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Pure Liquid Zeolite: the Natural Detoxifier

zeolite 1By Gavin Bragg

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Zeolite has been used in traditional medicine throughout Asia for centuries, known for its ability to detoxify the body and support its natural state of PH balance. And in the west, scientific evidence and mounting personal reports both indicate that consuming liquid zeolite can truly benefit your health.

But like most ‘alternative’ remedies, zeolite’s properties are not widely understood. So today I’m going to answer the most common questions I hear about liquid zeolite. Hopefully I can raise awareness of its benefits and dispel a few myths along the way.

Firstly, what are the benefits of taking liquid zeolite?

Liquid zeolite is made of a naturally”occurring zeolite, Clinoptilolite, which has been proven to balance the body’s pH levels and remove heavy metal toxins, pesticides, herbicides and dioxins. By removing the toxins that would otherwise impede the body’s metabolic processes – including healing – it helps the body to achieve a state in which it can function and heal itself much more effectively.

As biochemist Rik Deitsch points out, there are also many “downstream” benefits of using liquid zeolite, including improved nutrient absorption, reduced symptoms of allergies, and powerful antioxidant properties.

Is there research to support this?

Yes there is. It would be irresponsible and dangerous to make these claims if the effects of zeolites had not been well researched.

Humans have been using zeolite for hundreds of years as a general cure-all. There are many studies on humans and the effects of zeolite, mostly linked directly to the NCD brand from Waiora, who conducted the first and only peer reviewed study (along with 13 other studies not yet published). You can visit the Scientific reports page for these and other documents.

There are also hundreds of studies on animals. Zeolite has been used in livestock feeds for decades to prevent aflatoxicosis, the poisoning that results from ingestion of aflatoxins, the carginogenic mycotoxins produced by the Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus species of fungi. Aflatoxins are amongst the most carcinogenic substances known.

If I take zeolite, do I need to do anything else to maintain good health?

Yes, of course. Liquid zeolite is NOT a magic potion, nor is any other product. But it is an incredible tool to use in the journey to perfect health.

To restore and maintain optimum health, you still need to make positive changes. By cutting down on unhealthy and acidic foods like sugars, white flours, dairy, and red meats, increasing your intake of leafy greens, raw vegetables and supplementing minerals you cannot get through food, you will assist the body to return to a more alkaline state necessary for health. Implicit to health is also choosing organic or bio-dynamic products where possible, getting rid of unhealthy habits like smoking etc. and learning to develop a positive mental attitude.

Choosing a healthy organic diet, and using NCD2 Pure Liquid Zeolite to help detoxify and balance the body, will help ensure a lasting positive change to your health.

How long does zeolite remain in the body?

Research shows that liquid zeolite stays in the system for between five and seven hours before it is eliminated. It is therefore recommended that liquid zeolite is taken three or four times a day, as this frequency maintains adequate levels in the body to ensure the body’s detoxification process is always supported.

What are the side effects?

There are no side effects attributed to the use of zeolite, apart from slight dehydration. For that reason, it is essential to be well hydrated when taking liquid zeolite. Avoid dehydrating drinks such as coffee, tea, and soda, and ensure you maintain a regular water intake.

Some people do experience mild symptoms when they first start taking zeolite, including headaches, diarrhea, tiredness, and aches. However Rik Deitsch, a Biochemist involved in the product’s development, asserts that “.. in 9 out of 10 cases, these are side effects of dehydration, and most improve when the person drinks enough water”.

How is liquid zeolite different from powdered zeolite?

NCD liquid zeolite is vastly different from powdered zeolite. The patented activation process used by Waiora ensures volatile organic compounds, heavy metals and other toxins are removed from the zeolite compound before it is packaged for consumption. This leaves the zeolite’s “cage” structure empty and ready to trap more toxins in your body.

By contrast, powdered zeolites still contain all these material, which makes them much less effective at removing toxins and heavy metals from the body. Many powdered zeolite companies boil or wash their zeolite with detergent, but this will not remove all the metals or organic compounds that the zeolite “cage” has already trapped in its natural environment.

“If you just look at absorption rates of powdered vs. NCD, the NCD is as much as 1000 times stronger than powdered zeolites… because of its absorption capacity” ~ Rik Deitsch.

Also NCD has been properly micronized, with the majority of particles less than 2.5 micron and many less than 1 micron in size. This small particle size is what gives NCD brand zeolite its ability to remove toxic heavy metals from the whole body, including the brain; it travels throughout the body via the blood stream, and breaks the blood brain barrier. To do this you need particles less than 2.5 micron in size. But most other zeolite products are not micronized. So while they may do great work cleaning out the digestive system, only a small fraction of their particles make it into the blood stream.

I recommend to anyone thinking of using a zeolite product to first see data on its particle size, so you can be sure the zeolite you choose can do its job effectively. You can find 3rd-party data on NCD Pure Liquid Zeolite Here.

How is it possible to liquefy zeolite?

Liquid zeolite is not ‘liquefied’ zeolite, as it is not possible to liquefy it without destroying its natural structure. NCD liquid zeolite consists of micronized zeolite, suspended in water.

Why doesn’t NCD use fulvic acid like other brands?

NCD is micronized and activated via a patented processes that remove volatile organics, heavy metals and other toxins from the zeolite cage, give it the highest charge possible, and ensure small enough particles to travel throughout the body. Because of this it does not need any fulvic or humic acid in which to be suspended, only water.

The FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status is awarded only to pure Clinoptilolite zeolite products. By adding other substances like fulvic acid to the zeolite, other brands modify the natural compound and therefore don’t qualify for the FDA’s GRAS status. Many other brands do not properly clean or activate their products either, so the zeolite clumps together and forms a cake at the bottom of the bottle. It’s easy to spot.

The processes used to produce NCD Pure Liquid Zeolite make it the most effective on the market. It is the only brand of liquid zeolite that receives the FDA’s GRAS status, because it contains only pure Clinoptilolite and water.

How many drops should I take to detoxify my body?

It is recommended that you take an initial ‘detoxification’ dose of 10 drops three times a day for four to nine weeks.

After four to nine weeks, it is recommended that you switch to a ‘maintenance’ dose of three to five drops three times per day, increasing the amount if there is a viral, chemical, or other exposure.

For maximum benefit, it is also recommended that you repeat the ‘detoxification’ dose at least twice a year. (See directions for liquid zeolite.)

Can children take pure liquid zeolite?

Yes they can. As children are developing, they are far more susceptible to the damaging effects of toxins than adults. Using zeolite to help remove these toxins can be highly beneficial to their development. However, children should take a much smaller dose than adults (depending on their body size) and it is important to ensure they stay hydrated. (See directions for using liquid zeolite.)

Can liquid zeolite safely be used by pregnant or nursing women?

Clinoptilolite zeolite is non-toxic and does not build up in the body. The U.S. FDA considers NCD zeolite to be safe for anyone to use, granting it the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status.

Although there has been centuries of use in Asia to suggest that zeolite is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as mounting anecdotal evidence, this has not yet been shown by Western science in double-blind studies.

We suggest you consult your health care practitioner if you are considering taking liquid zeolite when pregnant or nursing.

I know someone with cancer. How many drops should they take?

For those with serious health challenges it is recommended to take 15 drops 3-4 times daily. A dosage of 15 drops is the maximum you should take at one time to ensure you get the most out of your zeolite product. However you may also prefer to take the lower but more regular dose of 2-3 drops per hour, as this will maintain the maximum recommended amount of zeolite in your bloodstream at all times.

Please note: liquid zeolite is not sold as a treatment for cancer or other diseases. Zeolite is a useful supplement to integrate into a treatment program, as it helps the body cleanse and restore its own natural balance.

Is it possible to take too much liquid zeolite?

It is not possible to overdose on liquid zeolite as it is a safe and non-toxic mineral. In saying this, taking more than the recommended dose may cause your body to experience intense symptoms associated with dehydration and detox.

To get the most benefit, the recommended dosage should not exceed 2-3 drops per hour of NCD2 liquid zeolite.

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  • D Thomas

    I asked this question a few days ago, but it hasn’t been posted here yet. I will ask again:

    Can Zeolite pass through semi permeable cell membranes? I ask because as far as I know this this the only place where viruses commonly exist in their constituent parts.

    A common reason for vaccines being thought of as harmful is their use of aluminum as an ingredient. The wikipedia article on zeolite says it is made up of silica and aluminum oxide. Isn’t this aluminum bad for you too?

    • http://www.pureliquidzeolite.com/ Pure Liquid Zeolite

      Hi D Thomas sorry for the late reply.

      The zeolite primarily exists in extra-cellular space (outside of cells). It cannot readily cross cell membranes because of issues with size and charge. The exception seems to be with cells that are damaged in some way. As an example, a cell under viral attack has very leaky membranes which readily allow for the access of the zeolite. This was seen in the published papers where they conducted in vitro studies and saw the zeolite uptake into cells that contained viruses. We have also seen cancer cells take up the zeolite through active endocytosis.

      You can read a bit more about this through this link have a look at the Clinoptilolite Antiviral properties paper.


      The aluminum is very strongly bonded into the cage-like structure of the zeolite, and so is completely unavailable biologically. It would take temperatures of 900 °F (480 °C) to break the aluminum free from the zeolite crystal. There is no chance that liquid zeolite can introduce any aluminium into the body. But will absorb and remove free aluminium ions.