Trinity Bourne

Trinity is an experienced, empathic energy worker. Around 18 years ago, during a profound spiritual awakening, the world around her shattered. At the time, she became engulfed in a white, universal, timeless, formless light until nothing else existed, other than the nameless truth at the core of all sentient beings. Following this, her path rapidly became one of deep compassion for the Earth and environment.

Trinity is the co-founder of the Openhand Foundation, an organisation dedicated to facilitating the evolution of humankind. She is also the Openhand chef and author of ‘Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen’, a recipe book full of healthy recipes for spiritual evolution.

Trinity is the divine complement to her soul mate Open (Chris Bourne), and together, their purpose is to help facilitate the global ascension process. Working hand in hand with the Angelic Realms, and integrating a wide variety of multidimensional gifts, Trinity feels incredibly blessed to be of divine service.