How the US Army Explored Psychic Abilities

March 1st, 2024

By Brendan D. Murphy

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There is No Spoon”

It was 1983, and Major General Albert Stubblebine, III, was the Commanding General of INSCOM, the US Army Intelligence and Security Command.

At an intelligence school in Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Stubblebine gave what would be remembered by those who were there as a highly unorthodox pep talk. It started out in an un-extraordinary manner, but after Stubblebine had finished summarizing the tremendous advances that had been made in intelligence-gathering techniques and technology in the preceding years, he took a turn that few, if any, had seen coming.

Paul Smith, a retired Major in the US Army and former remote viewer, recalls the speech:

“As impressive and amazing as are all the advances we are making through technology,” he (Stubblebine) continued, reaching into the pockets of his dress green uniform, “they cannot compare to the power that lies within our own minds. We only have to learn to tap it.” He began tossing small, glinting objects into the audience. “Now I want these back when you’re through looking at them,” he added nonchalantly.

What those in attendance were holding were pieces of silverware that had been mutilated into unnatural shapes.

Since the age of 11 Smith had spent his summers as hired help on farms and ranches in the West. He’d worked with tools and heavy machinery, and seen metal of all descriptions bent deliberately or by accident, both mechanically and with heat—but none of it resembled the forms taken by Stubblebine’s warped silverware. The latter featured spoons buckled and twisted into tight spirals, and forks the tines and stems of which had also been twisted and curled—some looking like pigs’ tails.

Stubblebine’s cutlery showed none of the normal evidence of having been heated to high temperatures to produce the effects.

Then he dropped a bomb on his befuddled audience: Stubblebine announced that his unfortunate silverware had been bent by him and his staff—using nothing but the power of the mind.

He then insisted that anyone could learn how to do it, even “old farts” like him and his colonels. Since Stubblebine’s talk that day, Smith recalls having read and seen attempts by “sceptics” to debunk this form of PK, but states that the results bear little resemblance to Stubblebine’s. This is typical of many debunker demonstrations: they fail to achieve the authenticity of even low-level phenomena and absolutely fail to convincingly simulate higher-level phenomena.

As a matter of fact, highly controlled research into PK outside Russia goes back at least as far as the 1970s. An obscure translation of a French research report translated and edited by the Eyring Research Institute appeared over two decades ago, detailing some of the significant PK effects documented (and filmed) under rigorously controlled conditions. They included deformations of target samples (some metallic), transformations and remotely inflicted effects.

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It is interesting to note that certain psychokinetic phenomena are comparable to the types of anomalous effects that renegade independent scientist John Hutchison has apparently managed to elicit with his own technology. The “Hutchison Effect” is actually a range of phenomena discovered accidentally by John Hutchison when he was researching Tesla’s longitudinal waves back in 1979.

“The Hutchison Effect occurs as the result of radio wave interferences in a zone of spatial volume encompassed by high-voltage sources, usually a Van de Graff generator, and two or more Tesla coils,” Mark Solis informs us.

Hutchison effects include (but are not limited to) the levitation of heavy objects, the fusion of different materials (say, metal and wood), and temporary as well as permanent alterations to the crystalline structure and physical properties of metals. Dissimilar materials fusing together indicates a powerful effect on Van der Waals forces, the attractive and repulsive forces within or between molecules.

Extremely intriguing is that dissimilar substances can simply merge together, yet the individual substances do not dissociate. For example, a block of wood can “sink into” a bar of metal, and yet neither individual component breaks apart. There is also no evidence of displacement, suggesting that the volume of the bar that should have been displaced by the wood has effectively being “displaced” into the aether/time-space/implicate order—some of its atomic content is literally leaving our space-time reference frame, reducing its solidity.

It has been asserted that “the same dynamics which drive torsion field devices are the ones which have produced Hutchison’s effects as well.”

While Hutchison’s work has apparently not been rigorously scrutinized or verified, these displacement effects have been documented as occurring in natural phenomena for some time—tornadoes are a major culprit, for example. Their rotating vortices have been known to hurl, for instance, tree branches or planks of wood straight into (and part-way through) objects made of metal—without damage to the woodor any visible displacement of mass. There are numerous examples documented.

As with the Hutchison effect, dissimilar substances simply merge together, owing to the partial dematerialization of the substances’ atomic content; some of the substance’s atoms have apparently been unwound and “dematerialized” or accelerated into time-space. In the process, these substances therefore become soft and almost sponge-like—how else could a bean be absorbed half way into a chicken egg without so much as a crack in the egg?

Of most interest to us here is that the human mind can achieve the same effects—as we noted earlier in speaking of the anomalous effects created by torsion fields (See TGI Book 1 for more).

Leonard E. Buchanan, better known as Lyn Buchanan—of Psi Spy fame—was born in 1939 in Waco, Texas. As a youngster, Buchanan would play and experiment innocently as any child might, except that he found that he could put a rock on a metal plate and use his mind to push the rock through the plate. He even managed to perform the feat with a childhood friend present as a witness.

Apparently Buchanan, using only focused intent, succeeded in partially disaggregating the underlying field effects that organized information into the atomic energy/matter that formed the metal plate. With some of the metal’s atomic content “unwound,” it was softened just enough for the rock to pass right through it.

As science advances, we can see that its “impossible” achievements that defy the “laws” of physics have actually always been mimicked and pre-empted by the human mind. Saints and mystics were levitating long before Hutchison got his bowling ball to hover weightlessly in the air, and in Moscow, Dr. Venyamin Pushkin confirmed in tests Boris Ermolaev’s ability to suspend small objects (such as matchboxes or several pencils) in the air for a number of seconds using intense mental intention.

Pushkin eliminated electrostatic and electromagnetic explanations and concluded that Ermolaev could generate a “gravitational field” for suspending the objects. Pushkin’s report was checked and signed off on by five members of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, including world-famous brain researcher A.A. Luria.

Regarding spoon-bending, Solis comments intriguingly on some of John Hutchison’s own cutlery abuse, stating that some temporary changes in the metal’s crystalline structure and physical properties are reminiscent of Uri Geller’s spoon-bending. In one of Hutchison’s videos a spoon flaps up and down like a rag in the wind.

Geller is likely the best known cutlery abuser.

He has been extensively tested, with his talents widely verified by competent researchers, as well as magicians. The late Lt Col. Tom Bearden has offered an explanation of Geller’s metal-bending effect in analyzing Kirlian images taken of a ring and Geller’s finger during a PK experiment conducted by James L. Hickman. In the experiment, Geller’s intent was to bend the ring without physical contact. The resulting image reveals a striking “kindling” of his bioenergy in a line intersecting and seemingly cutting through the ring, as if to break it.

Bearden explains that in such an intense kindling as this, the nuclear currents moving between protons and neutrons inside the nuclei of the silver atoms are also being strongly kindled:

“Reductions in the positive charges steadily reduce the charged exchanging particles to quarklike particles, severely affecting the structural integrity and crystalline lattice directions of the base metal. By this means metal bending—or even breaking—is accomplished.”

Figure 1 (below) reveals an image taken from a similar experiment with Geller, this time using a Seiko wristwatch. Note the electrical bioenergy extending away from Geller’s finger and reaching towards the watch, as if to break it. Scientist and author Henry S. Dakin was one of the observers present for the experiment, and described the line of bioenergy as a “streak of light.”

Kirlian photograph of Uri Geller’s bioenergy directed at wristwatch. Image credit: H.S. Dakin (High-Voltage Photography, p. 30).

Bearden adds that in other experiments where actual breakages have occurred, the metal in and around the fracture has shown the effects of severe localized EM fields, e.g., as if it had been treated with intense heat.

Geller has been found to mysteriously and irreversibly alter the crystalline structure of nitinol, an alloy of nickel and titanium, warping its shape in ways the researchers could neither explain nor replicate. In 1977, John Randall and Peter Davis replicated this effect using a 13-year-old boy as a subject. Similar effects were apparently achieved by Frenchman John-Pierre Girard, who in the mid-1970s seemingly managed to alter the atomic configuration of stainless steel, converting it from austenite to the form known as martensite.

John Hasted (1921–2002), former head of experimental physics at Birkbeck College in London, conducted his own PK experiments with children. He suspended metal objects—usually latchkeys—from the ceiling and placed the children 3–10 feet away so they could have no physical contact. Embedded in each key was a resistive strain gauge, which was wired up to an amplifier and a pen recorder, and would register on the strip chart recording any deformation in the key—even if too small to be visually detected.

The child subjects were to bend the keys with intent alone.

Not only did the keys sway and sometimes fracture, but abrupt and enormous spikes of voltage pulses up to 10 volts—the limits of the chart recorder—were registered. Moreover, when the children were asked to influence several keys hung separately, the individual strain recorders noted simultaneous signals. This field effect is a signature of hyperdimensional consciousness (scalar/torsion forces) in action, and also a staple of poltergeist phenomena, incidentally.

And now for the grand finale…

All of the above, while it shows us macro-scale psychokinesis, pales in comparison to biologist Lyall Watson’s encounter in Indonesia with a girl named Tia. Unaware that Watson was observing her from a distance, Tia actually demonstrated the ability to cause an entire grove of kenari trees to vanish in broad daylight—a small child with her was the witness for whom this feat was apparently performed. After Tia caused the trees to “blink” back into existence, the delighted child ran around touching them as if to confirm they were really there. Tia then proceeded to repeat the procedure several times. At the end of this incredible display, a shattered Watson simply the scene left in shock.

As Thomas Henry Huxley said: “Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.”


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