How to Harness Your Empathic Gifts to Positively Transform Your Life

Have you ever found yourself absorbing the energies of those around you, feeling their pain or distress so deeply that it affects your own well-being? If so, you’re not alone. Empathy, while a profound gift, can also be a challenging journey to navigate. However, according to Rob Schwartz, a renowned between-life soul regression hypnotist, and his wife, Liesel Fricke, a gifted channeler and co-teacher, empathy holds the key to unlocking higher states of consciousness and profound healing.

In their upcoming free online event, “Tune In & Turn Up Your Intuition,” Rob and Liesel invite you to explore the transformative power of empathy and sensitivity. Through their guidance, you’ll discover how to elevate your vibration and merge into the frequency of oneness consciousness, allowing you to overcome turmoil and tap into the boundless wisdom of the universe.

During this enlightening event, you’ll embark on a journey to:

  • Attune to Higher Vibrations: Learn how to align with the frequencies of love, peace, and joy, enabling you to effectively harness the gifts of empathy and sensitivity.
  • Expand Your Intuitive Capacity: Discover techniques to “turn the dial” to different frequencies through focused attention and intention, expanding your empathic abilities and intuitive awareness.
  • Experience Guided Meditation: Be guided in a powerful meditation, opening you to the profound love of your higher self, spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters.
  • Embrace Your Divine Virtues: Explore the virtues that your soul is working on during this era of ascension, paving the way for greater ease and liberation from suffering.
  • Thrive as an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person: Receive invaluable tips for navigating the current evolutionary shifts with grace and resilience, allowing you to thrive amidst the tumultuous energies of our world.

Rob and Liesel serve as compassionate wayshowers in these transformative times, offering profound insights and practical tools to help you unleash your full potential. Through meditation & hypnotic regression, they facilitate a deep remembrance of your Divine virtues, empowering you to embrace your empathic gifts and fulfill your soul’s purpose.

If you feel called to embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation, we invite you to RSVP for Rob and Liesel’s free online event here.