Follow the Instinct of your BLISS. Rediscover Who You Are

By Indra

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We grow up believing , its not OK to pursue happiness, that pursuing security and being practical is more important. In fact happiness, bliss, is the only true goal. Since bliss is our true nature, we cannot help but pursue it. Unfortunately our attempts are misguided. We race to find a sweetheart, we accumulate great stores of financial wealth, we climb the ladder of celebrity, we reach for a higher social standing, or we even follow a spiritual path.

We forget that  OUR BLISS IS RIGHT HERE WITH US NOW. We believe that bliss can be achieved by having things. As a result of racing so hard, seeking those fantasies that we imagine will bring us bliss, we  FORGET the magic of everything around us. The faster we speed up our activities to achieve happiness, the more we lose ourselves in the past or the future, grasping for what is not here.    As we pursue this race to nowhere, we grow estranged from our natural feeling of bliss.

This whirlwind is so widespread, that most people have not felt the sensation of deep bliss since they were infants looking into the eyes of their mothers. Others experience bliss during very isolated moments, such as the birth of    their children, when falling in love, at weddings, or when receiving a financial windfall.

This is unfortunate as bliss is our birth right. We are blissful beings. Every fiber of our being remembers what it felt like when we were  AT ONE WITH THOSE DEEPEST, SUBCONSCIOUS TRUTHS.

The Separation from Bliss

The reason we seek bliss is actually very simple:  WE ARE BLISS. When we are born, we have not yet been separated from that natural state of bliss. We are still connected to the divine bliss of nature and the universe.    Our personality, forged from the constant input of societal constraints, has not yet developed.

As we grow older, we start to notice that everyone around us is treating us like a separate entity.    Our actions are being judged as good or bad.    We get rewarded for acceptable actions and are reprimanded for actions that don’t fit within the community’s behavioral code. Within several years we are imprinted with society’s rules. More and more, our sense of natural bliss is lost in an ever thickening mesh of insecurity and vulnerability.    As a result we experience a terrifying emptiness and fear—a hole in our spirit that is as dense and vast as a black hole in space.

Formal education separates us from our bliss even more. We are rarely taught the deep joy of learning, which returns us to our bliss. Instead we are asked to memorize information that we regurgitate for tests. Parents and teachers instill in us the fear of not making good grades. The goal is to get good grades so that we will be able to get a mind-numbing job and become purchasing machines.

The pain of such a life – of being separated from our natural bliss by following society’s expectations—may cause us to seek more outwardly aggressive forms of pain relief, such as alcohol and other drugs. However the temporary euphoria that alcohol and other addictions provide, is never enough. It can’t fill the hole caused by the separation from our true nature.

The Primary Rule

There is one and only one primary rule:  Always follow your bliss instinct.  Bliss is that sensation of completeness that we all know deep inside, our natural sense of happiness, joy, contentment, peace, euphoria and elation all mixed as one.  If you follow your bliss instinct, all knowledge will unfold and you won’t need to do anything else.    This tenet is the most important and the most difficult to master, which is rather incredible since  our true nature is  BLISS.

If  BLISS is what we already are, then why are we seeking it? This question is one of the most perplexing in the universe. We do so because we have inherited a programming that we have to leave our universal connection and plug into the man-made, human systems in order to achieve bliss.    This programming is really the biggest scam on earth. It can be phrased like this:  trade in the happiness you already are for the pursuit of happiness in a system where it is unattainable.

Instead of following this insane programming, which only leads to suffering, follow the bliss instinct. Slow down your current pursuits and relax with that part that inherently feels good. You may feel peace of mind, right under the surface, waiting for you. Or you may feel excitement, a bout of energy freeing you from a dull ache you were feeling previously. The bliss instinct can show up in many different ways. As you listen to your body you will begin to recognize your soul’s language.

Even in times when you are feeling completely smothered by social constraints you can crawl into a hot whirlpool bath and feel your innate  BLISS overwhelm you. These small, seemingly unimportant moments can connect you back to bliss.    Relax your body for a minute right here as you read. Take a calm breath and feel your entire body while simply watching your mind. Keep doing this until you actually feel yourself slow down. Soon enough you will feel your natural  BLISS. Connect to the  BLISS and follow it. Then wholly and completely surrender to its instinctual instructions.

Maintaining the connection with your natural BLISS over and over will train you to tell    the difference between your actual  BLISS and what  the ego passes for  bliss. And, as every bliss surfer will tell you, it gets easier and easier with practice, as you welcome bigger and bigger waves of bliss, which lead you to greater adventures, unfolding your soul potential for perfection, beauty, and love.

Knowing When You Are Aligned with Your Bliss Instinct

Being able to tell when you are aligned with your bliss instinct is simple: You feel good.    When you feel good, there is no confusion. This is your  YES response: a sense of calmness, relaxation, peace, euphoria, or clarity takes over. What will surprise you—even if you have difficulty trusting yourself at first—is how quickly you will  FEEL YOUR BLISS take over as your guide. You may feel that the chain of events leading up to your meeting a certain person has a magical tone – as if the universe were conspiring to move you in this direction.

On the other hand, if you are feeling resistance, contraction, or any negative sensation, these are signals of a NO response. Similarly, if you feel numb, or you don’t get any response from your body, the answer is  NO. If your body is not feeling a full-fledged sense of joy, the path you are considering is  DEFINITELY not worth pursuing. But never stop checking in with your bliss instinct because sometimes a “no” simply means  NOT YET.    The timing may not be right.

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Indra is the founder of the Full Spectrum Bliss®, a teaching organization dedicated to raising consciousness by incorporating scientific, metaphysical and ancient teachings on “bliss” to enhance sex, love, beauty, health and longevity.

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