10 Dark Secrets Australia Doesn’t Want You To Know

10 Dark Secrets Australia Doesn’t Want You To Know - Main

By Pemulwuy

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

When you think of dream destinations and places you would like to live, many people think of Australia. A beautiful country indeed with a clean image, no wars and a stable society. But scratch the surface and what you will find will shock you. Here are just 10 of Australia’s darkest secrets.

Australia’s Dark Secrets

Highest rates of child suicide in the world

Australia is home to the highest rates of child suicide in the world. Please don’t be confused, this is not the national rate. I am talking about rates inside Aboriginal communities. 20 years ago, suicide in Aboriginal communities was literally unheard of, but with increased government pressure on remote communities it became more prevalent since the year 2000 and the numbers went off the charts after the governments military backed intervention (that breached human rights) started in 2007.

It was found that child suicide increased by 500% in 12 months after the intervention started. The Intervention is still happening now after the government decided it was worthwhile to extend it for 10 years.

Worlds lowest life expectancy rates

Similarly, life expectancy in some Australian Aboriginal communities is less than or equal to 3rd world countries in sub-Saharan west Africa (around 37-40 years).

Black Imprisonment rates higher than in South Africa during Apartheid

Incarceration rates of Black Australians are higher than the rate of incarceration for Blacks in South Africa during the last 10 years of Apartheid. This is the most complicated topic to explain. Of course there are some Indigenous Australians who should be locked up. However there are thousands of men and women who are in jail for breaking laws that only apply to Indigenous Australians (such as drinking laws). Many are also affected by mandatory sentencing laws which sees the power of discretion taken away from the judge and subsequently forces many first time offenders straight to jail. Other reasons include simply missing a court date due to travel requirements or ill health.

10 Dark Secrets Australia Doesn’t Want You To Know - Concentration Camps - CopyFirst attempt at Genocide

By 1911, 123 years after the British Illegal Arrival, the Indigenous population had dropped from 750,000 to just 31,000! The official explanation is “disease” but when you dig deeper you will learn of the frontier wars and massacres, many of which are documented but strangely denied and not recognized by the government to this very day.

Second attempt at Genocide (breeding us out)

In 1997, the Australian Government found itself guilty of Genocide. See: Bringing Them Home – the Stolen Generation Report 1997. The report focused on the policy known as the “stolen generation”, referring to the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families. After the report went public, all that was offered to victims and their families was an apology with no chance for compensation of any kind. And right now, in 2014, the Government is taking more children from black families than ever before!

The belief was and still remains that if a child is brought up in a white family they will go on to marry a white partner and the colour of their children and grandchildren will be lost within 2 or 3 generations.

War and Massacres

Most Australians will tell you that Australia has never been home to any wars. That is what is taught In Australian schools, but it is simply not true. From the late 18th century until the mid 20th century many wars and massacres have occurred. Some conflicts lasted no more than a week while other conflicts lasted for over 5 years. Australians are proud of their recent war history overseas and it is commemorated each year, but when we try to honor our own black warriors who died on home soil, we are stopped by a line of police every year!

Australia Day is Invasion Day

Australia’s national day (Australia Day) is on the anniversary date of the illegal arrival of the English settlers. When you think of what this arrival meant to Indigenous Australians you know it’s not a day to celebrate, but the Australian government refuses to change the date of its national day and at the same time claims to be working towards reconciliation!

No Democracy for Blacks

Even today, when we try to have our voices heard by the world we are continually met by resistance, from walls of police who together with the nation’s media, systematically silence us. What is the problem with peacefully marching through a park on Australia day to remind people of the insensitivity it promotes? In May, when Prince William and Kate came to Australia many Indigenous Australians were removed from crowds and denied the chance to communicate (with protest signs) against the illegal occupation.

Don’t preach democracy if you can’t let me be Aboriginal – and speak my truth.

The Final Attempt at Genocide Happening Right Now

The Final Attempt at Genocide is Happening Right Now

Lets see the facts: an excerpt from the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.

“Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

The crown government today is still committing acts of Genocide under parts C and E of the Convention on the Prevention of Genocide. ‘Dark Secret #5’ above highlighted how the government is now stealing more Aboriginal children than ever before. Now I want to shed some light on how the government is guilty of part C – inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction.

[For more, see: Australia’s Assimilation Shame: Indigenous Children Still Being Stolen]

The government can no longer chain us up or contain us in concentration camps like in years gone by. So now they are trying to destroy our communities in a variety of different ways, in the hope that we will relocate to major towns. Here are some examples in point form:

  • Removing children from their families.
  • Cutting off basic medical needs.
  • Ignoring needs for basic infrastructure such as public transport.
  • Labelling remote communities as pedophile breeding grounds (In the media, and with suggestive warning signs at the entrance of remote communities).
  • Taking away community work programs.
  • Neglecting aboriginal housing programs.
  • Withholding and freezing bank accounts.

All of the measures have been implemented for one main goal. The government wants to completely put an end to Indigenous Australians living on our traditional home lands. They want us in larger towns, living, working and following their western values. Reports show that we are far more healthier and happier when we live traditionally on our home lands, however the government does not respect our desires for health and happiness as that would mean, letting us stand in the way of their quest to mine our mineral rich land that we never ever want taken away.

[For more, see: Original Elder Arrested in Parliament as Constitutional Challenge Gathers]


What the government fails to understand is that our connection to our country is real and strong. No matter how dire our communities become we will never leave, but unfortunately the younger generation is failing to cope under the current neglectful measures now in place. Even children from war torn countries have more hope for the future.

This is truly the final attempt at Genocide on my people and, as I see it, it can only end in two ways:

  • An intervention to stop the illegal freeloading government.
  • Allowing the illegal government to win and let our race die out completely.

Government censorship

Australia is a huge land and it has always been impossible to communicate and unite with all Indigenous Australians.

The world never heard our screams in the early days of invasion and up until now, most of the world has been unaware of the history and plight of indigenous Australians. Many people believe that white people naturally come from Australia or they don’t even know that we (Aboriginals) still exist.

But now social media has given us a way to have our voices heard. In the last 2 years many indigenous Australians have gained access to social media and I recognized that this would be a great way to bring our people together, from all the different tribal estates, share our stories and unite against oppressive governments and restore hope for our collective future.

10 Dark Secrets Australia Doesn’t Want You To Know
Aboriginal map of Australian continent

Unfortunately the government also sees the potential for us to be successful in this way and subsequently blocks our efforts, without any explanation. Also, social media pages that I run have continually been attacked with racist posts and pictures, while death threats have also been “In-boxed” on many occasions.

[Also see: Australian Government Media Caught In Censorship of Historical Archaeological Findings]

Nothing can stand against the truth

Finally I want to show you how and why this all started!

10 Dark Secrets Australia Doesn’t Want You To Know - Boat PeopleTo this very day Australia remains the only commonwealth country not to have signed a treaty with the native population whose land it occupies. So how can Australia be a legally recognized country? It isn’t! And we will prove it in international courts, with your support.

Without a treaty, proof of purchase or a declaration of war, the Australian government has no legal standing over Indigenous Australians. Ever since the early days of invasion the European settlers have been calculating to wipe out our race or completely assimilate it into their western way of living. But my people will never break. We have the oldest continuing surviving culture in the world, we survived the last ice age and we will never give away our most sacred possession, our land!

Within our culture we hold the key to world sustainability. If the world can restore human rights of self determination and independence for my people we will in turn, restore hope for the survival of our planet.

If you wish to learn more, check out the recent documentaries “Utopia” and “Our Generation” – below. If you want to follow our mission on Facebook, check out the newest (and not yet censored) Facebook page, Blackfulla Revolution – Facebook.com/OurCountryOurChoice. Also check out the Aboriginal tent embassy which has been up and running for over 40 years.

Essential viewing

Utopia (2013)

Our Generation (2010)

The Secret Country – The First Australians Fight Back (1985)

Resources for this article include:

About the author:

Pemulwuy is an Aboriginal freedom fighter.

Want to Support the Aboriginal fight for Independence? Join Blackfulla Revolution on Facebook Facebook.com/OurCountryOurChoice.


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  • Linden

    I am an Australian and half aboriginal and I hear what you’re saying but the constant repetition of the racism song is simply playing into the hands of the people who rule each and every one of us, no matter what colour we are.

    We need to stop thinking of ourselves as different (due to colour and race) and start seeing ourselves as part of the human tribe if we are to get out of the mess we are in. Constantly reinforcing the division is not helpful.

    We can’t change the past and we are not the only ones who have been subjected to genocide and racist policies by invaders over the past many thousands of years. Live in the present.

    • nalijay

      This article talks about current suicide and incarceration rates and your comment is ‘live in the present’. Why don’t you have a think about that for one second. The author isn’t just harping on about the past, the author is talking about the past because it evidently still has impacts on events today.

      How can we not see ourselves as different when we are treated that way by the government and racist laws like the intervention.

    • Tedl77

      You say you’re Australian and aboriginal- are they not the same thing? Of course we as a nation and race need to move forward but moving forward means changing our ways from the past… True, there’s ‘no point dwelling in the past’ but when discrimination still continues today amongst everyday Australians and even in political legislation we can’t deny that it’s not an issue. Just recently the QLD government has stated that everyone needs photo ID to vote the next campaign… Forgetting that a significant number of the older aborigine population do not have or want these labels around their necks and therefore don’t have to ability to have a say in how their lives are run. I find it sad that people blame the aborigine population for not ‘helping themselves’ integrate into Western culture, but why would they want to become part of a culture that has double standards?

    • Name (required)Theresa

      I hear you! I acknowledge and am vocal about a number of things mentioned in this article to people who are unaware, but it even lost me toward the end. The feel is that the writer is so focused on the fight and the struggle that they are not open to moving forward.

    • Educated Maori

      Wake up brother, hear the hearts cry of a people still mourning their loss. Open your eyes and see that one cannot forget the past nor forgive atrocities liken to one being raped forget their pursuer. Have some compassion some humanity, understanding for having none begets ignorance.
      You may not agree with others views but fact remains, we are all but one people United by the fruits of our fathers. but let it be known to all those that counter such talks on this basis. Well we may very well be of the same fruits of life however, some were born into the lives of a people whom suffered and endured inhumane atrocities. To liken these differences is nieve. Should a people continue to morn let it be. Just like a mother loses a child a people lose their land let it be. Let the bells ring on their suffering and pain, the hearts crying of the thousands still haunted by their past let it damn be.

      If only it were this simple. Compassion, understanding and empathy is all it takes for a blind man to see the beauty in the world for what it really is.

      My heart goes out to all people’s of all races that suffer the same struggles of their forefathers. The struggles of a people’s cry.

  • Nathan

    I was never taught this in History. And I still don’t believe it.

    • Sarah

      In reply to Nathan un-knowledgeable comment about this not being taught in school and you don’t believe it. You are in total denial and I suggest you do your own research before you make such sweeping statements based on lack of it…

      • Pam

        We were not taught this stuff in school… by design. The conquerors write their own histories. Would they want us to know their shameful behaviour? No. It is about land and resources. These people wanted it all. They covered it up with myths and fairy tales about bringing civilization to the ‘savages’ whilst at home (in this case England) they were sending 5 yr olds down mines and stealing land off the poor (see the Enclosure Acts) … depriving them of a means of survival & getting them dependent on their meagre wages, creating a labour force to get rich. Same history with slight variations world wide. First peoples were and still are a hindrance to their efforts to make money. There is much blood on their hands. ‘The First Australians’ (told by First Australians) tells this particular story. There are so many of them planet wide. The Congo people & rubber (King Leopold 11) … slaughter & pillage; Nth America (&Sth) obliteration of peoples for land & resources; broken ‘treaties’; famines; diseases/plagues/sickness/smallpox; poisoning (of flour with arsenic); hunting with weapons from horseback. All hidden from our histories. Never mentioned, creating division when the oppressed & their descendants raise the subject because they’re not believed…. it wasn’t in the history books. The oppressor is cunning. They continue to deny. And oppress. And the current land heists are contained in UN Agenda 21. Check it out. They want all the land. Complete control.

    • Ally Morgan

      I, too, never learnt this in History at school – but I have had Aboriginal friends since my school days, worked in a children’s home where I cared for children who had been ripped from their Aboriginal mother’s arms by their white fathers and subsequently “dumped”, to be dumped again when they turned 18. I took one of these girls into my home and lived with her for several years, she is my friend. I have read widely since then true biographies of our pioneers who talked openly about the things they did to drive Indigenous peoples off their own lands – I believe you, I sympathise with you,I respect you and your culture, and I will do anything I can to promote your cause.

  • The word aboriginal means not original. Better to use the words “Original Tribes”.

    We are all one people. Lets us unite as one voice.

    4% of the population are psychopaths and they work there way to the top of all governments, military, banks, law, medicine, science, education etc. They control the 96% because we don’t take responsibility. So lets stop being victims and start taking responsibility for the mess we are in. It is because of us that we are in this mess.

    One very simple way for change is to realise that we get what we pay for. A farmer will not grow a crop that no one will buy. So lets buy organic. There is no GMO’s in organic food. If you don’t want to be poisoned and you want to stop the whole planet from being poisoned then don’t buy poison.

    I am. Without Prejudice.
    Jeremy of the Bowler lineage.

    • Nick

      Jeremy, there’s nothing negative about the meaning of the word “aboriginal”. The “ab” part of the word “aboriginal” does not mean “not”; “ab” is from Latin meaning “from” or “of”. Thus, “aboriginal” or “aborigine” can be translated as “from the beginning”. IMHO, it’s a word we should all celebrate. Peace.

      • Azzaam Abdul Hakeem

        I agree with Jeremy, I personal;y would never use the word aboriginal to describe First Nation people or Native Australians or Original Australians, I get on with First Nation peoples from USA and Canada to Argentina to Australia and Indonesia. I give all the same word First Nation because there is no words can be used to combat it and its to the point of what it means. We are all one children under the sun.

        • sianName (required)

          you summed it up!

    • Vivien

      Jeremy – if it weren’t an important point I wouldn’t bother, but an understanding of the word ‘aboriginal’ IS important. The OED defines ‘aboriginal’ as meaning ‘inhabiting or existing in a land from the earliest times, or from the arrival of colonists; indigenous’. The culture that existed pre-colonial days was extraordinarily unlike that of the colonists and probably by the standards of the colonists at the time, was seen as ‘primitive’. It was, however, entirely appropriate to the environment in which it existed. Even today it barely impacts that environment, something which cannot be said of the descendants of the colonists, and more recent arrivals into Australia who have negatively impacted the country’s natural environment at a rapid rate. In forty thousand years Aboriginal Australians didn’t damage the country’s environment even a tiny fraction of the damage done in the past couple of hundred years. Imposition of a foreign culture on the existing culture, along with the associated peril of addictive substances is, IMHO, directly responsible for the failure of the original culture to survive in a viable form. Forcing aboriginal people to adopt behaviours alien to their own has left many of the first Australians in a kind of limbo. Many who equate this failure to socialise with a child failing to grow up entirely miss the point. Reverse the picture, and consider how well the descendants of the colonists have learned to assimilate into the original culture. So long as large numbers of non-Aboriginal Australians disdain the original culture as primitive, there will never be the respect required to ensure a symbiotic relationship between the two cultures. The colonists brought poison (dismissal of cultural values, alcohol etc), and the people who suffer most are those whose culture doesn’t prepare them for the western culture. A once proud people are all too often considered second-class citizens instead of citizens of an alternative/original culture that needs to be preserved. Straddling both worlds may simply not be possible. Whether or not the article is strictly accurate or not, it should not be dismissed lightly. There are huge problems for the Aboriginal people, many of which are not of their making. We should be listening carefully to what we are being told by them, and frame our support accordingly.

  • Donov

    This is like two faces of the same coin. The head says aborigines preservation with their prodding to be proud to feel different, be separated, in their traditional ways of life (which concurred as being less-advanced, too) as a noble idea while the other face is purely racism itself, segregationism, and anti-integration in disguise.

  • David

    I have worked as a doctor in Aboriginal majority situations on and off for 40 years and believe that the main cause of Aboriginal suffering is not now dispossession (although it certainly was true in the past), but the treatment of Aboriginal people as helpless and hopeless to be given sitdown money without expectation of contribution. People treated like this will become helpless, hopeless and dysfunctional. Functional working Aboriginal people in communities I have lived in used to flee in terror whenever they heard that a large sum of unearnt money was coming in to the community for it would greatly exacerbate alcohol intake and violence. Aboriginal suicide was already common 20 years ago and I would think that if the intervention reduces alcohol and cigarettes in Aboriginal communities it will be positive, though there may also be counterproductive elements to the intervention. Where are some objective figures on the results?

    • Vivien

      Well said, David. Totally agree with you.

  • Glen

    If you are going to make so many outlandish accusations add your reference material to back up your statements, that’s the difference between fact and your opinion

  • adz

    Australia day is not “invasion day” its the day that the convicts that were shipped here in chains to start a colony were freed from the British and allowed to live as people instead of prisoners.

    Aboriginals shouldn’t pretend like they’re the only people in the world who have suffered hardship. Nor should they carry on pretending that the people who are living 200 years later were responsible for it in any way.

    • Azzaam Abdul Hakeem

      White australians have suffered nothing compared to First nation Australians who had almost their entire people, their entire languages, their 50 different tribal nations in Australia eradicated by Captin Cook and his parasites and scum since then, God white Australians are among the most racist people to be British rejects and I do use that word because Australian and American whites were rejects who the British did not want to keep and allowed to leave or forced to leave, you had no right to annihilate a race of people and then say well we have suffered too, every group of people have suffered at one point in history, that type of talk is used solely to soften the blow of the suffering your people caused others.

  • Hodor

    LOL. How much tinfoil went into that hat on your head?

    Also, if you consider the English arrival in Australia and subsequent “genocide” a crime, then let’s hear you offer apology and reparation to the pygmy race that your people wiped out after your ancestors migrated here from Asia during the last ice age.

    • Nzame the one


      If they admit they were the second peoples and committed genocide against the first they loose their moral high ground.

      Not to say horrible stuff hasn’t happened and doesn’t continue to happen and while white people are to blame (by ignorance more than malace which probably hurts more) for a lot you did miss some key facts. Mass child rape for example which probably doesn’t help the suicide rate.

  • Igor

    I used to live in Redfern and Surry Hills in Sydney. I personally knew a bunch of Aboriginals who live perfectly normal lives because they chose to be a part of society. They went to school, graduated and ultimately got a job. It’s up to the individual to chose their quality of life.

  • Australian Citizen

    Being one who actually lives in Australia and has kept a close eye on the Aboriginal society with love in my heart, I can say that this entire post was rendered a load of bullshit about 10 years ago at least.

    This post has become nothing more than conspiracy theories and pseudo-American primitive mindset. Keep your “revolution” out of this country, we don’t need nor want it.

    There was NO pressure put on remote aboriginal communities by the government with military help at any point within the last ten years, that’s a complete lie and whoever gave you that information was twisting the truth.

    Fact is that the “invaders” you’re talking about. while yes indeed they’re invaders of a sort, are only the descendants of the ones who’s actual sins caused the pain. Should innocent children be slaughtered or driven out because of the sins of their forefathers? No.

    So I’m telling you right now, nobody who matters will believe this article, as it’s on par with the Onions article about the illuminati.

    This is 25% facts and 75% conspiracy theories, bad stuff that happened a long time ago blown way out of proportion to get people hating on white people. AGAIN.

    Now fuck off and get out of our country you racist fucks.

    • Azzaam Abdul Hakeem

      Firstly, you dont care for the Native population at all, what you jsut said is equal to im not racist I have 3 black friends, oh really well a anti racist does not know how many coloured friends he or she has because its not important to them. Also, you claim anyone who matters as if you speak for all who matter, you dont, your not a Social Scientist, Political Scientist, Historian, Intelligentia or in Politics so you dont matter. Unlike you I am one of those intelligentia Social and Political Scientists and I unlike you know the fact of the matter is where you come from makes who you are today. When you claim there has been no pressure in the last 10 years I laugh the United Nations and International community knows under Labour the Northern Territory in Queensland had both the local authorities and the army go in and force out Native children from their mothers under a lie that the Native men were pedophiles and grooming their own children for prostitution and rape, which, was after the fact proven a complete lie, why does only last 10 years matter to you? Im sorry but what goes on today almost entirely stems from WW2 over 70 years ago and yes if the Jews can hold on to the Holocaust until today, then Native Australians can too whether you like it or not, their suffrage continues and unlike what others claim, they are not welfare scrounging drunkards who do nothing in life. I guess you never seen communities where whites are forced to live in poverty similar to blacks, they end up there for generations they dont get out thru hard work because work is hard to come by in such communities and even outside these communities when you have an address i nthe so called ghetto or reservation or tribal lands.

      Your views are arrogant, they are irrelevant and they are about as intellectually sound as a £1million bill, oh thats right it dont exist your views are baseless and have no reality behind them.

      • Steven

        Thank you!! finally someone with some interlect on facts which are hidden. Well said!


    We as Indigenous Australia are sick and tired of being treated like 3rd class citizens. We in actual fact own Australia outright, you came to our country, killed our men and women, raped our children which makes you pediphiles, took our land, took our hearts, took our souls, you have taken everything off us for your own filthy greed. Australian Aboriginal is going to stand up to you again and make our stand.

  • Stephen

    If you want to actually deliver a meaningful point which people will believe it’s probably best to only exaggerate a little bit otherwise you may be mistaken for a misguided fool.

  • noongah

    Well if ya dont like it here, fuck off somewhere else. Like china korea or indonesia.

    • Azzaam Abdul Hakeem

      No if you dont like how it was when you first landed in Australia then why dont you get lost yourself, how ignorant and xenophobic and bigoted that response was.

  • Real View

    This article is full of lies and BS. No research has even been done on these subjects – you don’t even quote ANY sources. Just a bunch of garbage backed up by meme’s of politicians quoting things they haven’t actually even said. Maybe if this article wasn’t so unbelievable, it wouldn’t have been as easy to disprove.

    Highest rates of child suicide in the world

    According to World Psychiatry which is the Official Journal of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) doesn’t even put Australia in the top 10 for suicides between the ages 15-19. Even New Zealand is higher than Australia.

    Worlds lowest life expectancy rates

    You say the average life expectancy of Aboriginals is 37-40 years, Authoritative Information and Statistics held by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) tells us the average life expectancy of an Australian Indigenous Male is 67.2 years and Females 72.9 years. The highest of any indigenous populous in the world.

    Black Imprisonment rates higher than in South Africa during Apartheid

    Where are your stats? Where is your proof? You have none because all you’re talking is BS. And there are no such laws that only apply to indigenous Australians. In certain places (Northern Territory for instance) there have been laws installed because of incidents involving the indigenous but the laws are also followed by white people.

    I could go on but you’re not even worth it. It’s obvious that you are just a hateful person that’s lacking an education. These aren’t facts – they’re opinions. And they’re all racist and wrong. Stop spreading lies trying to give white Australians a bad name. The only racists here are you lot for constantly playing victim to white people who have done nothing wrong.

    Get a grip. Get a life. Because the one you currently lead is a racist, pathetic one.

  • Johnell Whitoak (required)

    Thank you for your positive comment, dear Linden. Whoever wrote this article is inciting & spreading racial hatred & prejudice – certainly not helping things to improve. I could never be considered racist – I went to school as barefooted as all of the aboriginal/T.I. kids in my class & I have the utmost respect for aboriginal peoples and theirs ideals. But I have often felt the hared of Aboriginals who want no part of my offered friendship or help .. what am I to do? I cannot change what the founding Australians did – and they won’t let me change the present. I must say that what the British did to their own here in Australia, right into the ’70’s, was also brutal & horrific .. they weren’t selective about who they brutalised. It’s time to move on for all of us – living in the past is not helping heal any wounds, and neither is spreading racial hared like this diatribe of misleading half-truths and pointing the finger at anyone who is not responsible for past or modern problems. Kindest regards, Johnell

  • Neil

    What a load of crap, take responsibility for yourselves. If your so proud stop taking government hand outs and you came here on boats too.

  • jim

    what an absolute heap of tripe. cry me a river.

  • Ken

    so i’ve read that article, checked out the resources that was used to make this article, and quiet frankly, its all and completely biased. ok not all of it, but i think this article should have been done by a someone with a professional history of “showing a cultures darkest secrets”. Thats another thing, if its so “dark and secretive”, then how were you able to find all of these articles?! the biggest thing these days from personal observation is that a lot of aboriginals are CHOOSING not to help fit into what has now become society. all i’ve seen is complaining, alcoholism, drug abuse and stupid remarks about how aboriginals should be treated better?! aboriginals get more benefits, government hand outs, better treated and support than the “white people”! and from this i feel that this article is completely biased and i think the author needs to take a step back. “Freedom fighter for aboriginals”?! like what is there left to fight for?! aboriginals already get more and better handouts than the rest of our and or ANY society! so stop your complaining and actually act like someone who is part of this country!

    • Steven


      How can a subject like this not be biased? It is completely unfair what is happening to the indigenous! shame on you!

      You are looking at this all the wrong way.. what the author means by dark sectrets, or at least the way I interperate this, is that these types of stories are not broadcasting on the idoit box. The Media has never reported on any of the above subjects mentioned, nor have they pushed for answers from our government on the topics mentioned.

      I am going to take a stab in the dark and say that you like in or close to a city and only see a small portion of the indigenous that are living the cities. And yes i do not disagree with you that a geat deal of them do drink, take drugs and complain about how they are treated.

      Im just going to leave this here for you…. Maybe you will wake up..

      Removing children from their families.

      Cutting off basic medical needs.

      Ignoring needs for basic infrastructure such as public transport.

      Labelling remote communities as pedophile breeding grounds (In the media, and with suggestive warning signs at the entrance of remote communities).

      Taking away community work programs.

      Neglecting aboriginal housing programs.

      Withholding and freezing bank accounts

  • Jarrah Kaiya Berrigan

    I can see from these comments that there is a lot of tension, emotion and disappointment.

    There is no solution to this problem.

    So please do not use profanities, provocative or derogatory terms against one another.

    Australia Day is fast becoming a stirring pot for racial hatred and division. What a shame.

    Australia is a great country today, if you don’t want to work then don’t – you can live off welfare. If you want to follow your dreams you can study anything you like, get qualified and enter the workforce and work your way up. If you get sick you have medicare. If you’re a drug smuggler/dealer or murderous psychopath, there’s no death penalty. And the list goes on.

    • Michael John Wilson

      did you realise if you dont want to work you can also live on investments fancy that, people can not live on welfare alone thats a joke, all your other choices you say we can do suck big time, as long as you have a country only focused on money and making people believe money is real and materialism is great, then this country has big problems to face sorry Jarrah your off in nice land when there is actual real suffering out there, there are people homeless and starving, there are people with disabilities , and people who are sick and in pain, and if you look at the world population of biths and deaths you will find australia has twice the death rate of iraq with the same population as iraq , so you are more likely to die than a country such as iraq, jarrah you have been brainwashed

  • TG

    As an aboriginal and someone who has lived in aboriginal communities, I can tell you that the suicide rate and mortality rate are a reflection of those individuals who don’t seek treatments which are there in the communities. Cooking and eating food which is drowned in oils and fats, smoking, drinking home brew/grog, sniffing petrol, smoking drugs- this is what contributes to high mortality and suicide. Especially when you don’t seek help that is there.

    For the people that will now say it was the white man who brought those things to us aboriginals, this is the 21st century. Whether you like it or not, it’s here. I went to boarding school in Qld, which I am greatful for thanks to the government, and all this was taught in school. If you wanted to know more, there was a library full of books with Australian history good and bad. This article is what is wrong with Australia.

  • Name (required)Tony

    Good article, lived in Broome for 6 months understand how some communities live which is great but with all recollection, what is the next logical step? Do you want everyone to learn a Aborigine language growing up ( even though these are over 400 different tribes- just looking at the picture above). Living in the big cities you forget all about the outback and communities but like the culture of Australia right now, it’s accepting so maybe in 10-20 years some big changes might happen.

    I just hate how Rio Tinto and other foreign companies come and mine and never put the real figure back into the local communities like I saw in New Zealand with Ngai Tahu. Anyway seen many more cultures around the world and appreciate culture

    • Name Rawiri

      Kia ora from New Zealand.reading this discussion post with interest.Similar issues to a degree here in NZ other than we have a treaty which has helped us as an indigenous people with land claims, equity issues, racism issues,building of relationships with various sectors in local and national government etc. In my own opinion although we have made significant efforts to move forward,as a nation, there is still a tendency within some sectors of society to get rid of the treaty and become a republic I would hope this wont occur. The ramifications of such an approach would most likely have a devastating affect for us in terms of addressing issues within the health, education, housing, and justice sectors.. We still have high prevalence of health issues compared to pakeha, but have enjoyed better health gains over the years. Theres always room to improve in any sector of society but colonisation has had a devastating effect on us as the indigenous people even after 170 years.We are making some in roads and are now starting to see the benefits of a nation working together as a multicultural society. (thats not to say we still haven’t got issues to resolve) Its taken years and there is still a huge amount of work to do. I do wish you all well..kia kaha

  • Glen Batterham

    It was the British under the authority of the crown that did terrible things you speak of, so did the Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, French even the Germans and the USA, albiet to a lesser degree did the same.
    All were dragged here against their will, even the Marines and officials got was considered a bum deal being sent here. Most of the british marines and navy took the opportunity to transfer undesirable people to units going to the colonies, even though Bligh was found not guilty of losing his ship got posted here because he was too much of a embarrassment to have hanging around at the admiralty.
    Then the waves of free settlers were escaping unemployment bought on by the industrial revolution. All The doings of Great Britain.
    I am proudly Australian and acknowledge the grief and destruction that colonialism bought to many societies, but as an Australian I find this attempt at making me feel guilty is offensive. If anyone is to blame it is Great Britain, the settlement of Australia was their policy done with authority of their law and punishments with the blessing of their crown. Even after federation well up into the 1950’s most of our judges, lawyers, and politicians, government department heads were all British born and or educated and still following Great Britains lead, and its only been since the late 1960’s that we’ve finally started to forge our own identity with Australians coming to the fore.
    So please dont direct this at the current Australian society, vent your grief and anger at the UK. They prospered and thrived from the wealth that was stolen from the indigenous peoples from dozens of nations.
    So if anyone needs to say sorry or apologize or pay compensation it’s the Crown and the british government.

  • Sunil

    I am disgusted by the ongoing genocide and illegal occupation of this country. No treaty was signed to transfer this land to the British. They hoped they could wipe you out, but you are strong, brave and intelligent to have survived.

    I know what the British were like and their descendants, who illegally occupied my country (India) and killed my people. We have been invaded by the British and before that by Muslims. Both have tried everything to rewrite our history to make themselves look good.

    We have not forgotten and nor should the native people of Australia. We need justice and freedom in this country.

  • Amanda

    ‘Boat people – you all came on boats’ wow how is that not racist? I didn’t come on a boat I was born in Australia. Lindens first comment is spot on – the focus needs to be on closing the gap not focusing on the division. There is every opportunity available- scholarships, free university, paid to go to school, paid more from Centrelink, special consideration in job interviews, ease of getting home loans on lower interest rates… Instead I have a $100,000 debt paying for my education, don’t earn enough to get a home loan , paid and put myself through high school… All because I don’t identity as aboriginal. The opportunities are there – seize them. Take advantage of them. God knows I wish I had the same opportunities. What happened in the past is inexcusable. But holding ‘white people’ today accountable for what happened so long ago isn’t fair either.

    • Steven

      Hello Amanda,
      I am going to take it that you understand what you had just read above.
      Let me first start by saying they are the ORIGINALS. They were the first here.. and they are not decendents of Africans!!

      The Orignals – NOT abORIGINALs – do not want to live like the West! The originals dont want to go to school, they dont want free scholarships, universitym ect.. this is what we white people do not understand.. they just want to be left alone to live with their land. (simple version)

      It is 110% fair that holding which people accountable for what white people did in the past and ARE STILL DOING now!! Obviously could not interperate or make sense of what was said above. Child suicide has uncrease 200+% since white poeple interveined yet AGAIN, and have now want to continue the same policy which caused the increase for another 10 years.. please tell me why it is unfair that white people are being held accountable for what they are doing???????? wake uip AMANDA!!

    • Rodrigo Tabare Fernández

      You are great and you will be great, your attitude is excellent and I wish more people from all communities were as awake to reality and motivated as you are!

  • Lowana

    I’m so sick of people thinking because we’re Aboriginal we get special consideration and “hand outs” . I’ve worked for everything I have and never been able to get cheap loans or been on centrelink. People’s ignorance is what’s holding us back. And when I say us, I mean our country.

  • Amelia

    Great article hits the nail on the head if it didn’t you wouldn’t have any attention. I am a first nation woman and I acknowledge both my indigenous and Irish side proud of both . My advice for many white Australians and my indigenous people the solution to peace is to acknowledge black Australia and respect. We need more respect for out fellow man. Take responsibility. Like many of you negative people you should listen to understand not listen to reply. I love all cultures and people and especially my white side, I just wish you could walk in my shoes . X

  • NS

    This story would be much more credible if backed up with sources, citations etc. ie proof.

  • John

    Forgotten War by historian Henry Reynolds is worth a read, if you’re interested in this topic.

  • Stephen

    I’m a white guy and I believe this is a disgrace. The government are a crying shame who will bend any law or make up a law to suit themselves. Watch out government people because karma is coming your way.

  • H schwab

    Shocking to read these comments , be self critical people!

  • Rangimarie

    Indigenous peoples of the world…Rise Up…Be proud of your culture. You are Gods chosen people and your time will come. He spread us around the world to look after everything he made like the land the trees the birds and the bees. We are the caretakers of all gods creations. Power, money and the greed for wealth is the white mans goal in life, not ours. Fear only 1 thing and that is our creator…Amen

    • Rodrigo Tabare Fernández

      All of us are God’s people, all are given the gift of choice, some abused, some were abused, however ALL HAVE CHOICE…

  • Justin

    People of colour need to understand (if they don’t already) that white people are in utter denial of white supremacy and white privilege. Psychological gymnastics actively prevent the kind of introspection necessary for nearly all white people to see the truth (and stark injustice) of the way that systemic racism, and collective amnesia conspire to disappoint the aspirations of everyone else (who is not white, or male). Simply by pointing this obvious truth out even opens me up to ridicule, and accusations of self hate, despite the facts which are there for all to see.

    Additionally, if the past is so unimportant, so irrelevant to the here and now, what harm could there be in examining it? What are you afraid of? No one has a time machine to mend what has been wrecked, and there is no shame in acknowledging crimes committed, and reciprocity due. Taking pride in the progress and prosperity of all Australians is not such a horrible enterprise, is it? It does not entail your failure that others should succeed you know?

  • Jack

    Don’t blame me, I didn’t do any of these things. Don’t blame my forefathers, they were sent here by force by the British.
    Have a look at all the terrible things the British have done, blame them.

  • Tommy

    I’m sorry but most of these topics were taught in school. No ones trying to hide anything.

  • John Guppy

    These topics were not taught in schools as a matter of fact schools were advised to cover these things up. I remember when John Howard was PM he made a speech that ” they were going to teach
    AUSTRALIAN HISTORY IN SCHOOLS “, Proof positive that it was NEVER taught. when he was challenged on this the question was ” are you going to teach ( as part of Australia’s History ) are you going to teach them about the genicide
    of the Aboriginal race by whatever means they could , ” He NEVER introduced Australian History into schools , I wonder why.

  • jay

    White people are the world’s oppressors. Evil doers, sharks of the land and cancer of the human race. They never want to live equally and peacefully among other races. They want to to seek and destroy.

    • Frances Barrett

      Consider the moslims as an example and most of the Middle Eastern peoples…No way do they want to integrate with the West, their only ambition is to infiltrate and spread Islam and woe betide those who don’t share their belief. So it’s NOT just the white races who are destroyers and mass murderers, see what has happened to Syria under Assad’s rule and all those ancient cities destroyed by isis.

  • There is no such thing as “attempted genocide”. You should change those words to “attempted extermination” or “attempted annihilation”. Europeans and non-indigenous Australians have committed genocide and are committing genocide.
    This isn’t nit-picking. People exploit the misuse of the term genocide against the victims of genocide.

  • Pam

    The doco ‘The First Australians’ is an excellent expose of the rape & pillage & oppression of these people. Thank you for a great article. This is all so shocking & wrong.

  • Barrie Hayes

    This is no surprise to me but it would be for most people, as a film composer I composed music for a film in 2008. ” This is Our Country Too”
    I was amazed at the time when I as educated on the way that the aboriginal people are treated. To date I have not seen a mainstream documentary on this subject

  • tania wallace

    my heart cries for tangata whenua (people of the land) in Australia. there are many many stories that I as a young Maori woman can relate to Aboriginal people and I have had a good life. My heart cries for my ancestors and the struggles and wars they fought it for me to live in my own country. The problem I have with white people is basically there are too many. They play by numbers alone and with that comes dominance. There are some good, some not so good. When it comes to ownership in wrongdoings towards Aboriginal we get cover ups and blame games getting lost amongst the massive-ness of white people. Therefore silence. I acknowledge the “spiritual cry” for your people and something of forgiveness and reconciliation that burns in your land. Many tears of years and years of cruelty will come once the big birds simply take ownership. A massive prayer from my family and I to the beautiful people of Australia. Nga mihi ki a koutou. xo

  • CatAmongstPigeons

    There’s a lot of hate, and generalization here. But there are 3 glaring facts left out of this little manifesto of sin that isn’t mentioned.

    1/ None of the above are “Secrets”, all of the above are well documented and it is a testament to Australia’s openness as a society that this information is common knowledge so writers, like the one who wrote this piece are able to research openly and create such a list. So the word “Secrets” here is a falsehood. If you look at many other countries around the world, successive occupying civilizations have all but suppressed their atrocities. At very least our government is open about it, and at very least attempts to reconcile it’s history. (Sorry day, etc).

    2/ The simple fact remains, whether native Australian’s wants to admit it to themselves or not, that Australia wouldn’t have remained “unoccupied” forever. And seeing as the rest of the world was so much farther advanced technologically at that point, there is no way the Aboriginal, with his primitive weapons would of been able to keep the many countries interested in “the great southern continent” away. The fact only several days after the British landed at port botany, the french ship the “La Perouse” entered the harbor, and only left once they discovered the British beat them to it, should only solidify the fact that if it wasn’t the British who colonized Australia, then it would of undoubtedly been the French, or the Dutch, or the Indonesians, or the Chinese, or the Portuguese, or the Spanish. Many of whom would have had no issues with wiping out the ENTIRE native population. The portuguese and the spanish where renowned for their mass genocides,

    So as bad as the British may seem, the truth is there are still plenty of Aboriginal people still occupying the country. Another invader perhaps wouldn’t of tread so lightly. Lets imagine for a second that Japan’s bid to invade Australia was successful in world war 2 (Which it nearly was). All you have to do is look at what the Japanese did to their fellow Asians in China to see that the Japanese would of all but killed off the native population, had it not been for thousands of white Australians (and black) giving their lives so that Australia could be free.

    3/ Most Aboriginals living in poverty choose to lead the lives they lead. For all the talk of racism, a white child in the same circumstances as an equivalent Aboriginal child receives less support both in schooling, social support and welfare. There are plenty of services for Aboriginals particularly in rural area’s to help integrate and be apart of a modern society. Instead they choose to live in poverty. You have generational degeneration where parents and kids are addicted to drugs, alcohol, petrol sniffing etc, which stems from this vindictive idea that their community has been hard done by, which in turn leads to depression, which then in turn leads to substance abuse, which leads to high mortality rates, suicide and increased crime and the bitter cycle continues. You can blame the white man for another 200 years, but at the end of the day hate only breads more hate. There is a problem with accountability when all the problems ever faced by every Aboriginal are always the fault of other people. Those who take accountability for their own actions, take control of their own destiny and leave the past where it belongs are often very successful, and integral parts of our society. And this is true for both white and black Australians.

    • Rodrigo Tabare Fernández

      Well written, except or the “would of” it’s – would have or would’ve.
      Many parts of this are true, unfortunately, lack of education and personal development lead to these addictions and depression and overall attitudes mentioned in the last part. There are many resources available to everyone in Australia black, white or whatever, the problem comes with the amount of patience one needs in order to communicate the availability of these resources to people who don’t want to understand and only want to complain and often physically or verbally attack the person trying to help.
      I’ve found myself in this situation several times.
      This however doesn’t apply to the whole race, the problem is that the media have managed to convince most of the population that this is the case and of course there is the group of uneducated plebs that are racist against everybody who were themselves imported…

  • Erin Anderson

    Australia is enslaving their entire population with their strict gun control laws and liberals within the U.S government wants to create the same kind of gun control on law abiding U.S citizens. Gun control = Slavery

  • Lau-Ris

    I am a white fella, and share your anger with you. But in your justified anger please remember we are are all humans. The definitions “White fella and Black fella” must go! Whatever our colour we are ALL slaves under the control of Sad and Bad people, of many colours. We also suffered the stealing and rape of our own children by other humans. Those with anger must not develop hate for all whities without discrimination. There are many of us who have heart for you and share your dream time, even tho some of you have lost your soul. You will do wrong for yourself if you seek harm to those who share pain with you just because in this life they carry white skin.