6 Things Your Soul Wants You to Know

6 Things Your Soul Wants You To Know - Main

By Katrina Cavanough

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We all wander through life searching for a higher purpose. We live with the same questions. Who are we? Why are we here? What are we meant to be doing? Am I living my best life?

Throughout my life I have pondered these questions. My experiences with over 400 deaths as a frontline social worker in a busy ER gave me the greatest insights and new understandings about death, dying and how the soul wishes to express itself in life.

Each life experience is an invitation to live as closely as possible to your soul’s true essence.

To help you to do that – this is what your soul wants you know…

1. You are OK just as you are.

The main goal of life is to not really change, grow or transform yourself. It is to be at peace with who you are at any given moment despite what you have done or not done; said or not said. Transformation is a choice we all have, but from the soul’s perspective, it is not the greatest priority.

2. Your soul invites you to view yourself through a lens of understanding.

While the way we respond to events in our life holds significance to some of our happiness, more important are the thoughts you have toward yourself as you critique whether you handled your response to a situation well. Too often we criticize ourselves for not handling a situation well. Thoughts such as, “Why on earth did I say that?“ or “I was just way too emotional for that situation” are some common examples.

Your soul is calling you to view yourself kindly and instead say to yourself, “I did the best I could at the time based on what I knew and my best was good enough”.

3. Your soul wants you to know that you are meant to feel deeply.

We are not here to brush over our experiences, but to experience our emotions and listen to our feelings as they guide us either closer to, or further from, what is best.

4. You are here to attune yourself with the good, the brightest, best and most delightful.

We are here to know the delights, feel the lightness and most of all, to know love, kindness, compassion and joy.

5. You are here to experience life. What that means is completely up to you.

It is not so much about what you experience, but the way you feel about yourself as you experience that matters most. There are many of us who experience great success for example, but we don’t allow ourselves to actually feel and breathe in the bounty of what we have achieved. Instead we just tick that box and move forward to the next goal.

Life is not meant to be lived this way. We are here to immerse ourselves in each and every experience and feel the greatness of who we are as we live each day.

6. Your soul wants you to know stillness.

When we are still, we can truly listen. As we listen we open ourselves to understand and it is within the stillness that we can feel the greatest connection to our soul’s wisdom. That is why meditation, being still in nature and finding a quiet moment for ourselves feels so appealing. They are opportunities to connect with who we truly are. Kind, compassionate, gentle and wise.

We just have to listen.

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About the author:

Katrina CavanoughKatrina Cavanough (AMHSW BSW/BSocSc) has worked with thousands of people as a grief and trauma therapist for over 20 years. She is now an inspirational speaker, life strategist, author and spiritual change agent. Her unique style offers practical life guidance based on intuitive wisdom and extensive experience working with relationships and human behavior.

Katrina is the author of Wisdom For Your Life: What I Have Learnt From Those Who Have Passed Over and Happy Little Hearts: Healing Meditations for Children, and has been featured on major national TV, print and radio media in Australia. Katrina is also a mother of two beautiful girls and loves singing loudly in the car and ‘dancing crazy’ in her lounge room with her girls.

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  • Tyler Balkman

    “I did the best I could at the time based on what I knew and my best was good enough”, no, I think your soul would rather you think, “what happened happened. If I am not happy with my action or the results, I can change it. If I don’t know how I will research or ask for help. Worrying about it is completely unnecessary and absolutely delusional, and cycling thoughts are a sign I am not tuned in with my soul”.

  • Arturo Espinoza

    I really enjoy sharing the pictures in Wake up -world.com
    Thank you all .
    I wish that I could share this web site with the world, or at least all my friends on Facebook.
    Thank you,
    Love you all.

  • Maxircus

    What about people with mental illnesses like anxiety and panic disorder?

  • Black Bart

    My soul has been to earth 50000 times. Ever since I was a boy, I’ve been drawn to sources of light. Looking at them. Pondering them. My still small voice telling me the candles, sunbeams, fires, I see are little pieces of the pathway home. Then I feel a longing to go there…. not in a destructive, melodramatic “end it all” scenario…. more like slipping into warm water. After nearly 40 years on earth, I have become surrounded by people of many nations of the earth in my work and personal life. In a given day, I talk to people from at least 15 countries using 3 languages. It is sublime to be able to reach out to and communicate with so many members of the human family. I know my soul is on its last cycles before it rejoins the everything nothingness of the universe and ascends to the next plane because I’ve always looked sadly upon this world with deep affection for people and the mistakes we make over and over again. I think the author is right when she says that transformation is possible for us and we can access it, but our soul’s main goal is peace and stillness. We are the source of our own pain and our own salvation. That is a reflection of God’s love for us…. he puts the choice in our hands every day. Every day we can wake up and make the earth a paradise. I think little by little people are waking up to this fact… especially in the West…. realizing that our economic, political, and social systems are deeply wounded and toxic and instead of going deep down into the wound to discover the root of how things got to be the way they are, we make cosmetic repairs to the surface. People see this for what it is. Their rulers no longer fool them. The souls of those rulers are young, brash souls who think that things like statua, wealth, and power are all important. Sometimes their youthful exuberance is impressive, but sometimes their irrationality is so brash, it could topple nations, cause war, etc. We will find the way, but not before many more cycles of destruction, sadness, loss, and sorrow. Pain is the greatest teacher. The idea is to avoid the actions that cause you the pain. Good luck as you step out of your homes today. If you feel sad and hopeless, read the poem Desiderata. That one always gets me back in touch with the good things about being human.

  • I agree, it is much simpler than many seem to think. The main problem is that few even realize they have a soul or the importance of the soul so they are disconnected from the most basic reality ? That is why this world is so effed. All the answers are at my site for free ! anybody can take that leap and be free by simply understanding the truth of many matters.

  • Darren Wray

    Unfortunately the experience of life is so immersive that most people forget who they really are. Their “truth” can’t be wrong after they become identified with form.