Cure Eczema the Natural Way

By Carolanne Wright

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

A painful and often debilitating disease, eczema is a skin disorder that is suffered by millions. Frequently treated with steroids, the immune system is further compromised — inflaming the dermis and creating a vicious cycle that is difficult to break.

Toxic vaccinations also aggravate this distressing malady. Mercifully, natural remedies provide an intelligent option — curing eczema gently without the side effects of conventional treatments.

Connecting the dots between eczema, immunity and the gut

The first line of attack in overcoming eczema is healing the gut. Since a majority of those suffering from eczema experience leaky gut syndrome, it is important to take care of the digestive tract. When the intestinal wall becomes overly permeable with this syndrome, toxins pass into the blood stream which triggers an inflammatory response. Allergies and food reactions follow — along with eczema. Unfortunately, this whole cycle taxes the immune system.

One of the best ways to mend the gut and reduce permeability is to adopt an organic whole-food diet with plenty of vegetables, fiber and freshly juiced greens. Toss out processed and gluten containing foods, dairy, meat, unsprouted grains and sugar. Fermented foods are an excellent choice as are probiotics like those found in kefir and yogurt. Bone broth, with its high collagen content, also assists in healing the gut. Just make sure to source organic grass-fed ingredients. The amino acid L-glutamine is exceptional for strengthening the intestinal lining and boosting immune function. It also reduces allergies and improves nutrient absorption. Flax, borage, hemp and pumpkin seed oils supply essential fatty acids that are vital to balancing inflammatory response. Additionally, evening primrose and sunflower seed oils are first-rate sources of gamma linolenic acid which plays a strong role in skin health. And don’t forget about chia seeds — another outstanding source of omega-3 fats. On the herbal front, cat’s claw (una de gato) cleanses the entire digestive tract of dangerous pathogens, thereby reducing reactions that exacerbate eczema. Persimmon leaf extract is another medicinal herb that demonstrates extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties that clarify the skin and minimize discomfort.

Topical relief

To arrest the intense itch of eczema, several external treatments show promise.

Coconut oilSeals and protects the skin while taming inflammation. Antibacterial and anti fungal action prevents infection in open sores.

Oat Flour and Slippery Elm Powder – Used in warm baths to coat and calm the skin.

Magnesium Chloride Spray – Applied topically to diminish inflammation.

Sunflower Seed Oil – Anti-inflammatory. Also serves as an excellent moisture barrier.

Sea Salt – Add to warm baths. Lends welcome relief from inflammation and pain.

Bentonite ClayDetoxifies and comforts the skin when dissolved in a lukewarm bath.

Always remember to drink plenty of purified water throughout the day which flushes out toxins and hydrates the skin. Sleep and stress-reducing exercise are also important for robust immune function. By detoxifying the body, healing the gut and strengthening the immune system, eczema can be cured naturally without harmful after effects.

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About the author:

Carolanne WrightCarolanne enthusiastically believes if we want to see change in the world, we need to be the change. As a nutritionist, natural foods chef and wellness coach, Carolanne has encouraged others to embrace a healthy lifestyle of organic living, gratefulness and joyful orientation for over 13 years

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  • Thanks for the great article Carolanne! I was curious if you could support the claim that you made: “…Frequently treated with steroids, the immune system is further compromised…”

    I have been trying to find documentation and research that supports the fact that steroids are harmful to our immune systems but cant find anything on PubMed. Could you throw some light on this claim?

    • Hey Carolanne & Dr. Ogle!

      My wife has been suffering from eczema since she was a little girl. It wasn’t until recently that we were able to find out the root cause of her eczema.

      We had actually tried coconut oil and had great success with it. She didn’t care for the unfiltered though. The coconut oil that is pressed and filtered got rid of the smell and was easily mixed with her lotion during her “after shower routine.”

      I was wondering if you happen to have personal experience treating eczema? I run a newsletter that is focused on sharing other peoples successful treatments as well as professionals take on the subject. If you were available to share some information, i’d love to showcase you in the newsletter. I’ll leave me email in the box above. Feel free to contact me any time. If you have skype I can send that over as well so we can chat!

  • Hi Dr. Ogle.

    As you may know, steroids suppress the immune system which reduces the inflammatory response associated with eczema.

    Unfortunately, this suppression does not address the underlying cause of the disorder and can create a vicious cycle of imbalance within the body.

    • Thank you so much. If everybody read that link you just shared before taking corticosteroids, I wonder how many would actually end up taking them. Scary stuff if you ask me. Thanks again!