Truly Healing From Cancer and Preventing It Altogether

Truly Healing From Cancer and Preventing It Altogether

By Katrin Geist

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Medicine as it should be

I came across the excellent documentary below – Truly Heal From Cancer – and thought to write an article around it. It’s a great resource for people currently experiencing cancer and seeking effective ways to help themselves, and everyone interested in simple preventive measures that go a long way. The MDs and clinics featured (see contacts in references section below) offer some great therapies, using contemporary medical wisdom at its best. I would happily visit these doctors, as they practice a medicine much to my liking: as non-invasive as possible, addressing causes of illness, and patient centered.

So for those in Europe currently experiencing cancer, visiting the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, the Humlegaarden Private Cancer Clinic in Denmark or the Arcadia Klinik in Germany might turn out the best thing you ever did, as may be looking up the Center for New Medicine or the Orange County Immune Institute for people based in the US. And for everyone else: what these doctors apply with their patients is partly common sense, partly easy things to do at home, and partly requires specialist equipment. You can inquire locally, as I’m sure professionals in your area apply some of these methods also. Another good contact for holistic healthcare not mentioned in this film is the Quantica Clinic in Bichwil, Switzerland.

War on cancer

US President Nixon declared “War on Cancer” over 40 years ago. Since then, technology advanced, no doubt, yet is the “war” won? No. Cancer still ranks as one of the leading causes of death in the Western world. Perhaps it is a good idea to not solely rely on institutions when dealing with this (or any other) illness, but to start one’s own investigation, as more and more people do when faced with an unfavorable diagnosis. It certainly is a frightening wake-up call, and as such also a chance for change. Cancer does not appear over night, and its diagnosis is NOT an automatic death sentence.

More often than not, there’s a lot a person can do to rise to the challenge and help themselves. Cancer mostly occurs as a consequence of life style,  ubiquitous toxins, and emotional baggage. It follows that in order to heal and continue to live well, life style changes are key. For example, a medical study on men with low prostate cancer risk documented changes of gene expression in 500 genes after a 3 months long life style intervention (Ornish et al 2008). A similar study showed a positive effect of life style changes after a 5 year period (Ornish et al 2013). This works.

How you can succeed in healing yourself

One of my clients in his mid 60’s, who falls into the above group of men with low prostrate cancer risk, and who is keen to avoid a second biopsy or even surgery, adapted the simple suggestion of drinking two liters of clean water every day. He reports feeling as best as he ever has. Such a small thing. His PSA is slightly elevated but stable. He now also bought a water filtering system, juices daily, liver cleanses, quit eating meat, drinks very little alcohol, and uses affirmations. You get the picture. I’m very proud of him. Why? Commonly, people resist change. He didn’t, and as a result greatly enjoys reaping the rewards from his actions. He also grows his own juicing ingredients now. Well done indeed.

I believe taking care of our health now stacks the odds in our favor of not having to make time for illness later. All you do is educate yourself and develop new, healthy living habits that serve you and allow your body to function at optimal levels. Before long, you’ll love living this way. Why? Because you feel great! The steps outlined below help set you up for a continuously healthy life. The list isn’t necessarily complete, but it’s a great start, and those implementing it will very likely see a marked difference, whether you’re healing from cancer, or wanting to live in such a way as to prevent it.

Of course, cancer is complex and different people and circumstances call for specific methods best suited to them. Still, I do believe that applying what’s taught in this film greatly aids in healing and preventing illness. I would favor a systemic approach addressing the whole person, rather than the ‘problem area’ alone. In other words: with cancer or other challenging diseases, the whole person is ill, not just the tumor area, and holistic ways to restore the person provide a long term solution, rather than a quick symptom fix.


I’m a big proponent of self-education and ‘power to the person’ approaches. Thus, I consider a person’s involvement in their healing process a vital ingredient. To hand over the responsibility to someone else (doctor, healer, therapist, spouse, etc) is not only not fair to them, but also cheats the patient out of their chance to 1) show themselves their own healing ability, and 2) to experience true and  lasting  change they then own.  By taking the reins back and assuming an active role, rather than passively waiting to hear back from expert xyz about when and how to act, people can do a great many things to aid their healing. Also, a welcome effect of researching for yourself is reduced fear. Once you find out about all the things you can try, and that others succeeded with, it gives a great deal of hope and confidence.

And remember, just because a healing system is exhausted does not mean the end of you. It only shows the limitation of that system.  Thankfully, your research into how to help yourself already informed you about available alternatives, perhaps also connecting you with people/ professionals of your choice to accompany your healing process. A multitude of healing methods and systems exist for us to choose from, not just one.

Is chemotherapy really the best we can do?

The film below shares some powerful possibilities, introducing an array of valuable approaches our medical system has to offer. And chemotherapy does not feature as a healing aid. In Germany each year alone, c. 500.000 people are diagnosed with cancer (Deutsche Krebshilfe 2014), and each chemotherapy may cost up to EUR 10.000  per month  on average (Sauer 2014, DWN 2014). Little wonder, then, that it is the preferred method of choice in main stream medicine. One size fits all, and too many people live off this condition — a fundamentally wrong situation. The figures are staggering. It is not big but huge business. And while progress has been made, some chemotherapies apparently brought next to no increased benefit over a 24 year period. That is: the survival rate in people receiving those therapies between 1978 and 2002 did not markedly increase (Der Spiegel 2004).

Interesting also that a growing number of German MDs would not undergo chemotherapy themselves (Der Spiegel 2004). And a Reconnective Healing practitioner in Berlin says he sees MDs who rather consult him than fellow MDs for their health issues. Why is that…? Especially because it needn’t be that way, as we will see in the film. The MD’s portrayed there apply excellent methods. They exist. They work. Why they’re not practiced more widely is the question, especially when patients are helped in ways that  address causes  of cancer, not just symptoms. This is the great and valuable side of Western medicine I would like to see as the new main stream.

Summary of practical key points

Key points from the film which you can implement straight away, either as a way of healing, or of prevention:


Eliminate or drastically reduce refined sugar, alcohol, coffee, animal protein. Consume ‘live foods’ (fresh vegetables), i.e. a wholesome diet to keep your body pH alkaline.  Juicing vegetables  daily is a great way of achieving this, and it’s delicious! Eliminate processed foods (cans, ready meals, crackers, fast food, etc). Retire your microwave oven.

Alkaline body pH

Commonly, people with cancer exhibit an acidic pH (6 or lower). A lower pH prevents blood cells from delivering oxygen to tissues: instead of running on oxygen, tissues now turn to sugar fermentation for their energy supply. This supports cancer cells, as they thrive in anoxic, acidic environments. Get some pH test strips for urine and see how you measure up! Easy, informative, cheap. And if you are acidic, keeping a food journal could be a first step to taking stock of what goes into your body, causing your system to turn acidic. Likely, foods to eliminate mentioned in 1) will show up. Vegetable juicing is very useful for increasing body pH. You can also use saliva and blood pH as indicators. See references for literature on keeping an alkaline diet.


Your cells require oxygen (O2), and ozone therapy adds it to your blood stream by letting blood, mixing it with ozone (O3), and feeding it back in. Ozone helps the immune system to eliminate parasites, viruses and bacteria, and it also enhances oxygen uptake into the patient’s tissues.

Outside the clinic, breathing exercises or exercise in general achieve the same result: increased oxygen intake and metabolic availability. This is something everyone can do. Taking deep belly breaths. Babies do this effortlessly. Watch their belly rise and fall. Great example of expert belly breathing! Cancer cells thrive in poorly oxygenated environs. White blood cells require oxygen to function properly. Limited breath, limited function!  Breathe deeply….pause multiple times a day and just do it.


According to Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy exercise reduces cancer by 50%. It’s not an option, but a must! And Dr Finn Scott Andersen states that exercise is like chemotherapy without side effects. Even 30 mins a day make a difference.

Detoxifying the body

The liver works hard to eliminate toxins, and so do the kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, colon, and skin. Accumulating toxins is normal, to a degree, as they are metabolic waste products that occur during normal cell and body metabolism. The body has many ways to deal with this. A key to great health and wellbeing is to support your detox systems. The body can even eliminate substances it does not know, speaking in evolutionary terms. Things like plastic and pesticides, for example. These substances, while certainly not great being exposed to, only turn into problems when the detox system is compromised, and they begin to accumulate in the body. Once a threshold is reached, heavy metals, pesticides and such may cause problems. Add an overburdened immune system, and the resulting illness could be serious.

For example, dementia, loss of motor coordination, resistance to antibiotics and kidney problems can be linked to mercury tooth fillings (Lorscheider et al 1995). This heavy metal continuously evaporates from filled teeth, bite after bite, year after year, with an average daily body absorption between 1.2 µg and 27 µg. At least 65% of excretable mercury in human urine derives from dental amalgam (Aposhian et al 1992). Is it any wonder this should have consequences? The good news is that you can do something about it. As a rule of thumb, neither metal nor plastic should find themselves in your mouth. Teeth play a very important part in our overall health.

To detoxify the body, a  liver detox  may be a good start (If currently in treatment, check with your healthcare professional. It’s a method I highly recommend.).

Vitamin & enzyme supplementation

Vitamin C & D3.  Linus Pauling, double Nobel Prize recipient, suggested taking up to 12g Vitamin C per day. That seems rather high at first. However, in the film, Dr. Henning Saupe talks about giving cancer patients intravenous Vitamin C at a dose of up to 90g per day. I personally take 3g Vitamin C/ day in addition to vegetable juice and occasional citrus fruit. Also, bask a little! Your body produces Vitamin D naturally when exposed to sunlight.

Enzymes (e.g. co-enzyme Q10) are important proteins that facilitate and speed up chemical reactions. They greatly contribute to running and restoring the body. Find out from your healthcare provider which ones make sense to take for your situation.

Avoid plastics whenever possible

Plastic  surrounds us wherever we go. Yet there are some simple measures you can take to reduce your exposure, such as buying a stainless steel water bottle for reuse, or using glassware for food storage. Avoiding supermarket items packaged in plastic also works. It gives farmers markets and bringing your own canvas bag a whole new meaning. =)

Plastics containing  BPA, BPS, PCA and ECC may cause cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Some act as endocrine disruptors, potentially leading to breast and prostate cancer. The simple measures above help reduce your exposure to these substances. Get creative and add your own improvements!

Your living environment

How toxic is it really? Think household cleaners, make-up products, deodorants, air fresheners, EMF (wireless, cell phone/ -towers, smartmeters, etc.),  PBDE  (toxic flame-retardant in computers, carpets, couches, clothing) outgassing, paints, glues, etc. Some are easily remedied, others not so easily.

Of course I cannot end without mentioning the therapeutic use of electromagnetic fields to great effect, as this feeds into what I do when working with people, albeit without technological gear. Sometimes, that’s not required! And not to take away from this form of therapy, it’s marvelous, as you will see. Results occur immediately, visible under the microscope, and it is both the use of electromagnetic (= light) energy and the fast change observed that remind me of Reconnective Healing, which also uses light frequencies to effect wellbeing changes and rebalance the body.

If you would like to know more…

If you would like to know more about the scientific basis of energy healing, you can  sign up for Holistic Health Global’s monthly ‘Healthy Living Newsletter’  and receive a complimentary report on this as a welcome gift (for subscribers who have not received this and would like to, just drop me an email). Oh, and if you liked this article, love us on Facebook for more!

And now: enjoy the education below! May it constitute a valuable addition to your knowledge base and inspire you to take appropriate action. And if it’s only sharing this with your circles. You never know who reads it and whom it serves. This information potentially changes lives!

Truly Heal From Cancer

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Katrin Geist MSc, BA

Katrin is a successful Holistic Health Coach & Reconnective Healing Practitioner with postgraduate training and continuing education in the fields of biology, personal transformation, neuroscience, cellular biology and biophysics. She has held international Reconnective Healing clinics in several countries and currently works from her New Zealand office in Dunedin.

Katrin holds a MSc in biology from Berlin University (FU), and a BA with emphasis in ecology from the University of Montana, USA.

Katrin’s science background enables her to communicate scientific subjects in an easily understandable, down to earth way, so that everyone can benefit from information otherwise often confined to technical experts. Katrin frequently offers educational talks on healthy living subjects around New Zealand. To book or invite her for a seminar or lecture, please email her.

A keen interest in personal growth, Eastern philosophy, and life coaching brought her to Dr. Eric Pearl and The Reconnection. With a ‘left-brain’ background in science and education, interacting with the frequencies was startling. Despite no previous experience, it was immediate. It was tangible. It was completely puzzling, yet left its irreversible mark, so much so, that a change in career seemed the natural consequence. After almost a decade in the biological sciences, Katrin now works as Holistic Health Coach and Reconnective Healing Practitioner.â„¢ She feels privileged to serve in this capacity and invites you to experience something different!

Katrin offers The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing, including distance and animal healing. To contact Katrin:


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