The Effect of External Energies in Your Space

The External Energies in Your Space

By  Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

From an intuitive standpoint, your aura or personal space is separated from the outer world by a permeable membrane that turns you into a multi-dimensional, etheric telephone exchange of sorts!

For better or for worse, you are constantly receiving and transmitting spoken and unspoken communication with the world around you through the medium of energy, which in turn registers upon your sensations, feelings and thoughts.  

Most people are generally unaware of the inherent nature of their auras, but this type of communication can run the gamut from past life memories and family karma to the held beliefs, expectations and fears of your friends, colleagues and family members in present time. This feature also forms the basis of the universal truth that ‘all is one’.

The effect of these ongoing – for lack of a better word – ‘conversations’ on your heart and mind/body system, sense of self, self-assuredness and self-esteem is closely related to your current level of alignment with your most authentic self. That is, when you respond to life from a still place of inner knowing and wisdom, you tend to instinctively engage more of the situations and relationships that honour your deepest needs and truth. Conversely, when you feel off kilter, you tend to react blindly  or  emotionally rather than responding consciously, confidently and lovingly to life.

As we view this suggestion of unwitting merging and melding of our auras with intuitive eyes, it appears an inescapable aspect of Spirit having a physical experience here on earth. It is also important to point out that we cannot find ourselves being the effect of an external energy without there being some sort of subconscious agreement on our part.

At this very moment, depending on the relationships and circumstances your higher consciousness determines is most relevant to your spiritual evolution (and therefore most valuable for you to experience, integrate and know), you are finding yourself attracted to or surrounded by precisely the people and circumstances you need. At this point you can therefore extract either a little…  or sometimes a big nugget of self-understanding and personal truth.

Spiritual Wisdom, Searching

Take for instance these words you are reading. Consider that there is possibly an aspect of your awareness that has been longing for a deep understanding of your real  self and you have not known how to consciously begin unravelling the mysteries that keep you feeling disconnected from who you – at your most core level – sense yourself to be. Perhaps this quest has left you feeling disempowered or torn in your allegiances while feeling unsure of the wisdom and merit of your own needs.

Now enter the message of this article which speaks directly to the notion of self-awareness and importance of your understanding of your own energetic and spiritual anatomy…  and autonomy.

If the idea that this is indeed possible resonates with your deep-seated need to feel more aligned and in closer communication with yourself, can you see that this is actually an example of your own spiritual wisdom, searching, exploring and gathering evidence in action?

Can you allow yourself to connect into the excitement of being at the start of a journey, away from the feedback, beliefs and fears you are beginning to recognise don’t actually belong to you – as you edge ever-closer to your essential most fundamental truth?

Can you sense the personal empowerment and liberation built in to this powerful awareness that you don’t need to assume or adapt yourself to anything other than your essential most fundamental truth?

The Next Step…

Once  you are at the cusp of sensing the  line of demarcation between who you are and who you are not, the next step involves identifying your inner knowing in relation to any situation you sense compromises your thriving, freedom or self-worth.

I have created a tool to help you do just that. I call it  the Self-Affinity Score Sheet. Beside  helping  you to identify your ‘self-affinity’ score and identify situations that make you feel  compromised, it is also designed to help you  learn how to raise your self-affinity  too!

Download your free  copy of the Self-Affinity Score Sheet at

This 7 page worksheet represents an  opportunity to help you to connect into yourself and capture profound nuggets of self-understanding within your over-riding feelings and fears. My wish is that you don’t wait one more day to connect into the more knowing, wise, intuitive and authentic version of yourself, you have been yearning to access all along.

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About the author:

Caroline Diana

Caroline is an  Intuitive Life Coach and Intuitive Skills Teacher. She is also the creator and facilitator of  Everyday Alchemy: Intuition at Work and Play, a system of intuitive self-healing programs,  thoughtfully designed to help you heal the areas in which you feel disconnected, unseen or in pain, in order that you can reveal your essential energetic, intuitive and creative nature, and effect positive, meaningful life change.

You can experience Caroline’s work directly by joining the  Everyday Alchemy Personal Empowerment Community, a platform created to give you greater self-understanding and alignment with your inner knowing, highest vision for yourself and deepest soul-level needs.  In this confidential and sacred space you are invited via online teleconference each month not only to show up as your most authentic self, but to participate in powerful combinations of transformative group discussion, journaling exercises, guided meditations, intuitive coaching and energy-based self-healing techniques.

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