The Unravelling Flow: Constantly Rebirthing the New You

February 13th, 2024

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

When you look out into the 3D landscape of the Shift, it just keeps getting crazier by the day. Whether it be the political situation, financial or the resource chains or the steady infusion of AI. But I do believe it’s the perfect mirror – reflecting who you are NOT!

It’s the perfect opportunity to detach and then create the space for who you are now ready to become. And there’s a golden opportunity – because it’s all about energy, and massive amounts of new energy are flowing in. We just have to pay attention to it.

What is Life Inviting You to Become?

It seems to me that the deep state shadow is trying to destroy people’s faith and confidence not only in life, but in themselves. During the bogus pandemic there was a humungous transferral of wealth – a new billionaire created each day as wealth was transferred to the technocrats.

And then you’ve got politics, which is clearly becoming a sad manipulative joke. And that’s not to mention the fakestream media – could you ever trust them again?

It may sound like I’m painting a depressive picture, but that’s far from my point. Instead I ask the question: who are you in the face of all of this? What does it invite you to become?


Where apparently the system was there to support, protect and provide opportunity, then it made sense to be allegiant with it. But after all that’s happened in recent times, why would you place any store in it at all?

Yes, we may have to work for some of the resources the system has taken command of. BUT, that doesn’t mean to be allegiant to it – it’s not necessarily the place to put your heart. You can still be in it, but now your orientation can change. It can be more about the real truth of life, which is forging you, unveiling you – the next grandest version.

It’s all about energy, about consciousness. Where your allegiance is to your highest self, then increasingly, your attention is grounded within. You’re connecting to the true source of your power, which is the actualisation of your authentic self – in any given moment.

How do I work this?

Connected to the Truth of Life

Be connected within. Feel the reactivity toward the outer, then work to unravel the attachment – the need for it to be a certain way or for others to behave a particular way. Why should that define you?

Now you’re steadily detaching from the control drama.

Open the space. Feel the nuances of a new you steadily infusing. Centre in that and attune the new frequencies of expression that want to speak through.

NOW you are in the truth of life, because you’re connecting into the realigning flow infusing the planet. A new world is steadily ripping at the tethering of the old construct. It matters less and less the machinations of the shadow, because their power to control is waning. Even though there’s still control of the resources, it’s as sand running through grasping fingers. You, on the other hand, are being constantly filled.

The Truth Will ALWAYS Find a Way

So the Openhand recommendation and approach to this craziness we see in the 3D, is to view it as an inverse mirror: see what you are not and instead, feel all that you can become. Now you are embodying the truth and there’s one thing that is constantly true in the Universe…

the Truth will ALWAYS find a way!

If you feel inspired to dive into the full depth of your own unravelling flow, leading to your ultimate Ascension into the New 5D Paradigm, then explore how Openhand’s Ascension Portal might support your journey:

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Bright blessings


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