of Enlightenment. You cannot aim for, and touch, the infinite peace of presence. Because in the moment “you” are aiming, you’ve already established the condition of separation from The One.

It must be about aligning with the flow of soul – the natural movement of kundalini. Because when you catch this wave inside of you, which is the sense of ‘rightness’ of the soul, then without even efforting, struggling or trying, the wave itself delivers you on the shores of The One inside. That’s why it becomes essential to activate Kundalini.

6 Ways to Activate Kundalini

Here are 6 ways to activate your kundalini…

1) Meditation: clearly meditation is essential to help activate your kundalini. This should include chakra opening and attunement, plus breathing methods that stimulate both rising and descending kundalini, as the two flows interrelate – down from the crown and up from the base.
Openhand’s Chakra attunement meditation to progressively stimulate Kundalini
2) Deep consciousness bodywork: full soul infusion through the body is essential to activate kundalini, and especially into the base chakra. Hence some kind of deep consciousness bodywork on a regular basis is essential. This could be practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, power walking, rhythmic dance and even martial arts.
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3) Purification of your diet: purification of your diet in order to cleanse the lower self is also essential to raising kundalini. Undertake regular deep cleansing through juicing, dispense with processed food as much as possible, eat plenty of raw food and undertake regular or intermittent fasting.
Explore Openhand’s conscious eating forum packed with support and advice
4) Cleanse toxic emotions: chakra attunement and deep breathing exercises can be applied to cleanse through the sacral chakra into the emotional body so as to release toxic energy from past and present relationships. Where relationships no longer serve, commit to letting them go. Set appropriate boundaries in relationships, maintaining your own sovereignty and what serves your own soul flow.
5) Detoxify the mind: work to break down judgments that cause closed loops of mental activity in the mind. Break down intentional programming on the web, through mobile phones and social media. Cleanse clutter from your physical life so as not to distract. Practice deep breathing through the solar plexus chakra.
Explore the Openhand Bow for cleansing the mind
6) Sacred Sexuality: where you remain sexually active, make sure your sexuality is sacred and sensual, bringing full consciousness and transcendence through the practice of trantra:
Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra, To then Manifest Creatively

Relating our Inner Experience to our Outer Lives

Activation of Kundalini is no easy ride and there is an essential pitfall to avoid. That is: trying to force the rising of consciousness before the lower chakras have been properly cleansed. This can lead to a disconnected, partially out-of-body, dreamlike state, which can take some considerable time to reintegrate. I witness a lot of spiritual teachers falling into this trap.

It’s essential to recognise that to properly open, cleanse and attune a chakra, we must simultaneously work on how that centre of consciousness interrelates with our outside lives. We must allow the light of infusing kundalini consciousness to flow into the chakras progressively, witness the reflections on the outer, then work to align any distorted behaviourisms that are so revealed.


In relationships for example, as the energy naturally flows into the sacral chakra, we must work on releasing attachment of how we might need, or expect, someone else to be. Progressively, attachment to a fixed interrelational dynamic, transforms to the sensuality of allowance. We can empathically feel the connection to another, yet at the same time, don’t require them to be a particular way to make us feel whole and complete. You feel through the emotional connection, but with awareness and focus, constantly bring the kundalini energy back inside yourself. In this similar way, we can work up through all the chakras, channeling soul consciousness into them through aligned spiritual practice, and then working to dissipate the distorting shadows upon the clear blue skies of our outer experience.

Kundalini Rising

Right now, we are on the cusp of phenomenal change. The consciousness of the old reality is steadily being unwound, and the bottled up energy contained within it, is being progressively released.

It offers an enormous potential to all evolving souls:
to embrace the vitality of change;
to infuse soul consciousness through your body and out into the world;
to create a life, totally interconnected with the majesty of the divine.

That possibility is open to every single one of us. It requires commitment, courage and trust. And as we summon these emboldening traits within us, we unleash the incredible potential of free flowing kundalini.

This is exactly the work we undertake at Openhand in the building energies of the Shift. If you feel inspired to begin your Ascension, then dive into our evolutionary work:

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright Blessings


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