BREAKING NEWS!!! Chemtrails/Geo-Engineering Temporarily Suspended in 3 Major US Cities

hope25th September 2013

By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

I am happy to report that in an unprecedented and generous gift to Gaia, our Mother Earth, international philanthropist Mr. A. Michael has donated funds to stop geo-engineering aerosols (including the deadly Ethylene dibromide) in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. These programs began last week and will continue until September 30.

Details were not provided. However, in several conversations with friends in all three cities, no Chemtrails lines have been seen.

According to Mr. Michael, this is a temporary and very short-term “fix” until all the programs hidden by governments and the military are released for the benefit of the people and planet. For decades, there have been more than 6,000 different scientific, medical, energy, and environmental patents and programs that have been deliberately hidden from us, so as to benefit the status quo of oil, pharmaceutical, chemical, and multinational food corporation profits. Greed still tends to hold sway. That must stop.

Mr. Michael notes: “we have a very small window to change our planet’s direction and to choose a path of peace and love – not the violence and fear that permeate everything now. So, these next two weeks are our window of change – and it is up to us to do this. There are millions of people all over who now see that the cabal has been lying and deceiving us for centuries, and that damage and harm are all they know how to do.”

The deliberate global financial destruction, the theft of millions of houses, the break-down of civil society (created by the cabal), the poisoning of our air, water, soil, food supply, the privatisation of the criminal Federal Reserve banking, and the stealth geo-engineering of our weather’s natural cycles – all of these for weather warfare against all of us – all are part of the bigger picture of wrecking everything. These are multiple and heinous crimes against all of us.


REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING: The USA-Inc. is a corporation. That began to change with the illegal Act of 1871. Currently, USA-Inc. is bankrupt. We no longer have our original 1879 constitution. On a child’s first day of life, he/she gets to have a new birth certificate number traded on the stock market. Our “social” security number is on file with The Vatican. Taxes have been levied on us to make us perpetual debt slaves. We are uninformed, dumbed-down consumers… not citizens.

The political and financial systems worldwide are NOT fixable! So, with the help of the Resistance Movement and other groups inside and out of governments, plans have been in place for quite a while now to transition PEACEFULLY into our New Society. It is already a GO! Many cabal leaders have already been arrested –just not reported yet by mainstream news. I suspect the real delay has been because the cabal is still trying to wring every last and worthless “green toilet paper dollar” from us into their dwindling coffers. There is also a new scam in thousands of small communities (where schools have been closed, teachers fired, students bused at 6am to another school 30 miles away) where they have had massive new property taxes increases ($350-$500, when the communities are already in financial extremis!) Thousands of houses have never sold. This may be another hidden UN Agenda 21 program. These taxes are due September 30 and property owners got stuck. HOW can any of us think that we owe ANY taxes to a fraudulent corporation that is bankrupt?

In fact, in a telling White House news report last week, they have already warned agencies that they might close down.


Our new website, has only been up a few months, and it has already become a major hub for people connecting around the world. We started off just in English, but now we have 10 languages! This is an international group of concerned folks who have skills to benefit all of us. This is our new paradigm!


MSDS [Material Safety Data Sheet] for Ethylene dibromide:

In addition, this highly toxic compound is used as a desiccant to dry out the soil and entire web of life. Several EDB “dry” fogs have come into southern CA overnight. The kill freshly formed flowers (such as lilacs and hydrangeas) and drain the plant’s chlorophyll.

Dying Hydrangeas

In humans, it causes drying of the mucosa: nasal passages and dry eyelids and “sandy” eyes. The extreme dryness in the mouth reduces saliva production; and people complain of “cotton-mouth” (from the roof of the hard and soft palate, the uvula, trachea, to restrictions swallowing). Nausea is frequent. None of this is properly diagnosed by Western-trained physicians, due to the lack of environmental medical studies. Drugs are incorrectly prescribed for a toxicological issue.

Previous articles by Dr. Perlingieri

About the author:

Dr. PEnvironmental writer and educator Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of the book “The Uterine Crisis”, the result of 15 years of independent research linking women’s reproductive illnesses with invisible environmental toxins. London’s “The Ecologist” calls this book an “inspiration”.

For decades, Dr. Perlingieri has been writing about the links between chronic exposure to invisible environmental toxins and dramatic increases in illness. Her cross-disciplinary lecture at the first US Chemtrails conference in August 2012 was live-streamed to 30 countries.

Dr. Perlingieri continues to take a cross-disciplinary approach to all her research. She has a background in both science and art. In addition to her graduate academic degrees, she also has had formal herbal training and studies in the US, London, and Italy.

Editor’s note: since the publication of this article, Dr. Perlingieri has sadly passed away. Rest in peace “Dr. P”

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  • orgonite

    Wow!!! I can attest to this article legitimacy. The clarity of the weather i’ve been witnessing in Orange County is unprecedented. Though I will mention, I am in the process of using tools inspired from Slim Spurling to help clear the environment at the same time that these programs stopped, i’m not trying to take credit for anything but this double whammy of them stopping the protocols and my clearing of the environment with the tensor ring tools is astonishing. Look into twisted sage . com folks and Slim Spurling as well as what Orgonite can do you for you!!

  • Sheryl

    There have been NO chemtrails in Phoenix Arizona either! I can’t believe the difference it makes in our skies daily.

  • kelly

    San Francisco has had clear skies for the most part. A few days ago there was heavy, blanket spraying in the early morning, but no huge chemical clouds over the city during the day. The spraying is a human rights violation. These people need to be brought to court.

  • toe

    The earth is not your mother, God is father.

  • SkiVermont

    After nearly 40 days of non stop spraying in and around the New York City area, we had a magnificent 7 day stretch of crystal clean skies! However, that ended this past Tuesday and are back under full assault.

  • Phyl

    Benjamin Fulford is all bull

  • I noticed the changes in the Phoenix skies a few weeks ago, an amazing difference for a location with so much sun. The skies have been spectacular. In addition, there is something different with the energy here. While the clear skies are a true benefit, something still feels amiss with what is going on.

    Suddenly, after apparent comments made by Putin at the G20 regarding 9/11, all of the interest in bombing Syria has changed. Now the focus is on a resolution with the new Iranian leader??

  • Ralph

    Haven’t noticed chemtrails in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area either! I hope and pray they are gone forever!

  • MikeC

    Is it just me or does “A. Michael” look a lot like “a micky” – with “taking a micky” being to lampoon someone with irony/sarcasm??

  • Kimberley

    I really hope this is true! But today (October 1, 2013), the skies over San Francisco were completely cross-hatched with the heaviest chemtrailing that I’ve seen in many weeks. I’m focusing my thoughts on positive progress regardless.

  • We had two days of no chemtrails here in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio but they started back up on Monday full steam ahead. How do we get this for the rest of the world?

  • A lot of nonsense in this article. If the Resistance Movement and groups inside and outside the gov. plan to transition peacefully into the new society, why ask the globalists to step down? Do you really think they will, just because we ask them to? Initially, the article says many cabal leaders have already been arrested, then later Fulford says that many cabal leaders WILL be arrested? Which is it, have they been arrested or not? According to Drake these arrests were to have happened last year, what in the hell are they waiting for? Get it done NOW. I believe this is all BS by the cabal just to give us hope. We are doomed because we worship “Mother Earth” and not God. We rejected God a long time ago and it’s time we turn back to Him.

    • arcadia11

      i agree that this article is nonsense. it is new-age nonsense which is, unfortunately, quite dangerous.
      as soon as i see the word ‘gaia’ i know i am on a controlled-opposition site. the un is pushing gaia worship. it is total made-up bullshit.

      sites like this one compromise the credibility of the real movement to stop chemtrails. it is discouraging.
      we cannot stop evil by doing yoga, loving the psychopaths, or meditating. this is why the new-age indoctrination is so dangerous. anyone who pushes such an agenda is either amoral or the tool of the amoral. most of the planet is suffering from effing stockholm syndrome. sigh.

      be careful of the new-age moral relativism i.e. there is no good or bad, that is a duality, there is only experience. very very dangerous delusion. what is happening in our world is…say it…evil. evil is real. evil people are causing unprecedented horrors upon our world and they must be stopped. period. this cannot be done only subjectively.

      action is what is required. physical action. for all the ills that have befallen our world of late. and all of those ills are gathered under the aegis of the united nations. best not to flow any power to the un even when they ‘seem’ to be beneficent. they are not. they are incapable of good.

      in the spirit of disclosure, i cannot say that i worship god. i do not even know what god is or is not, yet. and i have no love for the common judeo-christian jehovah god. if there is such a creature it is no less a psychopath than the shadow government here on earth. but i am not an atheist by any stretch of reason or imagination. equally importantly, i am not a new-ager.

      i am gratified to see that some are paying attention and know nonsense when they read it. thank you for the reality check and encouragement, harry.

      ps i live in the bay area. where i live i can see the sky for miles, including s.f. there was no lack of chemtrails, in my experience, in the time referred to in the article. and i do not believe for a moment that there is an a. michael. and benjamin fulford? yikes.

      cheers –

  • mysticalfilmaker

    Chemtrails are back over Los Angeles, Oct 6, bigtime!

  • Kris

    We had almost 3 weeks here in Huntington Beach California without any chemtrails…But it started yesterday and now in full swing. Does anyone know who this Mr. A. Michael donated the funds to?

  • sergei

    the enemy is still spraying,in fact, they have increased the poisons. they may have stopped for a few days but I dont think so. The enemy is even chemtrails on top of chemtrails here in the central sierra`s

  • Wind n Rain

    Aug. 11, 2014 Los Angeles was under a constant heavy chem cloud and then last week the sky suddenly went clear and blue one week ago. This is like nothing we have seen in years. There was two days where NATURAL clouds rolled in ( yes I know difference of natural vs chem clouds) and we had our first natural light rain in very long time. It was so exciting! After that it has been nothing but blue sky and not a cloud or trail anywhere to be found! Whoever is working behind the scenes to make this happen, I thank them! Please, Please continue!