Chemtrails: Why In The World Are They Spraying? When Will They Learn?

By Open

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I just came across this deeply emotive video about the chemtrail phenomenon called “Why in the World are They Spraying?” It’s about how geoengineers, supported by the ‘powers-that-be’, have been trying to develop methods to control our climate: and specifically to try to negate the effects of global warming.

Now on the surface this might appear to be a good thing, but what they’re doing is spraying toxic metal oxides into the atmosphere which are then dropping onto our top soils as it rains, radically increasing the akalinity, and thereby destroying trees and plants.

When will they learn? It’s vitally important that we watch, digest and share such information…

Have you noticed the chemtrails appearing in the sky over you?

You’d be forgiven for thinking they’re only aircraft vapour trails, except these do not disperse nearly as quickly. You’ll often see them on hot days which then obscures the blue skies, following which there’s usually some kind of precipitation. I’ve known in my heart for quite some time that it was to do with weather control. Well now in this video we have the proof.

Weather control in fact is nothing new to our planet. In the 1930’s, the famous scientist Nikola Tesla proposed firing low frequency electromagnetic radiation into storm clouds in order to discharge their energy. In my knowing, I believe evidence will soon come to light that weather control goes back thousands of years to some of the megolythic structures we find in obscure places of the world.

To me, it’s a part of human karma that we have to process: how we’ve tried to manipulate, manifest and control life on this planet, rather than aligning with the natural flow and allowing Gaia to manage what only she can do best. It’s time we learned from our mistakes and stopped meddling. It’s clear that weather control is becoming of paramount importance to the powers-that-be. They’ll do anything to negate the effects of runaway global heating, short of doing the one aligned thing that would work: radically reducing consumption and fossil fuel emissions.

Planting that Apple Tree

I already believe that we’ve passed key tipping points that are going to see a radical change to the surface of our planet and our ability to live here in the years ahead. I believe the powers-that-be know that too. But that shouldn’t stop us doing everything in our power to come back into natural alignment. In my truth, it’s the only authentic future for mankind. “If you knew the end of the world would come tomorrow, would you still plant that apple tree today?” In my reality, a truly compassionate soul would.

It is only this alignment that will lead to the higher paradigm of evolved living. I urge you to watch the video, inform yourself, process out any tightness, anger or judgment and share widely. Remember, ultimately, only the truth can truly set us free…

Why in the World are They Spraying? (Full Length)

To view the first doco in this series “What in the World are they Spraying?” – click here

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My soul is intimately connected with the higher dimensions where I find myself in communion with this benevolent presence most of the time. We ‘speak’ through the language of telepathic synchronicity: plain knowing of signs and symbols, an intuitive, objective interpretation of the flow of the moment which helps me understand and realise the various underlying impulses that are activating and influencing people’s lives here in the lower realm. The Openhand Foundation works on behalf of this energy, helping ground its presence in this realm.

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  • The truth is the Chemtrails are actually used for mind control. Sound crazy? Yeah I know, but I was involved in some of the original experimentation. It works like this: Thoughts and emotions have very distinct ,”energetic signatures”. This was discovered in the late 60’s. A machine was built to read these signatures, and to also read the signatures of elements … It’s actually very simple. We are energetic beings…our bodies are built upon an energetic framework….thoughts and emotions have very specific “colors”. These colors/energetic signatures can be replicated with certain chemical combinations….with certain balancing of colors in the light spectrum and with certain RF signals and even certain sounds. (all different manifestations of energy that can be “Tuned” very precisely to match the energetic signatures of thoughts and emotions). In combination these can be used quite easily to control the thoughts and emotions of the masses….or of individuals. (the RF signals that resonate with the ingested chemicals (via chemtrails/and additions to processed foods) and even the very precise blending of color on a television or movie screen…. With HAARP type technology an individual anywhere in the world can be targeted very precisely by bouncing the signal off the atmosphere. These original studies were done at Moffett Field in Mtn. View Calif. Both my parents were involed. My Dad at NASA with “the Air Force” and my Mom at Lockheed with “the Air Force” . I was volunteered for their early experiments which were amazingly successful. The same knowledge can be used to heal “sickness” as ALL sickness is a disruption or over amplification of the proper energetic signature of certain areas of the body….of course the Powers that Be didn’t have a lot of use for it in this regard.

    • dave

      While I believe you I also believe that this is a lot like the Jedi mind trick that only works on the weak minded—cause it aint workin on me!!

    • Truthy1

      Thank you for your information.I have been following this phenomena for many years now and there is one aspect that has received very little attention.Let me premise this with my conclusion that these trails are a multipurpose and multi-layered operation that is serving many independent operations.By that I mean separate operative goals.You have pointed out one of many. Mind/emotion control,poisoning,weather control,communications/defense shielding,disease and others. All of these are provable and accepted by me as reality. What I want to bring to the attention of open minded people is that it is far more sinister than you may realize. I have concluded that a great deception will be carried out with the use of chemtrails as a part of the machinations of the Secret Project Blue Beam. The “shielding effect” will be used to protect satellites from any EMP episode and provide a “T.V. screen” for holographic images to usher in the FALSE Messiah and FALSE Pre-Trib rapture.Know Jesus,Know Peace,No Jesus,No Peace

  • Merlin

    Hello Jeff,
    Thanks for your explanations. Could you give some precisions re. your last sentence? And another question: How can we protect ourslelves of chemtrail programming? Can I protect my friends and my cat as well??

  • Taylor Young

    Mind Control? Sure. I’m sure that you are right. And…I agree with the author of the article, that “it’s part of human karma that we have to process how we’ve tried to manipulate, manifest and control life on the planet.” I too, watched, re-watched, downloaded and burned several copies of the very informative, well researched,(not just “emotive” as the author casually states), video “What In The World Are They Spraying?” I disagree with the author when he states that “the powers-that-be will do anything to negate the effects of runaway global heating.” BALONEY. He may have become very intuitive and psychic, but he still needs to do is research. Everyone knows that the whole global warming issue is a crock. Invented to help further their “agenda” in the long term. Global warming is a natural, recurring process. It has been warmer, globally, in our history than it is now, even without the help of our manmade pollutants. The entire Solar System is warming up dramatically. (There is fact based evidence of this readily available on the web to anyone who takes the time to look for it.) The “powers-that-be” trying to ‘ameliorate golbal warming by GEOengineering ie Chemtrails is a LIE, a cover story and “part” of the ‘powers-that-be’ plan for depopulation-population control. The particulate matter raining down on the planet for 2 decades now, contain far more disgusting, diabolical elements and lab created horrors than are reported in the video. The video is excellent in that it avoided the more controversial aspects fo chemtrail spraying and focused mainly on what the mainstream population would (hopefully) relate to. But, for those of us who have known about this for soe time, have researched it ourselves and have been the victims of the diseases that Chemtrails cause…I just want to add –Chemtrails, gMO’s, Flouridated water, Aspartame, Forced Vaccinations and much, much more, all go together under the same umbrella, the same agenda orchestrated by the “powers-that-be”. the “elite”. If one doesn’t get you, the other will. I could go on and on about the AMA, Pharmaceutical Industry, FDA, EPA, US Government all working together to further the end goals of the “elite,” but I won’t. I will say, “PEOPLE MUST WAKE UP AND SAY “NO” TO ALL OF THIS, IN EVERY WAY THAT THEY CAN.” Sure, there are spiritual and Karmic implications in all of this and every individual is responsible for the evolution of their own soul, but, I submit that a few “eleite” have been undermining this process for the rest of us–the human race on planet Earth–without our knowledge or consent. Many things done on this planet, over the last few centuries, had we (the rest of us) known about it, we would not have allowed. Not all Karma is created or should be distributed equally, (as if it could be). Now, having siad that, I believe that once the rest of us are Armed With Knowledge, those “elite” will fail in their agenda–they will become cartoonish in our eyes, especially in light of the currently occuring, plenetary, solar system wide evolutionary process, (part of the global warming), accelerating us all into the 4th, 5th and for some, the 6th dimensions of vibration and perceptive reality. For those who are unable to evolve, (for various reasons too difficult to explain here, at least for me anyway),they may have to endure the worst of what the elite have brought to fruition thus far. This means that we must act upon the insights that our newly evolved abilities have given us. Not with hate or anger, but a firm commitment to take back our Inalienable Human Rights and then create a Just and Beautiful World. The way it would have been if not for the intervention, interruption, interference of those self-serving, “Service To Self” beings so very long ago. It is mind boggling to even try to contemplate all the ways in which our growth and progress as a race has been circumvented. We are Gods Couched In Creaturehood, but we were prevented from discovering that for ourselves this time. “My longwinded rant.”

  • Angeleno

    I saw tons of chem trails over Los Angeles today. Took a few photos.

    • Tasha Kelsick

      Thank you for these very interesting, enlightenining and articulate comments. I agree with you and believe that we must not succumb to fear, anger and other negative reactions. We must respond with “commitment” to what we believe in our hearts to be right and good and act on it. We can claim the world we want and our birthright.

  • Denise

    I have seen chemtrails alot back in October. Pretty much everyday, sometimes twice a day for a week. I believe that is why I have had a cold that wont go away since then. I seen the chemtrails and was taking pictures of them as they were spraying. I know, my fault for chasing them. lol. Also have heard around here that there has been alot of colds/flu’s going around and around and around since then. Crazy!!!!

  • Colt

    They are spraying the heck out of CO. People seem to not notice, however. Just insane.