Gaining True, Life Long Immunity To Disease

By Raluca Schachter

Guest writer for Wake Up World

A high immunity to disease doesn’t come from a needle, pill or supplement. It doesn’t come from antibacterial soaps and a germ free environment. Actually, considering the poor state of health most people are in these days, it can’t even come from healthy food and medicinal herbs alone any more. The epidemic of allergies, asthma, obesity, gastrointestinal infestations, infections, malabsorption and so much more are all directly related to poor immunity. It all comes down to the body’s own defense systems and how well or poor these function.

Isn’t it ironic that the time when we have no actual control of our health – our early childhood, it’s the very time when life long immunity is built or affected? The first seven years of our lives are crucial. And it actually doesn’t stop there.

So where does true immunity really come from?


Below are just a few aspects that I believe are most important and often overlooked when people think “immunity”. It’s not a miraculous pill, herb or drink. It’s practically just normal things that people have been doing for thousands of years, knowing instinctively that it was the right thing to do. Modern society seems to have forgotten. But it goes like this:


This is the first step to a healthy life and if possible, mothers should take this aspect as seriously as possible. Breast milk is nature’s perfect food for babies. Breastmilk contains all of the essential nutrients, antibodies and other factors important for growth and development. It cannot be replicated.

Breast milk also contains important non-nutritional components, such as antimicrobial factors, digestive enzymes, hormones and growth factors that are important for passive protection against infections and immune-mediated diseases and modulate immunological development.

In cases where breastfeeding is not possible and it’s too early for the baby to start on cow’s milk and foods, you can ensure your baby still gets the best nutrition by offering home made baby formula. On Weston A Price’s website you can find the best and most reliable information on this matter, as well as complete recipes.

Raw Milk

After RAW breast milk, what’s best? Raw organic milk from grass fed cows has very high conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) levels, biodiverse beneficial bacteria, intact active enzymes, that are required for absorption of minerals and effective digestion. It provides a source of lactase producing beneficial bacteria, reducing or eliminating lactose intolerance and it increases immunity to infection; 100 kinds of beneficial bacteria are found in raw milk at very low levels. Yogurt has only four or five!

Selling raw milk is not legal in all states (USA), making this a very hot and debated topic in the natural health world. But thanks to the increase in sustainable farmers all over the US, you can still benefit of buying raw milk in a form or another. In California, where selling it is legal, you can find it in health food stores and farmers markets. Organic Pastures is the largest producer of raw, grass fed milk in California and the quality of their product is outstanding. In other states you can either buy it directly from a farm, or from a local co-op ( a non-profit community organization and business that is owned and managed by the people who use its services ). In Florida for example you can buy it labeled “for pet consumption”…And I know for sure that people who buy it in this form actually drink it themselves!

To find your local resources for raw, grass fed milk go to for a complete list of sustainable farmers in your area.

Dirt, Farms and Animals

Have you ever seen children eat dirt? I did. And although most parents panic when that happens, now there is scientific proof that confirms that such simple, natural, instinctual actions are actually normal. Funny how we always need “scientific proof ” for everything these days, don’t we?

Two major reference studies are the PARSIFAL (Prevention of Allergy — Risk Factors for Sensitization in Children Related to Farming and Anthroposophic Lifestyle) and GABRIELA studies (Multidisciplinary Study to Identify the Genetic and Environmental Causes of Asthma in the European Community [GABRIEL] Advanced Study). These studies revealed that children who grow up in environments that afford them a wide range of microbial exposures, such as traditional farms, are protected from childhood asthma and atopy.

Researchers from Indiana, Switzerland, and Germany ran surveys and tests on Swiss and US children aged 6-12 years and submitted their results to the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Because the Amish emigrated from Switzerland, and are thus genetically similar, the team compared Northern Indiana Amish farm children with today’s Swiss kids. Though rural kids are known to be healthier than city kids, the team found that the Amish have a superior immune response to allergens and asthma than even Swiss farm kids have.

In her book Why Dirt is Good: 5 Ways to Make Germs Your Friends, Mary Ruebush PhD explains how just like any other muscle in our body, the immune system needs to be exercised in order to fully develop and become strong enough to resist illness and disease.

What a child is doing when he puts things in his mouth is allowing his immune response to explore his environment. Not only does this allow for ‘practice’ of immune responses, which will be necessary for protection, but it also plays a critical role in teaching the immature immune response what is best ignored.” ~ Mary Ruebush PhD


Earthing goes hand in hand with the above: we just have to BE on the Earth! What can be more simple than that, in order to stay healthy? Humans have been doing it for millions of years! Walking, sleeping, being connected to the healing energy of the Earth all the time! But these days, we need “scientific proof” again that such natural behaviors are actually healing to our bodies and not just silly theories.

So, what is earthing? Multiple scientific studies involving biophysicists, electrophysiologists, medical doctors, and exercise physiologists have produced fascinating evidence demonstrating that direct connection to the Earth’s ground energy has a powerful and positive influence on the body. Plastic or rubber soles insulate people from the natural electrical surface charge of the Earth known in the electrical world simply as “ground.” All electrical systems in our homes, businesses, and industries, are stabilized and protected by the Earth’s “ground.”

New research has raised the possibility that this disconnect may actually contribute to chronic pain, fatigue, and poor sleep that plague so many people.

The remedy for the disconnect is simple. Walk barefoot outdoors whenever possible and/or sleep, work, or relax indoors in contact with conductive sheets or mats that transfer the energy to your body. People who do on a regular basis say they sleep better, feel better, and have more energy during the day. Here you can buy the sheets and learn more about earthing: Also take a look at, a new era in footwear and health wellness. By including copper conductors within their footwear, Juil offers a natural conduit between your feet and the earth’s surface. This connection lets you go about your day looking good and feeling great. Releasing built-up radicals with Juil footwear can work wonders upon your day and, in the long-run, upon the wellbeing of your life, as a whole.

Healthy Food and Lifestyle

It doesn’t all stop with being breastfed, eating healthy as a child and being exposed to the ground, dirt, farm animals and microbes… A healthy diet and lifestyle with no use of toxic substances should continue all throughout the life to ensure you don’t generate toxic buildup and inflammation in the body. Most diseases and a suppressed immune system are basically created by these factors. If you don’t know what foods are healthy for you and what your body really needs, then you can easily find out through Metabolic Typing – a revolutionary system that combines ancient medicine with the newest technology to determine the way your metabolism functions, how to balance its unique biochemistry, keep high immunity and reverse disease. The multitude of external factors that affected us throughout our lives, as well as our genetical inheritance play an important role to determine what foods are good for our body.


Below is what I believe are the top 5 factors that destroy immunity. Unfortunately, most people these days have undergone at least one or two of them. But it’s not too late for our children yet to start on the right foot or “food” and avoid the chemical concoctions we, parents, had to put up with!

Commercial Baby Formula

Top baby formula brands sold in stores contain alarmingly high levels of corn syrup and sugar. The most prevalent ingredients in baby formulas are: CornSyrup Solids, Sugar (Sucrose), Milk Protein Isolate, High Oleic Safflower Oil, Soy Oil and other artificial and toxic, cheap additions that are far from real breast milk. There is NOT ONE healthy ingredient in this list and I’m amazed that such products still exist on the market. “Good start” on the label just means “good profit” on the paper.

These are all nutrients that are destroyed, unavailable, altered or inhibited in commercial baby formulas, but they are present in breast milk:

Anti-microbial enzymes

Biodiverse probiotics

Essential omega-3 & -6 fatty acids

Lactase-producing bacteria

Delicate proteins

B-12 binding protein

Bioavailable vitamins

Bioavailable calcium

Bioavailable phosphorus

Phosphatase enzyme






IgA/IgG Antibodies

Bifidus Factors



Considering this, commercial baby formula can not possibly be a healthy start for babies. Unfortunately many of the side effects can be seen later in life, and usually get progressively worse: low immunity to disease, gastrointestinal disorders and a poor beneficial gut flora being the most prevalent factors.

The Gut Connection Between Mother and Baby

80 percent of the function of the healthy human immune system is the ecosystem of bacteria found in the gut. Since babies are born with a sterile gut flora, the mother esentially “downloads” her gut health / flora into the baby through breastfeeding. No wonder why digestive problems are usually getting worse with each generation! There are also mass problems with food assimilation and breathing difficulties continually on the rise. Processed foods and antibiotics are two primary factors for a poor gut flora.

Also, babies that are born by Cesarean section do not receive this first important benefit of a healthy gastrointestinal flora. Why? Because when a baby is born the natural way, she/ he swallows bacteria and other microorganisms from the birth canal. Infants that experience neither vaginal birth nor breastfeeding, or whose mothers pass unhealthy microflora on to them, are therefore at a great disadvantage.


The toxins in vaccines and the increased number of vaccines are causing neurodevelopmental and health problems in many children.
Dr Sherri Tenpenny, an expert on the vaccination matter explains it very to the point:

We are injecting animal cells, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and viruses into our bodies, then call it “prevention”, expecting shots to keep us well.

Why have we allowed fear of illness to over-ride our common sense?

Do we expect to always be happy, always be sniffle-free?

Have we lost our minds, believing for more than 200 years that an injection can actually keep us well?

We have exchanged chicken pox for autism, flu for asthma, ear infections for diabetes…and the list goes on and on. In the zeal to eliminate relatively benign microbes, we have traded temporary illnesses for pervasive, life-long diseases, disorders, dysfunctions and disabilities.

Sterile Environment

Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization and discovered the germ theory of disease. By this, he did a great deal of wrong to humanity that he couldn’t predict at the time. In its simplest form, the germ theory proposes that the body is sterile and that germs from the air cause disease. The medical community started to look for the right pill to kill off the germ. This concept became ingrained into medicine and medical research. Most research goes to looking for the right pill for a specific disease. This way, the responsibility for health has been taken away from the individual. If germs from the air cause disease then the medical community must find the answer. The dramatic change in human’s health is proof alone how devastating this paradigm was for our society. Conventional medicine, pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies producing a wide variety of toxic germ-killers have all flourished. People’s health is worse than ever.

The concept of exposing people to germs at an early age to build immunity is known as the hygiene hypothesis.

Medical professionals have suggested that the hygiene hypothesis explains the global increase of allergic and autoimmune diseases in urban settings. It has also been suggested that the hypothesis explains the changes that have occurred in society and environmental exposures, such as giving antibiotics early in life.

Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) have conducted a study that provides evidence supporting the hygiene hypothesis, as well as a potential mechanism by which it might occur. The study was published online in the journal Science on the Science Express Web site on March 22, 2012.

The researchers found that germ-free mice had exaggerated inflammation of the lungs and colon resembling asthma and colitis, respectively. This was caused by the hyperactivity of a unique class of T cells (immune cells) that had been previously linked to these disorders in both mice and humans.

Most importantly, the researchers discovered that exposing the germ-free mice to microbes during their first weeks of life, but not when exposed later in adult life, led to a normalized immune system and long lasting prevention of diseases.

A sterile environment is just not possible, no matter how much Clorox and Purell you pour over your body and house. We can not kill all bacteria, viruses and living organisms around us to stay healthy. It is not their fault. It is just our responsibility to keep a healthy immune system that can deal with everything we are exposed to in the environment.

If you need to use a sanitizer instead of water and soap then choose a natural, non toxic product that will not harm your body and the environment, while proven effective. CleanWell products meet these requirements and beyond!


If your body isn’t allowed to experience “pain”, how will it ever learn how to cope with it and conquer it? If, as a child, all your “unpleasant symptoms” generated by illness are drastically reduced or eliminated by drugs, how will you ever be able to go through any kind of health concern, as little as a cold, without relying on drugs over and over again ?.. Alternative medicine has been proving for thousands of years that the body can heal itself when giving the right nutrients! These days, people are dying more because of taking too many pills than because they are not taking them. All we need is more education and less medication! A child that grows up with healthy food and natural remedies instead of being intoxicated by drugs, has a much higher immunity, resistance to disease and responds much better and quicker to natural, non-toxic treatments when these are applied. At the same time, over dosing on natural or conventional treatments is like providing your body a crutch every single time it’s out of balance and so it learns to demand this “crutch” over and over again, without being able to handle anything on its own and getting weaker.

As you see, ensuring a healthy immune system is much more complex than popping pills. And even if you didn’t have the right start as an infant, you still can reverse a lot of immune related health conditions as long as you stop doing the wrong things and do more of the good things.

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About the Author

Raluca Schachter is a passionate Nutritionist and Metabolic Typing Advisor ®, with a background in both nutrition and communication/PR. She believes in traditional, unaltered food, ancestral wisdom, sustainable farming and living. Raluca was able to naturally reverse chronic health conditions she was struggling with most of her life, and now uses her knowledge to help as many people as possible do the same. Her health programs and diet plans offer a very unique and comprehensive approach to health, where individual nutritional and biochemical requirements are firstly met using specific nutrients and foods that each metabolism thrives on. This approach reveals why and how ‘one diet/herb doesn’t fit all’ and why ‘one man’s food is another one’s poison.’ Raluca currently resides in Garden Grove, CA and offers her services for local and distance clientele. For more information visit her website and blog or join Raluca on Facebook


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Wake Up World or its staff.

  • Best article I’ve seen on the subject. Has the bases covered. We are blessed with clean well water, no chlorine there to destroy the gut flora which we reinforce with fermented foods we make with every meal.(Sauerkraut,misc veggies,kefir,kombucha…used to make our own Natto but don’t want the soy) No vaccines for our 2 year old…we make our own tooth paste and body care products, only eat fresh local organic, our son is allowed to wallow in the dirt. Breastfed of course…not sick a day in his life… We’re also doing a GAPS diet, starving out the pathogenic bacteria. Cured my arthritis, and lifelong (40 years) of GERD and heartburn. I think the more we can divorce ourselves of mainstream medicine (pharmaceutical company representatives in white coats)…the healthier we will be. And don’t listen to a word the AMA or FDA says. (They are also just extensions of Big Pharma)

    • Harry Phillips

      If you have any idea about history they did all the things you are suggesting yet thousands of them died from illnesses we can now prevent.

      How do you explain whole families being wiped out by smallpox in the bad old days? They had plenty of dirt to “build their immune systems” they all drank dairy direct from the cow, they died by the thousands.

    • Georgina Whitby

      Cute Photo but a seriously misleading, irresponsible and dangerous article! Obviously Breastfeeding, and exposure to mud are important to building healthy immune resistance to bacteria (and healthy food is important to general health). But none of these things can prime the immune system for immunity to the viruses we vaccinate against. Only exposure to those viruses can. Exposing kids to milder versions of killer or harmful viruses (innoculation) has been practiced for centuries. In the old days pox parties would try to expose kids to non-lethal strains of killer viruses to avoid them dying by catching a worse strain. Modern vaccination is this process refined – we use dead or attenuated versions of the viruses – so the body can build its own natural immunity, without the high risk of fatalities or life long disabilities.

      Vaccination is building the bodies natural immunity by exposure to a benign version of a virus. Vaccination has saved more lives than any other medical invention worldwide (and unlike antibiotics, actually strengthens rather than compromises the immune system). Because young babies can’t be vaccinated , and some people have innately flawed immune systems, we rely on heard immunity to prevent deaths from childhood communicable viruses. With even a 5% rate of vaccine neglect, measels can spread like wildfire. It is babies who are most endangered by the breach of heard immunity. Measels is a disease of many complications . At one stage measles was a leading cause of brain damage, it is still a common cause of delayed deafness, and is the sole cause of Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (truly one of the most frightening diseases you could develop).

      I personally deal with chronic health issues which I categorically wouldn’t have if I was fully vaccinated as a child. This link is basically a dose of Sherry Tennpenny’s dangerous pseuo-science trying to gain credibility by hanging out with some common-sense good advice (and some dubious anti-pasteurisation advice). I hope you mean well, so please don’t spread this quack’s dangerous rhetoric. Such misinformation is already responsible for many deaths and much disability. The irony is – most parents who vaccine-neglect their children end up choosing to give their kids anti-biotics if they get sick. Anti-biotics (while sometimes lifesaving) DO compromise both individual immune systems and community immunity – and they have to take these because they avoid innoculation – a time honed development which actively builds immunity.

  • Raluca Schachter

    Jeff, I’m glad you think this way! And congrats for choosing a healthy lifestyle and being “awaken”! Let’s hope we inspire many more to do the same!

  • Bella

    I loved it! I completely agree that a healthy immune system is the best prevention. I, however, did basically everything right from my early childhood but still encountered some bumps that tripped me up into adulthood (i.e. heavy metals, infections tick bites and pnemonia). I’m working on rebuilding my immune system, though. My only concern with “playing in the dirt” is parasites. How would you go about building your immune system but avoiding deadly parasites? Personally, I was in the dirt as a child rescuing homeless animals and I have been suffering from parasites. It’s a bit of a paradox. My theory is that if the child’s body is perfectly alkaline without any heavy metals, it’s bioterrain will be a hostile environment to parasites. I would love to get your thoughts on that.

  • Believer in FACTS

    So sad at the amount of misinformation here. The studies continue to prove these claims to be false yet we have “doctors” who want to profit off the stupidity of people who want so badly to believe these myths are Why not accept the facts for what they are and stop spreading misinformation? I guess we should go back to the “earth” days of living before modern medicine where people lived to be 45. Get real.

  • Janice

    While I agree about breastfeeding and letting your kids wallow in the dirt (sterile environments are less healthy and a lot less fun), we have to stop spreading the message that vaccines are these horrific things. Vaccines have saved millions of lives and all but wiped out horrible, childhood diseases that left kids disfigured, disabled, or dead. We seem to have forgotten the days when death or disability from polio or the measles was common. There is absolutely no link between vaccines and autism. None whatsoever. The doctor, Andrew Wakefield, who published the original study had it retracted by The Lancet and even lost his medical license. It was even shown that he had patented his own MMR vaccine before releasing the study, planning, apparently, to capitalize on his results by suddenly a releasing a “safer” version. As for the other side effects of vaccines, the Institute of Medicine published a lit review that examined the link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Based on all of the research available at the time, they rejected the idea that the vaccine causes autism. It’s a great, if massive, read, and I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, most of the evidence against vaccines is almost always based on anecdotes and personal stories. Science exists for a reason. It’s to help us understand our world through skeptical, rigorous testing and study. We should always hold our scientific community to the highest standards, question their results, but be willing to accept something as true if there is overwhelming scientific evidence for it. And there is overwhelming scientific evidence for the power and necessity of vaccines.

    Patent submitted by Andrew Wakefield a year before his 1998 study:
    IOM Lit Review: