Who are You? and How to Be That

who are you

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

It strikes me that the biggest problem humanity faces right now is a case of mistaken identity. People mistake themselves for something they are not; and this generates all manner of false lifestyles and suffering. And even when a person discovers they are not the ego, there frequently follows all kinds of attachment and identification with qualities of the soul: like “I am love” for example. So what about ditching all kinds of identity completely? What about surrendering into the infinite vulnerability of the moment – into infinite potential.

How about just softening into this presence and giving energy to what arises from it?

How might that positively change your life and the world around you too?…

We are infinite potential – pure presence

I put it to you that what we are is infinite potential – pure presence. It is that which constantly resides in the background of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Everything originated from this ‘Source’ and still does. Life – and the soul – emerge from it, but do so because of no design or plan. If there was some kind of intention, that presupposes a creator, and then you’re left with the problem of who created the creator?

No, I put it to you that everything emerged from pure presence and still does. Pure presence never went away and you are that; what’s more, when you are no longer isolated from this Source, when you are being a living, breathing, thriving expression of this, then you feel like you just came home, like all the lights in the universe just came on; you know yourself as ‘who’ you truly are – this is an enlightened state, the sweet nectar of life itself.

There is nothing to compare with this state; everything that people strive or effort for is merely a reflection of this experience. Because there is nothing else to know but the living, breathing expression of this state. When you are in that, all your questions are immediately answered; what’s more, the soul in you flows from this state aligned with the whole of life. There’s a feeling of total rightness. Life effortlessly creates itself around you. There’s just no need to intend or intentionally manifest – you are being infinite potential and life manifests through you.

This state of being is where everything begins and ends – the circle completed, everything answered.

So how can you get into this state?

How to be who you truly are

Here’s the problem: you cannot aim for this absolute divinity. You cannot set course for it, intend it or try to make it happen. And you cannot hold onto it, by making statements about it; like “I am love” for example. Because the moment you do, the moment you identify or attach to something, when you form a fixed relationship with some quality inside yourself, then immediately, you’ve established separation from the presence that you are – you’ve created the small “I”.

So you cannot intentionally aim for it and find it. There is nothing to find!

But there is something you can do. The soul is a living, breathing expression of this awesome potential that you are. I’ve discovered that when you align with your soul, when you recognise it arising in you – and then ‘jump’ into it, like jumping into a flowing river – then time and separation cease, you open a space through the moment, you ride the wave of the soul all the way back to the Source.

You are now being the Source, as a living breathing expression. You know yourself as the Source – as the One – and it feels totally awesome, yet simultaneously awesomely ordinary. And now authentic action arises from you – through you – aligned with the rest of the universe; literally because you are being the universe. There’s nothing like it. After eons of desolate separation, you’ve come home to who you truly are.

We tried to capture an essence of this expression, of this feeling, of this phenomenon, in this recent Divinicus Seminar in Glastonbury…

from my heart to yours

(on behalf of Openhand)

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  • DarrellT

    Thank you! To know there is at least one other human being on this planet that communicates and knows the universe as I. I can feel many connected but too finally hear and see one is truly remarkable. All the other beings intrinsically accept this so are easy to communicate with. I have huge difficulty communicating with people whose minds close to the elements of the earth and universe. All their denial and questions are locked up in their existence but refuse to accept it.
    I am extremely excited to have found someone of energy and thought who understands what they are. This is truly amazing. Please put me on your mailing list. Really appreciate it and finally some real action.
    Kind regards

  • Always pleasure picking up on your writing.
    I realised a pivotal point in my existence in the physical sense a few years ago. Due to many years of substance misuse, experienced very profound spiritual awakenings. I began visualising the essence of me in energy sources and everything felt like a natural flow. I have been clean now for few year and found the ability to just be. Allowing myself to say what I feel. Not constrained. In the early days it was a little confusing just over time it made sense and allows me to authentically express. Also learning to flow in writing. This amounts to myself and others enjoying existence and life for what it is. I am stile learning just feel it is the most enjoyable journey after having everything and been successful which amounted to nothing and unhappiness for my soul.
    Thank you. Peace x

  • Ricky OmLight

    Does ‘your’ sense of Presence require further effort to sustain? Does your sense of continuity remain unobstructed, or is there often a challenge or resistance to the Integrity of Source expressing as you?