12 Shocking Facts About the Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs


By Dr. Edward F. Group

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Every day, doctors and psychiatrists dole out behavior-modifying medicines for a variety of psychiatric disorders. The disorders range from depression and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) to bipolar and anxiety disorders. The sordid story behind how these medications work, how they come to market, and how they interfere with the lives of users is a complicated web. However, the next 12 facts will highlight the devastating story behind psychiatric drugs and how they affect millions of people in the United States alone.

1. No Physical Test Can Prove the Existence of a “Mental Disorder”

No blood, urine, or chemical imbalance exam can test for the presence of a mental disease or illness. Even x-rays or brain scans can’t show the presence of a “mental disorder.” [1] This leads many to believe that healthy patients have a great possibility of being diagnosed with supposed “disorders” even if they are only displaying minor symptoms. Many of these symptoms include stress and difficulty concentrating — issues that can often be chalked up as a natural response to everyday stress.

2. The Psychiatric Industry is a $330 Billion Industry

That’s a huge number and many forces are at work to preserve and grow it. While most physicians are not mercenary in their approach to prescribing medications, there is an argument to be made for the possibility of a conflict of interest when it comes to the rise of psychiatric prescriptions. [2]

3. Worldwide, Over 100 Million People Take Psychiatric Drugs

That seems like an astoundingly high number. What’s going on that so many among us feel the need to be medicated? [3]

4. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: 23 Soldiers and Vets Commit Suicide Every Day

The most shocking part of this statistic is that it exists despite the use of antidepressants. [4] These suicides are often due to post-traumatic stress disorder coupled with the inability to cope with civilian life. [5] So far, the solution has just been more psychiatric drugs.

5. Worldwide, 17 Million Children Take Psychiatric Drugs

To say that this is a dangerous epidemic is an understatement. Regulatory agencies in Europe, Australia, and the United States have issued warnings about the potential for anti-depressants to cause suicide or hostility and rage. [6]

6. 10 Million of These Kids are in the United States

That means the United States has 30% more children than the rest of the world on addictive stimulants, antidepressants, and other mind-altering drugs. [7]. That’s not a number one position to be proud of.

7. FDA Warnings Have Been Issued for Ritalin and Concerta

And they aren’t alone, and other psychiatric stimulants have had similar warnings issued for their effects on children. [8] What’s the problem? Well, for starters, these drugs may cause psychotic behavior, heart attack, stroke and sudden death. If that’s not enough, add suicidal thoughts and inclinations toward violent behavior to the list.

8. Antidepressants Come With a Warning Label

In 2004, the FDA finally ordered a “black box” label on all antidepressants to warn of psychiatric drugs’ increasing suicide risk in children and adolescents. Being an adult, however, doesn’t guarantee safety. In 2006, the FDA increased the age to include young adults up to age of 25. [9]

9. Children Five and Under Are the Fastest Growing Group Being Prescribed Antidepressants

Think of all the kids under five you know — they’re the target for these drugs. [10] Now picture this, from 1995-1999, antidepressant use increased 580% in ages 6 years and younger. It grew 151% in the 7-12 age group during the same time period. [11] Without action, it’s only going to go up from there. Do you think children should take these drugs? Watch this video and decide for yourself…

10. 10% of Teens Abuse Ritalin and Adderall

That’s according to a U.S. news report. [12] No surprise, these drugs have a tendency to be highly addictive. [13] Unfortunately, because kids are prescribed these drugs en masse, availability isn’t much of an issue. They don’t need to over to skid row to pick this stuff up.

11. General Physicians Prescribe 70% of Psychotropic Drugs

No offense to family practice physicians, but should they be the ones prescribing the majority of these mind medicines? [14] Pragmatically, this statistic literally means that a majority of these drugs get used without a psychiatric evaluation to determine if they’re necessary, appropriate, or safe.

12. Some Reports Show Antidepressants are No Better than Placebo

While published reports do show 94% effectiveness, taking a look at the total reports submitted to the FDA, only 50% reported positive outcomes. That being said, around 50% of patients would be better off taking a placebo. In addition, 31% of the 74 FDA-registered studies have never been published. [15] Sound like a complicated number soup yet? It is, a 2009 analysis showed traditional pharmaceutical drugs yield inconsistent results. [16]

A Final Thought…

While not everyone will succumb to the negative effects of psychiatric drugs, the risk of negative side effects cannot be ignored and should absolutely be thoroughly discussed and understood. In some cases, natural remedies for mood support may be a viable option. If you want to learn more about this insanity? You have to watch this video…

The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs

Did any of these facts surprise you? Do you have an experience with psychiatric drugs? Leave a comment below and share your experience!

-Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

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  • Anthea

    Good article. The depression & anxiety “chemical imbalance myth” was dispelled long ago -reviews of the research carried out have demonstrated no link between depression, or any other mental disorder, and an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. (Lacasse & Leo, 2005; (Valenstein, 1998).

  • Kaleb Riemer

    This really hit my heart. I’ve been misdiagnosed for about 10 years now and the laws are still holding up my life from getting going. I’ve been forced into hospitals, forced onto psychiatric meds and it’s been a big wake up call to me. The system of medical personnel lie. They lie about disease and they lie to families so families see you as a mental disease. That’s my experience anyway. It tears my heart apart knowing the side effects of these meds so well that kids are on them. Kids get really hurt by these high doses and high toxicity. Any thoughts about how to get out of this with laws. The lawyers I’ve talked to have already said there’s no way out without medical proof. Here it is: I’m under laws with a guardianship that is PERMANENT unless I overturn it in court. It’s a real hell. Any advice would much be appreciated and change my life hopefully.

    • Maggie

      Hi Kaleb, I share your frustration. I have 2 sons battling so called “mental illness” in psycho babble. All I try to do is keep them out of the system and fly under the ‘drug’ radar. I totally understand your feeling of powerlessness. There are many people sharing your same battle. No I don’t have an answer except to say, before pharmaceutical company control of our System and Doctors
      existed, we existed. The system does not define us. They can label us, medicate us and try to control us but you are an independent person with your own beliefs and goals. Put your energy into being the person you are meant to be. You exist and are a valuable individual in your own right.

      • Kaleb Riemer

        Thanks Maggie for the inspiration. It’s nice to know more people see the medical system the way I do. I’ll try to be more of a person I want to be instead of what they want to label.

        • Credenda

          You are right, the mental health system is totally corrupt! The people who “work” there seem to enjoy kicking people when they’re down and use phrases like; compliant, non-compliant and personal choice! The only way to get any real help is with volunteers. Local agencies and groups of people who genuinely want to help and don’t judge you for how your trauma’s have made you!
          Because the truth is, it’s not personal choice! That’s like saying what happened to me to cause my emotional trauma’s was personal choice! I was 3, how could it possibly have been my fault!
          However running away from these awful memories was causing me severe depression and anxiety. I also had terrible nightmares, which over years made me so very tired. Did you know that if you push ur body beyond it’s limits physically, you will start to hallucinate!
          The first thing you need to do is make a decision! A decision to fight for you life! Your life, that you are entitled to, that you deserve for you. It might seem like an impossible feat, ur problems might seem bigger than you, but that is an illusion, a lie. I felt small because i allowed my problems to grow and grow in my head, which slowly made me feel smaller and smaller.
          You can’t overcome emotional trauma if it’s still happening in ur life in any way. You need to keep urself safe by firstly removing toxic people from ur life, if you can’t remove them from ur life, then just from ur home. Slowly and peacefully back off and become busy, unavailable, skint etc. It’s hard to say no when you have emotional trauma, so be busy or, not sure I’ll get back to you, and then don’t. Secondly, don’t allow toxic people into ur life, especially ur home, by waiting to see what someone new in ur life is like and watching how they treat others. Thirdly, if you self medicate to help keep running from ur awful memories in any way, you will be vulnerable, so do it in a safe place.
          Join local voluntary groups and agencies. Get counselling, get some kind of spiritual healing, meditate, learn and do EFT Emotional Freedom Technique like Tapping or NLP. Exercise – cardio vascular – anything that makes you breathe better. Meditation helps release trapped emotions and physical tension. Hypnotherapy will help re-program the mind and remove any toxic and limiting beliefs the trauma caused, and as what we receive in life is what we subconsciously believe we deserve, this is important for changing our patterns and our future. Tapping has an immediate effect and helps with all unwanted emotions. Exercise is the best medicine! Also Yoga and Thai Chi are great for healing.
          When I first took responsability for healing myself, I did a lot of research, and the one thing that helped me the most was writing to my inner child! It takes the most amount of courage, causes the biggest tears and does the most amount of healing. Using the kindest words and tones, write a promise letter saying that you want to and are ready to re-connect. That you promise to keep them safe and you are proving this. That it wasn’t their fault and that you promise to have fun. I then used my non-writing hand to get her to write back.
          I communicated with different ages and have released and worked through a lot of trauma. For example, I could barely eat, however in a letter responding to me asking her what she wanted, one of the things my inner child said was that she wanted to live a long life, but you don’t live very long if you can’t eat! So I wrote to her explaining this – kindly – I said that I understand eating is traumatic after what happened, so as a compromise what would be ok for us to eat at times when it’s too much to eat normal food, and she said porridge. So this is what I did and now I have worked through this I can eat fine and I love healthy food. Then she got carried away and ate too many cream cakes – but she wants to be slim and healthy, so now she’s happy with only the very occasional cream cake 🙂
          I now also listen to Rife frequencies, Binaural beats etc. on youtube – THEY WORK!
          I hope my story helps someone
          Love & Light
          Here are some links to some of the videos that i listen to, they help a lot;

  • Desi

    The health industry is my living nightmare. I have recently been diagnosed with epilepsy. My primary physician immediately put me on zoloft?! I expressed that I was not depressed and saw no reason for it. He told me that I had ptsd from my car accident which happened 3/21 of this year (which left me with a broken neck and the diagnosis of epilepsy). I was told by him, before he referred me to a neurologist as I needed to see a specialist for my condition, that I might have flash backs of the accident and anxiety induces my seizures so therefore I needed to be on zoloft in order to be on an anti-anxiety medication (klonopin). He also put me on a pain medication, hydrocodone (which I did need for my fractured c2 and collar bone) and gabapentin for the nerve damage in my neck but it just so happens to also be an anti-convulsant so he says that means it’s “safe” to take with my epilepsy. Btw, I was started on Keppra immediately once diagnosed at the hospital so I was already on the medication to help with my seizures. By the time I was seen by my neurologist, all the meds I have listed above had been in my system for about 2 weeks. I did my own research and found that Keppra was not only used for epileptic patients but was also a mood stabilizer so it was prescribed as an anti-depressant for bi-polar and other such disorders. I asked him if he thought I should be on the zoloft too and before he answered my question he asked one of me, “How long have you been taking it?” My answer made him tell me (because of liability, I believe) that I would need to discuss it with my primary physician since he was the one who originally prescribed it. I could tell by his body language though that he would have said to stop taking it if I had only been on it a day or so. What does my primary Dr do? He says I need to be on a higher dose. 2 weeks later I tell him I’m fine (like I tell him every time I see him which is EVERY OTHER WEEK) and he says I’m still on a very low dose and increases it again!!!!!! Little does he know I already weaned myself off of it and continue to tell him how well I’m doing and he takes all the credit agreeing, “Yes, you seem much happier!”

  • Jay

    wow, thank you for this article, i did alot more research after watching the video link on this page and am seriously considering switching to herbal and vitamin supplements instead of taking strattera.

  • Linda

    I was on antidepressants for 17 years and came off completely about 3 years ago. I originally got on them for severe anxiety attacks that caused me to pass out and go into a somewhat convulsive state of which no doctor has been able to diagnose. On numerous occasions over many years, when I passed out, I awaken to someone saying, “I thought she died” including doctors. Antidepressants worked well for about 10 years and then I started experiencing inappropriate anger with spells of blacking out briefly so I tried different ones but with no success. I have been severely depressed for the 3 years since getting off the meds (I had never experienced depression before that) but are reluctant to get back on because of all the information about how harmful they are. I fought through many suicidal episodes that are relentless. I tried every natural remedy including diligent meditations daily for 2 years, career change, diet chnage and even a ayhausca retreat in the jungle of the Amazon but with no success. Although I agree with the facts and research that is stated in this article and video, I am at my wits end. My question is… Is it ever OK to take antidepressants?

    • kris

      Check the symptoms of vagus nerve problems. I did a little research into this it, its worth looking into as a possible cause. I am not a medical professional, just a person looking for the root cause of my own problems. Good luck, keep trying.

  • This is disturbing…children under the age of 5 should not be exposed to mind altering drugs. All the more reason to research natural and safer alternatives.

  • Karen

    I hope people don’t believe EVERYTHING they read hear. I believe your article does a disservice to people who may truly benefit from these medications. As in any medication, they can be over prescribed. Your article leaves the impression that disregards any positive benefits from appropriately diagnosed psychiatric medications for accurately diagnosed psychiatric illnesses. Medication alone is not a cure all and does not work for everyone but it does save some people’s lives. Recovery and treatment is multifaceted: family support, therapy, a healthy life-style, and appropriately diagnosed medication. Sometimes it may take only one or two things to make a difference or it may take all of them to make steps toward recovery. Sufferers of serious mental illness must pursue all avenues including medications and not quit until they can regain quality of life.
    By the way, I thank God for medication everyday because I have gotten my suicidal delusional son back. Yes, it’s a long road to find what best works but you never give up hope and pursuing avenues for recovery and remission.
    Elementary teacher, mental wellness advocate, recovered victim of depression, mother of a now healthy adult son with schizoaffective disorder, future mother-in-law of a now healthy young woman with bipolar disorder
    “Never give up.”

    • Kelly

      Clearly you did not watch the entire video or read everything because that is actually covered. And as always, everyone should do their own research and make their own life decisions. I’m on the opposite end of those drugs, in which I had a fiance who was going through renal failure, they put him on psychoactive drugs. They put him on them because he was feeling sad. Well no shit! instead of treating him and giving him therapy (becuase insurance did not cover that) they pumped him full of medication. Before the medication he was doing great. Physical therapy and meditation got him walking and looking towards the future. Then the meds came and he was told he did not have a choice or they would write him up as refusal. Three of those and you are out of the program and sent home or to a hospital for renal treatment. All of a sudden a man who could not walk was literally climbing the walls to get away from the hallucinations he was having. They changed the medication and he killed himself by pulling his respirator out while no one was looking. On his death certificate it is listed as cardiac arrest due to renal failure. But he was fine before and I was there. I fought him to put the tubes back in. He kept pulling them out. Before his death, he told me he does not need the meds, but pretends to need them so he does not feel the side effects of coming off of them. He also told me on several occasions he wants to die and even stopped eating at one point. Each situation and each person is different. You are very lucky you got your family back because of meds. I lost mine because of them. So don’t assume before watching the entire video and don’t spread words that are misleading others to think that medication is the only way. I hope the best for you and your family and truly happy for you. I can also see where you are coming from. But until you have been in someone else’s shoes…you should not judge them for their feelings, findings and wanting to make it public.

  • Courtney

    When I was 6 years old I was diagnosed with adhd amd put on to dexamphetamines…I stopped taking them when I was 12 .as soon as I got taken off them I was preacribed onto lovan saying I had high anxiety and manic depression…at 15 I was put on to zoloft and nuelactil (an anti phsychotic)…..meanwhile never actually getting evaluated properly…until I was hospitalized for serious self harm where I was monitored for over a month…they came to the conclusion I was never adhd…I wasnt psychotic and nor was I depressed…I did however have serious trauma from having an overly abusive childhood.which any normal humam would have thr same reactions..that was when I waa 18…since then I have been prescription free for 3 years and doing better then I ever have. I am someone who can never be controlled and alot of my beliefs are not like the typical sheep u see on the street…I am someome whom never conforms too what society wants me to be…I take my own path and I have kept my individuality…I believe I was drugged up so they could try to conform me, because I was simply not the idea of what I should be.. yes it may be paranoia but I stand by it….to many people are made to believe that they have a mental illness yet really its just normal humam emotioms and different reactions to certain situations…so tell me…am I crazy?

  • April

    There is a test you can have done to see if you are pre-disposed. Its a DNA test. Leaving facts out doesn’t validate the rest of your article.

  • Lisa

    I am a retired teacher. I taught for 20 years from 1990-2010. I observed many children on these drugs and found it very sad. They went from lively, curious children to little zombies. It is my belief that the government wants us all on these drugs. Public Education is designed to make the children conform and I hated most every aspect of this. Luckily, a teacher can shut the classroom door and do her/his own thing with the kids. I believe I was an excellent teacher who knew a great deal about the brain and how kids learn. I made learning fun, with much group work, music, class discussion and I celebrated individuality. Just the opposite of what most schools do.
    When I turned 50, I had some sort of mid-life crisis and was suicidal. A doctor put me on 150 mg. of Effexor. It worked quite well and I became happy and upbeat again… but after a few years I started having anxiety issues so they put me on xanix. I was on the effexor for 7 years. When I told my dr. I wanted off of it, his exact words were “Well, don’t come crying to me when you are depressed again.” I was in shock and needless to say, I never went back to him again. The problem was, he did not tell me the side effects of getting off that drug. I went down 37.5 mg every month, but when I got to the last 37.5 and thought I could just be done, I was physically unable to get off of the couch because of zaps in my brain. If I moved a finger, I would get a brain zap. After looking online, I found many blogs of people who were trying to get off the very same drug with similar effects. What I ended up doing was opening up the capsule, counting the beads inside (there were 40) and cutting those by 2 a week. It took me from May to October to totally get off the Effexor.
    I am still on the xanax and have terrible anxiety attacks (especially when driving on the freeway, going out in public, crowds). My family doctor wanted to prescribe me a low dose of prozac but I refuse to take another medicine. I believe I will need to be hospitalized to get off the xanax. I take 3 a day and am afraid I am addicted to them.
    Life can be difficult. Instead of pills, we need to connect more with nature, learn how to deal with the ups and downs (friends and family help, so does therapy). A spiritual connection helps. Turn off the TV, stop watching the news, get outside, walk barefoot on the earth.
    Back in the 50’s, you rarely heard of people who were depressed. Our government combined with the interest of corporate greed in pharmaceutical companies, would like nothing more than a population of people who are “calmed down” by these drugs in order to conform and not question what is really going on.

  • Jessica

    First, I have bipolar disorder. Is there a test to validate this, maybe not. I know this though, because I have gone off my meds in the past (because I was tired of taking pills) and shortly thereafter I began rapid cycling. There is no doubt in my mind and my family’s mind that the diagnosis is correct for me (my dad had doubts…big doubt’s…in the beginning).

    Now having said that…do I think bipolar disorder and other such diagnoses are over diagnosed? Yes. I also feel many with depression are feeling the burden of our overly fast paced society. I feel our brains were not meant to handle what society deems as normal workloads. I also feel that the chemical crap that is added into most foods plays a part.

    I also want to mention that medicine alone doesn’t help people with bipolar and anxiety. For me, it was a necessary first step. I had to balance out before I could begin to learn and incorporate coping and communication skills. But learning those skills were immensely important in my daily life.

    All I can speak of is my truth and my journey in this topic, as well as things I have observed of others who are close to me. I know meds work for me in conjunction with those skills I learned. I do; however, wish more natural medicines were available and supported.

  • Kaleb Riemer

    Lisa, and all who responded, and who are currently reading this, Wake Up World and few other media resources on the planet will be the torture healers of our society with regard to Psychiatric medicine. Lately, I have been deeply effected by the lack of communication, there is almost no communication going on, in regard to the mass media implications of this mass epidemic or tyrannical control. I was controlled by doctors the extreme of control by doctors for over a decade, currently still. I know media sources out there hide this fact, over billions and even trillions contribute to tax paying advantages. media should report there crimes over the lack of communication, in regard, to the billions of medicare frauds and Medicaid frauds and health insurance frauds all set up by the doctor industry. Pharmaceuticals don’t actually get tested out. People are ‘forced patients’ in this society including to the adults. With regard to Lisa’s “zombies” recollection over 20 years in the field of educational classroom etiquette, I know how deeply kids are tortured and killed in today’s society. Killing is the action of the medication. They term it “chemicalizations” and “disfunctioinal responses”. Cellular molecularization is the answer to this country’s proof that chemicals are balanced in the brain, and everywhere else a mental disorder takes place with regard to the scientific revolution of the West. This is not the way, it is the way of tyrannical control with most children, and adults. I do find, after 10 years of experiencing these torture effects they call side effects, that the flow of blood from pills and shots, kill, and keep us alive while killing. It is a slow torture I have found in my life with regard to the 330 billion or whatever industry. Chemical death, keeps us alive on the planet, and empowers our blood and body as Christ once was empowered. Even Buddha, Mary, Mother Mary, Qin Yin and almost endless others in heaven look down and empower kids, lisa, and whoever else has seen kids as “zombies” as “lisa quoted on this page with experience as a school teacher for 30 years. I know for a fact, from these nonphysical teachers, that Christ was a second coming, and that person exists. Jesus, or today’s Jesus, went through a crucifixion, of the courts in today’s society in Barron, Wi. I know the crucifixion of today’s society is that of Pontius Pilate doctors. Pontius crucified, and so did one doctor in Barron, Wi. Maybe, a crucifixion of this magnitude will stop God today, and stop America today. The American injustice system of torturing doctors we each term psychiatrists is false. We need to be empowered by the psych meds, involuntary commitments, prison inmate torture, and prison doctor torture. I deeply need to embrace it for myself before I begin to speak as a author to these societies across planet earth to embrace and face this disfunctioning medical system known as the psychiatric industry. I too , Lisa, am deeply effected by the zombies of kids running around on meds. Meds work in some cases, not so much in most. Each individual needs to have a system of pain management, depending on the killing thoughts, not the schizophrenic thoughts, along with some government intervention into the psychiatry field of medicine. They have to face the evil of psych meds, in most cases. Psych meds cause torture and it needs to be stopped. In order for it to be stopped pain management must be put into our schools to stop the torture of psych meds like Ritalin, Risperdal, Risperdal Consta, Paxil, Abilify,Depakote, and endless other “brands” they use to mass market killing through the blood and the brain and the rest of the body. Body torture exists, within each of us, and there are ways to transform the fundamental approach to psych meds in kids along with stopping the hurt coming from the torture of other crimes psychiatrists are guilty of including sexual misconduct, and endless other crimes.