How Colloidal Silver Combats Harmful Organisms

How Colloidal Silver Combats Harmful Organisms

By Dr. Edward F. Group

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Two thousand years ago, the Greeks and Romans used silver containers to hold and protect perishable liquids against harmful organisms. Silver containers were used until the invention of refrigeration to protect food liquids such as milk from spoiling.

Using silver in the medical setting came into practice about one hundred and fifty years ago as a means to protect the body against infection. It remained popular against harmful organisms until the advent of antibiotics.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is a preparation of silver particles in a pure solution. When properly produced, these microscopic silver particles carry a positive ionic charge that makes them effective against harmful organisms.

Colloidal silver produced with high voltage technology is the most bioavailable and safest form of silver. Silver products made with low voltage means are lower quality and can be ineffective and even contribute to argyria if consumed in excess. This is why it is so crucial to seek out a high-quality colloidal silver supplement produced with high voltage technology from the purest silver and distilled water available.

How is Silver Harmful to Harmful Organisms?

When positive silver ions encounter harmful anaerobic organisms like single-celled bacteria and fungus, it binds to the cell wall. The silver ions absorb into the organism and, once inside, disrupt cellular function and neutralizes the organism. [1]

The complete mechanism of this action remains to be determined. Silver appears to disrupt energy production within the cell of the bacteria. Additionally, silver may oxidize organisms, disrupt cellular respiration, and affect the enzymes in their environment in a way that makes it impossible for harmful organisms to thrive.

How it affects viruses is somewhat different, possibly oxidizing the virus and reducing its function. Some believe silver directly affects the DNA of the organism. This may deactivate the virus, making it inert and no longer harmful.

How Effective is Colloidal Silver?

A 1978 article published in Science Digest reported on clinical studies supporting silver as a potent killer of 650 live tested organisms. The research showed that silver was even successful against resistant strains. Research performed at UCLA Medical Labs verified these findings, documenting how colloidal silver was effective against a variety of live viruses. [2]

Polish researchers conducted a recent study pitting colloidal silver against several common harmful organisms. [3] The success of these tests relied on a colloidal silver product containing the smallest possible silver particles.

Although many organisms have adapted to resist antibiotics, silver’s cellular disruption continues to remain effective against common damaging compounds. Fortunately, silver is nontoxic and shows no sign of micro-organism resistance.

Not All Silver is Created Equal

According to a 1992 Italian study by the Institute of Microbiology, pure electro-colloidal silver worked up to 100 times better than all other forms of silver. Solutions with smaller particle sizes (.005 microns or smaller) allow for a wider distribution of silver particles. The silver particles must also carry a positive electrical charge, as is found in quality preparations of colloidal silver. When choosing a silver solution, the highest quality and purity are necessary for maximum effectiveness and safety.

As with any product you ingest, the higher the quality, the better the results and the less likely the chance of side effects. Colloidal silver produced with high voltage technology does not cause the side effects that can occur with the ingestion of large silver salts or silver particles. Argyria, or the blueing of the skin, can result from ingesting large silver particles. To avoid argyria, it is important that you choose a silver supplement with small silver particles.

Before you invest in a colloidal silver, do your research into any products you’re considering and make sure all these factors add up. I personally use and recommend Silver Fuzion. Do you take colloidal silver? Why, or why not? Please leave us your answer in the comment section to let us know your thoughts on this product!

– Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM


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Dr. Group has studied natural healing methods for over 20 years and now teaches individuals and practitioners all around the world. He no longer sees patients but solely concentrates on spreading the word of health and wellness to the global community. Under his leadership, Global Healing Center, Inc. has earned recognition as one of the largest alternative, natural and organic health resources on the internet.

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  • Hugh Mann Race

    You forgot the Egyptians. Their amazing antibiotic techniques.

  • Jeff Klopp

    Had fibermyalgia/chronic fatigue from 1990 to 2000. This was before the drs had a name for my symptoms. Had tests done. Nothing wrong. Just lazy. Ever had flu-like symptoms for ten years. Not fun. Sleeping 20 hours a day. Saw on internet, make your own CS. 3 nine volt batts and pure 24 gauge silver rods in water. Unfortunately I used tap water instead of distilled. Cured after about 6 month of drinking about a quart a day of CS. Unfortunately developed Argyria (BlueMan) from the oversized particles that changed my pigmentation. Still healthy but still blue too.

  • Jeanne Rossouw

    Living in a rural area in Africa we have a very high incidence of HIV. I have recommended the use of colloidal silver to many and the results are astounding. One persons cd4 count went from 4-500 odd to 950. Everyone of the people taking it are well and working. No more colds or flu or various infections. I use it myself and have used it to flush venom from my dog’s eyes with amazing results. We have a lot of spitting cobras around. Takes away the pain and swelling virtually immediately. I will never be without it!

  • Betsy Thomas

    Is there a certain brand of colloidal silver that has the small particle size, the positive charge, and the high voltage used that you can recommend using? There are so many out there, and I want to cautious as to which one to use, as I have no desire to turn blue. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  • susun

    i use this all the time to heal many different things such as small cuts & sores. used it as mouthwash to heal potential gum disease. best discovery ive found in recent years.

  • Name (required)Elisa

    Make my own 20 ppm have not been sick for 18 months, after overdosing on antibiotics for three months for whooping cough et al .. body was racked from the antibiotics .. now I take a small tablespoon 3 x per week .. cuts, sores heal magnificently – my son’s sniffles last just a day or two. I use products from

  • Steven Gaylord

    Nano Silver 10 PPM has been shown by US Defense Department research to effectively inactivate/neutralize the Ebola virus. In fact, every disease causing organism against which it has been tested, all around the world has been killed.

    In 2009 the United States Government declassified the DTRA (Defense Threat Research Agency) Nano Silver Ebola Study. The study was cleared for release via authorization 88ABW-2009-4491 and funded by DTRA through proposal #4.10036_07_AHB_B and JSTO/DTRA-NRC. The study was verified through the Public Relations office of DTRA under an informal Freedom of Information request recently filed by the Natural Solutions Foundation.

    That study, conducted in vitro with active hemorrhagic viruses including Ebola, definitively showed that Nano Silver 10 PPM inhibits viral reproduction by supporting normal cell membrane structure and function, thereby stopping the virus before it can adhere to the cell, penetrate it or reproduce.

    There is nothing speculative about this research: the results are quite definitive.

  • Kay Huston

    I have used silver for years now. A drop or two in a child’s ear stops an ear infection in it’s tracks. We also put a dropper full in juice when anyone is coming down with a cold or the flu.

  • Name Liz

    Has this been used as a treatment for Lyme disease?

  • daniel

    I’ve recommended colloidal silver to a number of people with chronic sinus inflammation. Flushing with colliodal silver using a nasal pump sprayer has yeilded 100% success rate (operations no longer required etc).

    Also, heals cuts and wounds really fast.

  • Name (required)Darlene

    i have a a super bug growing in my lungs. They haven’t figured out what it is yet. Test results should be in soon from my infectious disease doctor. If it’s what he thinks it is, the deal is 15-18 months of antibiotics. My integrative doctor had me use silver in a nebulizer 3 X a week for 2 weeks. There is no difference in how I feel, but there is hope. Anyone advise????

  • Her mother

    I need some advice on CS vs Candida.
    My daughter is only twenty-one but has a very poor health status, both physically and mentally. I am very worried since her health condition keeps getting worse, never gets better or even stabilizes. New symtomes shows up and each year she gets new diseases diagnosed by doctors. This is affecting and even disabling her in so many ways but so far traditional medicine haven’t helped one bit.
    She’s just getting sicker and weaker and I fear she will give up..

    It started about ten-eleven years ago with multiple infections (otitis, sinusitis, aphthae wounds in the mouth, urinary tract infection to name the most common),
    petechiae (small dark red spots, mostly on her legs),
    sore and inflamed joints (no family history of arthritis)
    and we were told that she had a dysfuncional spleen.
    Long story short – since then she has developed a large number of further problems and symptomes. Her intestine system doesn’t work well, it’s constantly shifting from diarrea to opstipation. She has general aches throughout her body, headache almost daily and occational outbursts of acne. Her menstruation is totally out of control and she has had a large number of cysts in the entire reproductive system (some of them so large you could actually see them from just looking at her belly). A couple of months ago she was diagnosed with Endometriosis and she is now undergoing a tough treatment which is setting her body in a menopausal state. Fatigue and depression cuts her off from friends and social interaction. She has become over-sensitive and has terrible mood swings.
    But she becomes more and more apathetic.

    It kills me to watch her go down!
    I am suspecting Candida. What do you think?
    Would CS help? I gave her 1-2 tablespoon CS a couple of days in a row last year but she got so ill she refused to continue. (yes I know, that could be a cleansing reaction. But she doesn’t want to listen to my “mumbo-jumbo”..)
    Please, if you have similar experiences that you were able succesfully do something about – share with me! I don’t want to loose my baby!

  • Meredith

    Has she been tested for lymes? If you suspect candida which will result from strong or extended antibiotic use, she needs probiotic powder and alkaline foods. Kundalini yoga practices strengthen immunity as well. Videos can be found on YouTube. This one aids the bowel system:

  • Dolly

    I have been diagnosed with shingles! It is just a small quarter sized patch on the left side of my neck and a few blisters formed on my left ear around the top. The pain is not as severe as in the beginning but still hurts! I am 70 years old, and I don’t need this. Have had it for about two weeks now. Taking Acyclovir, and Bactrim. Not sure why I’m given an antibiotic since this is a virus. Is there any research that shows CS can help with shingles? And my next question is, could my immune system be compromised after having 3 titanium dental implants around 8 months ago? I had not had a cold, flu or any sort of respiratory ailment in 15 yrs, but soon after those implants I have had serious bronchial infections twice. Now I have shingles!

  • Gian1

    yes even my dogs take sovereign silver!!cleared up there rashes and eye irritations take every day

  • I am producing my own colloidal silver and i can tell by experience that it is not high voltage but low voltage to make the best fine silver particles, also argyria is a side effect of the colloidal silver made with silver salts ( silver nitrate) only which should never be used, the best harmless colloidal silver is made only with pure silver under a low voltage into distillated water.

  • Darryl Sinclair

    Hi 🙂 Great little article… I make and take my own Colloidal Silver. Quality ingredients is paramount… I’m in Canada and buy Canadian Mint, Silver ingots as they are made of 99.99% pure silver. The wire some people purchase from China has questionable purity. I have found since the Ebola scare, that it’s near to impossible to find high quality silver on eBay, so I’ve gone to minted silver with a guarantee of purity.

    Some people may freak at this, but I make mine to 25 ppm. More than that and one risks producing larger particles. If I see the particles begin to “plate” or form into larger particles, I dump the batch. I’ve seen that happen around 30 ppm and higher…

    I also use 36VDC… I’ll shut-up now… 🙂

  • If anyone ever develops an antibiotic resistant condition, look up phage therapy. Not done in the States; no money in it. What else is new? I read a fascinating article about it in Prevention magazine. Pioneered in the country of Georgia, it is saving lives. Many must go there, but sometimes one can have the therapy sent to the States.