Allowing the Vibrational Change

Allowing the Vibrational Change

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Many of the symptoms we’re witnessing amongst those around us can be explained in terms of the vibrational change we’re undergoing. The shift is on, and people are responding by either welcoming or resisting it at all kinds of levels. It’s quite a fascinating phenomenon to behold, as well as a bit disturbing as people who don’t get it lash out at whatever influence they perceive is the culprit for their disorientation.

Fascinating stuff, but intrinsically important to what’s happening here at the surface level.

Most importantly is the personal level of this transformation that’s happening whether people want to acknowledge it or not. Fighting the structural degradation of old paradigms is always a messy affair, with seeming little to support our old viewpoints, except desperate grabbing on to old thought patterns and resultant behaviors which have shaped our lives. Such is the death of the old.

The overwhelmingly empowering aspect of what humanity is experiencing is the complete liberation from decrepit control systems into a world longing for exploration and enjoyment that brings with it realms of transformation we never dreamed of.

The Rhythm of Change

Whether humanity likes it, believes it, or is ready or not, the change is happening. It’s as unstoppable as the music of the spheres, as identified by the great philosopher and geomantic mathematician Pythagoras. This wondrous discovery of the decipherable fundamental rhythmic patterns of creation at every level has profound implications that permeate every level of our existence.

Vibrational frequency affects everything. This has been demonstrated using not just sound on water, sand and metal filings where fabulous geometric patterns are formed which change as the frequency is altered, but it also happens with the application of thought, emotions and intention as demonstrated by the late great Masaru Emoto.

The earth resonates with what is called the Schumann resonance frequency, first calculated at 7.83 hertz. And now it is literally changing, and moving into a higher frequency. And that’s just one measuring stick. What else is changing around us and within us? What marvellous new patterns are our basic structures morphing into as this vibrational change continues to unfold?

Nothing to the skeptic, but something wonderful to the experiencer.

Step Out of the Theater

While the world’s attention is transfixed on matrix movie reruns in the theater of life, the entire theater is moving and changing, as is the the world around it. When people finally get up out of their seats and go outside, boy are they in for a shock. It isn’t the same place they entered from, and even then it will continue to change. People looking at the televised reruns and the entranced audience for evidence of this change will never see it. Besides, much of the nature of vibrational change is intuitive, but the evidence is there. Like the changing of the seasons it takes time and is a gradual process but spring always follows winter even when it appears winter just won’t quit.

It reminds me how some people can’t even see the chemtrails. Or think there’s no rhyme or reason to the obvious coordination of world events and the bogus money system. In their minds it’s always been that way and there is no possible alternative. It’s the same with the royalty scam or the rich riding on the backs of the poor. Only this is way more profound than these surface manifestations of the old control system. But until you’ve experienced this vibrational awakening it won’t be in your reality.

Or so you think.

This is the big one, the very vibrational nature of the entire world we live in, from our DNA to the music of the planets in our solar system, the transformation is under way. What it will entail geologically, geopolitically and personally remains to be fully seen, but transform we will, like it or not.

Letting Go

This might seem esoteric to some but it’s as real as the nose on our faces. The shift is on, vibrationally and therefore emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Hence the confused reaction on so many planes. The big drawback to lower level thinking is that we interpret changes by old worn-out channels of thought and understanding.

Fundamentally speaking, never the two worlds shall meet.

They can’t. They’re completely different paradigms. And even the next paradigm will meet dissolution as we continue on the journey. We learn by changing, which begins with a willingness to explore and thus change evolves. It couldn’t be simpler in many ways, but letting go into new realms has been conditioned against, violently. The constructs of society, especially in this highly engineered age of techno-fascism, are relentless in their pursuit of containment and control. We are forced to judge “normalcy” by carefully manipulated “standards” that, once conformed to, begin to reinforce themselves. On a mass scale this then becomes a form of voluntary enslavement.

Don’t fall for it. In fact, you won’t be able to much longer anyway. The entire ball of wax is undergoing an unstoppable transformation whether it likes it or not. Empowering and thrilling for some, completely disorienting and even terrifying for others.

Why not just go with it? Let go and enjoy the ride! It’s the solution everyone’s been waiting for, but it requires our willing participation to allow its creative magic to work more efficiently and effectively.

Translating Vibrational Change

Whether this knowledge and experience embolden you to speak out against the control system as well as help co-create these wonderful changes or not is everyone’s free choice. I share what I’m perceiving and try to nudge and inspire as many as I can, as a growing number of others are doing. We can stare at the maniacal matrix and its wicked workings all day, but positive solutions abound and are there for the harvesting. Activating vibrationally to this paradigm shift makes it manifest and accelerates its effect on everyone and everything.

If you’ve ever seen those musical demonstrations where one string or vibration sets off others around it to vibrate at the same frequency you know what I mean. Only here we’re talking about a much deeper, even quantum level of, vibrational transference. It manifests in changed lives, resonating thoughts, awakening mental and spiritual awareness. If plants and animals respond to music, how much more the human spirit to the music of the spheres and fundamental cosmic vibrational change?!

All we have to do is throw the switch!

I’ll leave you with this inspiring and enlightening video about our amazing fractal holographic universe and the role sound and frequency play which highlights this vibrational change we’re undergoing that’s well worth the watch.

Much love, Zen

Pythagoras – Sacred Geometry

The Fundamental Programming Language of the Holographic Universe

“For over 25,000 years the Universal Truth was not available to the people of this planetary system. It is now finally being received on this planet. Deep seekers of the truth that are open minded and ready will receive it.”

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I have questions. Life is wonderful – full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold. My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you… just wondering. Love Zen.

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  • Sabine C. Dreßler

    Well spoken, dear; I’m always happy about others who share my opinion and perception; and especially today, it’s a very huge shift in frequency. As I am empathic and quit work to support the shift, I offer my help as lifecoach as well as I integrate empathy and energy into business and marketing- some kinda shift from inside the existing system- but I prefer more to work with people, encouraging them to find theirs owns path home to theirs truest self. I founded a group ( the inner source) for psychic people that already feel higher frequencies and often struggle to integrate them in common life, but I also encourage everybody who feels a huge emptiness or unfulfillness in them, to contact me, follow me and my posts. I know, simply this has enriching, encouraging power and I aim to push people forward to find themselves. Thank you for your wonderful thread.

    • Jeff

      Please forgive, I must vent. I find it very nearly impossible to function in this world. For most of my life I have felt the “huge emptiness” and an infinite deep blue space of dire yet beautiful sadness. Counselors have been worthless as they can’t come within light years of fathoming anything beyond a tiny order of magnitude. I cannot seem to launch myself into action for worthy causes and suffer much over it. I have overwhelming social anxiety and fear and am quite lonely and isolated as a result. I wish I had a guiding, understand hand. I don’t belong here. Most anyone I’ve ever known is way out of tune and are quite “unhumble” egos, yet they are rewarded with a normal life and a certain peace of mind. Yes, they can’t even see chem trails, they can’t even be bothered to take 5 seconds to form a thought about it as it might interfere with their selfish pursuits. Getting thru to someone was best potrayed in the movie “They Live” when the main character had to get into a violent fight with his friend just to get him to merely consider putting on the sunglasses that allowed one to see the truth. And this is how most people are in general! I find it hard to give people a pass on this. But this MY struggle, not theirs, it is my own obstacle of finding greater compassion on my path. But until then, I hope the shift flips the tables, and the ones who are deeply humble/spiritual/high integrity types/high ethics and justice types, etc. and can see so blatantly just how insane this world is become the normal ones with a happy life, and the others become the lost ones. Those who roll their dead eyes at the slightest mention of anything green, anything spiritual, anything conspiracy theory, etc. Or as a recent lost friend said to me after more than a year of (genlty) trying to open his eyes, “What does it have to do with me? How does it impact my life?” Let them be the ones to carry the burden of waking each day lost and dazed and in pain. It seems that the later the energy shift hits you, the worse off you will be when the shift really kicks in…the spiritually small and devoid function well in a spiritually devoid world, but soon I hope it will be the opposite. Those who live for the benefit of all life (including the environment), who take all life and the endless chasm of good spirituality into account in their daily actions should reach the highest and be rewarded the most. THose who live only for their sect, MY self, MY family, MY business, MY this, MY that, to the exclusion and to the throwing away of others (i.e. normal life for most at this point on planet earth) should have nothing. I know, a lot of what I say here is negative, contradictory and misguided. But I am angry and finding it very difficult to feel compassion and love for fellow people in the middle of all this. Hell, I drive a car…and it kills me (along with plenty of other things I do) because it contributes to sickening condition of the earth. I think I’m feeling the same deep sadness it is feeling. Sleeping, selfish people anger me, while at the same time the push and pull of this energy shift is actually hurting me. I can physically/emotionally feel the tension from the good/bad arm wrestling match going on yet I’m just a little human. People I know or see don’t sense even the slightest thing. I feel like I have to go thru this on THEIR behalf while they go on acting like and talking about topics like the brain dead zombies do in TV sitcoms. I mean if the earth is alive, which I feel it is, and humans are a good number of it cells…no wonder it’s feeling so bad…the majority of people are spiritually empty, physically toxic, zombie know it alls. Poor earth, I completely understand if it is fed up. Please somebody tell me you understand what I’m talking about.

      • Steve

        Hi totally understand how you feel I have been feeling the same way. It sad that the world is so close minded. And I hope this shift is a wake up call to the world and maybe we’ll be come the poeple that change and live as one with the world. And not the money hungry but nature living earth loving poeple. I hope you and me will be there and maybe meet on the other side. May the earth be with you

  • Rob

    I love my Zen Gardener 🙂

  • Name (required)

    The Egyptians had a major shift in enlightenment.. right before they were conquered by alaxander the great.