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New Dawn Magazine Giveaway

3rd December 2015

By Andy Whiteley

Co-Founder of Wake Up World

Earlier this year, Wake Up World’s founders were invited to be guest editors for New Dawn Magazine, Australia’s oldest alternative news magazine (in print and now online).

That special issue of New Dawn is out now! 

Entitled ‘How To Survive And Thrive In A World Gone Mad‘, this New Dawn special edition features some of Wake Up World’s favorite contributors sharing their insight on a range of health and wellness topics, from drumming to depression, healing to herbs, and longevity to love.

And we’ve got some free copies to give away!

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New Study Shows Regular Contact with Nature Reduces Crime, Increases Social Cohesion

By Christina Lavers

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

“We need the tonic of wildness… At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We can never have enough of nature.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

The last few hundred years have seen a major shift in man’s relationship with nature. The trend has been a move away from the wild, organic, natural world towards artificial, digital, synthetic, controlled urban environments. With the advent of science during the Age of Enlightenment, man began to grasp that nature operated according to laws that through scientific investigation could be understood, and ultimately controlled and used for the benefit of humanity. The more we were able to explain, the less we perceived nature as a magical, awe-inspiring force that we were an inextricable part of. Humanity began to see itself as superior to nature, and thus a slow disconnection was set in motion — a disconnection that we are gradually beginning to understand has done us a lot more harm than good.

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The Who, How and Why of the JFK Assassination – and Why It Still Matters

By Makia Freeman

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The JFK assassination, now 52 years later, is still a subject that generates a lot of emotion, curiosity and speculation. Rightly so – the event was of extreme significance and is a telling reminder that the people who run this world are far above the level of prime ministers and presidents. Like 9/11, the JFK assassination was a severe blow to the psyche of the public in America and the world. It was mass trauma, not only crafted to remove a man who opposed the New World Order manipulators in many ways, but also designed to shatter innocence and send a powerful message: that the controllers can kill whomever they want and get away with it by controlling the key power centers of society (White House, CIA, FBI, Texas state governorship, local police and sheriff’s departments, etc.) so that any subsequent investigation will go nowhere.

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Proof ‘The United States’ is a Criminal Corporation

2nd December 2015

By Pao L Chang

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

This article contains proof that the United States is a criminal corporation, and exposes the fraud of the court system. Furthermore, it teaches you how to help free humanity from its influence.

One of the greatest tricks that the New World Order (NWO) did to enslave the people of the world was to secretly create a corporate version of counties, cities, states, and countries. By doing this, the leaders of the NWO and their minions were able to trick us to unknowingly agree to be “agents” or “employees” of these corporations through the use of fraudulent contracts (i.e., birth certificate, social security card, driver’s license).

The information in this article is more focused on the USA, because I am more familiar with the so called laws in the USA and the U.S. legal system. If you do not live in the USA, you should still read this article for the reason that the same legal system that has enslaved Americans is the same legal system that has enslaved most people of the world.

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The Brutal Onslaught of Bullsh*t

2nd December 2015

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The stuff we’re forced to witness and read about is incredible. Literally.

Besides this obviously orchestrated clampdown and ramped up war mongering following the Paris “’incident”, front and center is the Syrian turnaround by a bold-stepping, clear minded Russia. The western media is beside itself, furiously trying to bury, minimize, justify and demonize this wise and functional step, the barefaced truth of which is turning this psychopathic move toward western hegemony on its warped head.

The ongoing genocides in Yemen, Ukraine and Palestine continue with nary a flicker of mention in the western press, with the Yemen extermination recently exacerbated no doubt by weaponized storms further jeopardizing the lives of millions in that defenseless country.

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7 Ways to Defeat an Internet Troll (and Stay Sane in the Process)

2nd December 2015

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

At one point or another, most of us have experienced an Internet troll. The unmistakable characteristic of overtly aggressive responses — which quickly morph into personal attacks and distract from the topic at hand — are usually a dead giveaway of a troll’s presence. It’s made clear early in the exchange that the person in question doesn’t have the least interest in honest debate — you can throw as many studies, facts and solid verification of your position into the mix, but the information will go unread and unacknowledged as the troll plows ahead with their destructive agenda. They sow nastiness and discord whenever they appear in comment sections of blogs and forums, or social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Certain subject matter tends to be a breeding ground for troll activity — like articles about the dangers of vaccinations or genetically modified food, even fracking. As we attempt to discern fact from fiction during our daily forays into cyberspace, it’s just too easy for someone to hide behind an alias and spew forth disinformation.

You may have wondered, as I have countless times: What exactly are these people after? How do we fend them off, and stay sane in the process?

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Forget Shorter Showers – Why Personal Change Does Not Equal Social Change

1st December 2015

By Derrick Jensen B.Sc

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The Misdirected Environmental Movement

Would any sane person think dumpster diving would have stopped Hitler, or that composting would have ended slavery or brought about the eight-hour workday, or that chopping wood and carrying water would have gotten people out of Tsarist prisons, or that dancing naked around a fire would have helped put in place the Voting Rights Act of 1957 or the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

Then why now, with all the world at stake, do so many people retreat into these entirely personal “solutions”?

Part of the problem is that we’ve been victims of a campaign of systematic misdirection. Consumer culture and the capitalist mindset have taught us to substitute acts of reduced personal consumption (or enlightenment) for organized political resistance. An Inconvenient Truth helped raise consciousness about our environment, but did you notice that all of the solutions presented had to do with personal consumption — changing light bulbs, inflating tires, driving half as much — and had nothing to do with shifting power away from corporations, or stopping the growth economy that is destroying the planet?

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Are You Washing Your Hands With This Toxic Pesticide?

By Elisha McFarland ND

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Triclosan, found in common “antibacterial” products, is linked to impaired muscle function and hormone disruption.

If you take a look at the label on your anti-bacterial soap, you may see the chemical triclosan listed. If you haven’t heard of triclosan, you should know that is in a number of home and personal care products that you may be using on a daily basis.

Triclosan was introduced to the marketplace in 1972, although it was originally developed and registered as a pesticide in 1969. (1) At that time it was used in hospitals and health care settings for its antibacterial properties.

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From RoboCop to RoboBees – Is This The World You Want To See?

1st December 2015

By Sergey Baranov

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The recent invention of the ‘RoboBee’, compared to other seemingly more malign innovations, may appear at first as a trivial and even harmless invention. But if we make an effort to remember and search the memory banks, we will quickly find the time when drones were adopted by the law enforcement agencies, and have been ever since. At first they were introduced as surveillance devices to help with rescue missions, a noble cause, as it appears at first. But the truth of the matter is that this noble cause is usually a mask, a dirty trick to get the bill passed or get the funding going.

And when this goal is achieved, the situation quickly changes. In this case, from surveillance devices, these drones have been upgraded and weaponized to carry less than lethal weaponry such as rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, and sound cannons, which have in fact been proven lethal in many cases. (Learn more.)

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The War On Drugs: How the “Land of the Free” Became the “Home of the Slaves” for 2.3 Million Americans

By Cortland Pfeffer with Irwin Ozborne

Guest Writers for Wake Up World

“Prisoner number [XX]… It is time to go home.” The most beautiful words she had ever heard. She had dreamt about the day that phrase would be uttered for the past ten years. Today, she will get to see her daughter that has been out of her life and begin the process of reunification.

As she takes her first steps outside the prison walls in a decade, it is like stepping into a foreign land. Outside the concrete confinement she is overwhelmed by the simplicity of feeling the fresh breeze, the sunlight, the green grass, and of course her family. Her daughter, mother, and brother await her release in what feels like another world away. Her lower lip starts to tremble uncontrollably – which it always has done when she becomes emotional – only to see her 13-year-old daughter’s lower lip mirror that of her own. Mother-and-daughter are able to embrace for the first time in years as they share an electric bond that cannot be broken, despite so many unanswered questions over the years.

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