Drop Out… and Simplify Your Life

Drop Out... and Simplify Your Life

7th October 2014

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I was thinking about this very subject and sat down to put some notes together when I stopped to moderate comments on my website… and here was this synchronistic and very wise comment from a reader, Soliel:

“Despite all the fear-mongering out there, many have remained steadfast in their truth. The juggernaut of fear, greed and inertia still rolls on but it has been redirected into a more positive and life enhancing outcome.

“When you look deeply at the news – in whatever form – printed, digital, carried by sound, light or other frequency range, it can be skewed, rearranged and reconfigured in some way to cause an intended outcome. How do you know that any of that so-called news that you have been showered with and encased within has been accurate? Hearing or reading something innumerable times does not make it real.

“Being busy, being anxious, being stressed too much do not help you to interpret the diversion and deception deluge that comes at you ceaselessly. How can you check whether it is real or not?

“My suggestion is that you turn off all media for a while and take some time out to be with yourself. However busy you are, no matter how many important things you have to do, find at least 15 minutes or so each day to be connected to your body, mind and emotions. Then, more grounded in your personal present, you’ll see what is going on around and within you more clearly.”

Perfectly Said

So, so true. As I answered Soliel, I take a lot of time out for several quiet walks every day, and don’t keep anything playing in the house unless we’re listening to an interview together or checking out a posted video. That quiet time is so essential. I take it for granted as that’s how I live, but I know most are caught in the maelstrom every time they go out or even more so just in their minds.

It literally took us years to fully escape the tentacles of the matrix, so I know it’s no small thing or like pulling the plug on your fridge. It’s like peeling sticky crap off of your skin, much like it’s portrayed in the matrix movies. The financial connections, legal obligations, social and family and friend implications, personal support concerns, living logistics etc. It’s no small thing. My kids are grown but many have young ones they’re very concerned about regarding education and stability and all the rest. It’s a challenge, but it must be faced consciously and with a full awareness of what’s going on.

People have got to turn these system influences off, except essential information, and even then balance that with continual empowering and enlightening input. But most of all it’s by living consciously, and as simply as possible. We’ve got to disengage or it will take us down the toilet with it. It’s stronger and more toxic by the day, which it’s designed to be.

Drop Out and Simplify Your Life

Simplification will seem strange at first to most, but it’s oh so rewarding. There’s an initial detox period, and those close to you may not like it one bit, as they’re used to the massive amounts of distracting stimuli around them and feel lost and lonely without it. That’s part of the societal mind control program, to overload the conscious mind so everything they’re dumping into us to traumatize us can be suppressed and stored in the subconscious, awaiting activation by their many triggers to bring about desired societal reactions. It’s all about unresolved issues and playing upon them, hence the overload.

Acts of Peace and Love

We have to start with ourselves. If we’re caring and kind to ourselves we’ll be caring and kind to others. Being kind to ourselves means removing the toxins of every sort from our lives as much as possible. I’ve talked about detachment a lot but it can’t be emphasized enough. So many things people take for granted in their lifestyles really don’t have to be. Those having the conscious awakening are well aware of what they’re getting the nudge to let go of or change, and it eventually sinks in.

It’s very important to listen to that voice in our hearts, and act on it.

It’s similar to the fact that we have to fight for our health now, the world is so toxic. It’s a major effort to eat the right foods and not eat the wrong ones, and to supplement and detoxify as well. It’s a big pill to swallow as that means not just not eating what comes in front of you, but making some serious commitments to new and even changing habits.

Bio-accumulation – The Enemy at the Gate

It’s the same now as the insanity of the matrix and all of their affronts on humanity make our lives more difficult and dangerous by the day. The bio-accumulation of aerosols, radiation, GMOs, pesticides, fluoride, nano-particles, EMFs, invasive transhumanism and all the rest are the ever present enemy at the gate. Ignoring or not responding to that reality is slow suicide, never mind a form of self loathing and latent cowardice. If we don’t care about ourselves we certainly won’t give a hoot about others. The epitome of self absorbed selfishness justified by a complicit status quo. A disgusting waste of and insult to humanity and it’s divine creation.

It’s hard work, but it’s very gratifying and empowering. When we’re unresponsive to that inner voice it weakens and life gets all the more muddied.

What humanity is facing is a slow kill being engineered deliberately by dark pervasive powers, however you conceptualize them. The evidence is everywhere and the conclusion to be drawn is horrific until you find your footing and take the battle on full frontal. Then the empowerment kicks in. This applies to everything – what we give our energy to every day, how we interact with others, all the compromises we think we have to make just to exist here and put a roof over our heads. It’s a very cleverly constructed treadmill – but we can get off of it.


A real biggie is getting rid of stuff. Let it go. Sell to finance your awaiting freedom, give away, dump, whatever you have to do. It’s so bad for the soul. This accumulation addiction is pure weight and baggage and based in scarcity programming, which morphs into greed. The Chinese Feng Shui counsellers will even tell you how bad it is for your chi and personal harmony. It’s junk. Get down to the essentials and keep that to a minimum. You’ll love it.

Take George Carlin’s advice. He saw through the bullshit:

It Just Takes One Step

Why? Because one step leads to another. Once we actuate what our conscious awareness is telling us to do, energy and courage of conviction kick in. We’re inspired to do more. The results are immediate. What was once in the etheric “idea world” has been brought into this reality, the density in which we operate. It’s creation at work, the most profound aspect of the Universe. Once we discover we truly are free to move freely about the planet with a little imagination and ingenuity, life becomes the wonderful adventure it was always meant to be.

And with this comes simplification. Just living in the West there are way too many choices and this keeps people bogged down and reinforces this false sense of freedom. Think of the supermarket. How many brands and types of deodorant, dish soap, toilet paper, spices, supplements, staples etc. does there need to be? It’s a drain just shopping in any store in the US. I love it that where I am it’s a drastically narrowed down choice. At first it seems a sacrifice of creature comforts but then you realize this makes much more sense, and you don’t leave the modest supermarkets drained and confused. It’s a pleasant and personal experience.

That’s just one example, but you can apply that to products, clothing, knickknacks, medicines, appliances and on and on. Never mind the bombardment of mind screwing advertising. Now think about the thousands of movies, TV shows and radio stations to choose from. Seems like freedom? Not in the least. It’s not an environment you’d want anyone to be living in never mind grow up in. And I’m only talking about the every day commercial aspect of all of this. What about schools, religions, politics, sports and all the rest. It’s vanity – myriad choices for styles of enslavement.

It’s deliberate sensory overload. We need to live outside of it and not think we can take it on board and not be affected any longer. Our survival is literally at stake.

Turn It Off!

I’ll end with this classic clip from an incredibly prescient movie made over 30 years ago. This advice is applicable across the board – turn off those influences in whatever form. They’re what are destroying us individually as well as collectively.

Turn it off, and get out of every matrix influence you possible can! Your life and those of your loved ones depend on it. Don’t let them down.

Love, Zen

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I have questions. Life is wonderful – full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold. My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you…. just wondering. Love Zen.

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  • Absolutely agree. More people need to take this wisdom to heart.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking post.

  • Sando

    When i was going through hell and still am. Being denied my children is excruciatingly painful. SADISTIC these pigs are. I was also losing my business because the corrupts let out a lie and caused the world to collapse and i was just one small business, growing that was in the firing line. Just a standard everyday laboring business as a handyman. Many other businesses have also fallen as well. Businesses around forever all of a sudden dropping off the face of the earth.

    This proved to me how fraudulent the monetary system is. It proved how everything is stage to how these corrupts manipulate things. It showed me that the worlds economy is fake debt and Inflation lies.

    Anyway i did what your commenter said back in 2009. I would go to work and come home disassociating myself from everything. I would not watch TV or do anything. I didn’t go out and sometimes camped. I prayed every night for a plane to fall out of the sky and land on top of me. I would purposely leave the door open all night hoping someone would come in and kill me.

    I tried all sorts of laws of attraction and than worked out; that is just another lie told to us as well. For example: If it is meant to be, it is meant to be.Well,DUH! If it happened of course it was meant to be. Try to lift hopes up so people can get away with treating others like cr*p. One part of the trying to be positive though, were the mind stimulation vibrations of Alpha and Theta Rhythms. I would put the headphones on every night and go to sleep after praying for the plane and leaving the door open. Obviously nothing happened and all the rubbish we are told is to put fear into people and is rare on the grand scale.

    After 2 years, i decided to watch some TV again and now to this day, i can see every little manipulation and lie. I can show anyone how every ad or news story or government rort are all lies to brainwash.In fact i do not believe in TV at all anymore. Every time an ad comes on saying Authorized by the government, my response is, i didn’t give you authorization to use my money to authorize yourselves as our owners. I also think why didn’t you spend our money on giving food to someone instead of wasting our money on advertising your garbage. Or why advertise about a problem, instead use that money to help the victims, after all that is what we pay you for. I have worked out everything government do is for themselves. Even if it sounds good, they are getting something out of it, somewhere else.

    I could go on and on about it in detail and know that every single thing that they do is illegal and that is why i term the legal system the Illegal system. Laws can not have loopholes for a start or how can they be law?

  • Sando

    One thing i have to say is that these people that rant on about, asking for and receiving and the laws of attraction and all the other is that, not one thing good has ever happened and only gotten worse, thereby making me worse and a non-believer in the hocus pocus or any fraudulent religion, anymore. You can only ask so many time before going insane. In fact the scum that own everyone make the sane insane with what they enforce, thereby making their job even better for them. Produce more insane and they have a job for life.

    I ask this: If we receive what we ask for, does that mean we have all asked to be enslaved and controlled and owned and manipulated and lied to and treated like crap and impoverished, killed, warred upon, contract diseases etc etc etc? The reason i ask is because it gets worse day by day and never gets better. The only thing i see this mumbo jumbo doing is putting unobtainable hope into the minds of people and actually causing them more harm than good.

    Sure find a Zen or relaxation but when you are told that if you ask you shall receive and day after day it does not happen ever, than i call it just more brainwashing lies. 6 years i have been denied my children and 6 years i have suffered tremendously and hate the people on this earth for what they have done, destroying my life. 6 years i have asked to be with my little girls. That life of my children is never coming back to me ever, not ever. Somebodies leg torn off in an accident is never coming back ever.

    People have continually asked for world peace and it is getting further from us. Many things are asked for and Evil is winning. Good is a dream that is not happening, which makes me think that GOD and SATAN are one and the same.