How to Hone Your Bliss Instinct: a Guide to Following Your Bliss

How to Hone Your Bliss Instinct - a Guide to Following Your Bliss - Artwork from Bliss N Eso album cover 'Circus in the Sky'

By Indra

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Ponder this thought for a moment: Planet earth is a video game. Consider that we are all are here to “win” the game of life, or rather get to mastery skill levels, and to slay the proverbial dragons we encounter with our incredible agility, mental acuity, and wit. All along the journey there are traps to lead us astray, as well as important clues, signs, and road maps. We are provided only one tool to distinguish between the traps and the clues, to determine which is leading us to victory and true survival, and which to our demise.

Perhaps you’d agree that it would be no fun if this tool were easy to use. Otherwise if too simple, we would find a need to program into the game varying levels of complexity. In order to accomplish this, we adopt a multi-layered feeling-based tool known as intuition, or radar, or our gut feeling. The basic premise is that when you feel certain things, it’s a “green light”, and when you feel others, it’s a “red light”.

Following your bliss

When Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss”, I doubt he realized his simplistic suggestion actually decoded a highly sophisticated tool. Indeed, following your intuition — your Bliss Instinct — is a science. I call it the language of the soul. Those of us who have worked on honing it have come know a higher rate of being “right” about things, people, circumstances, and situations. I call it a “right rate”.

Do you or someone you know have an astronomically high right rate? Have you experienced this phenomenon over time and watched it prove itself consistently? What makes you or another person perform with this degree of rightness?

Although your first response may be “they are more intuitive or more enlightened, smarter even”, I have come to a different conclusion based on my personal experience. I believe we all have the same brand of intuition. Let’s call it “Bliss Instinct” for a second. Like any tool, the skill level of the user does have a strong influence. Yet one underestimated factor that I’ve seen is the state of the physical body that is deciphering the Bliss Instinct. It is the difference between going through an obstacle course with eyes wide open, or through the course with a blindfold  on.

The density and toxicity that we often collect and accumulate in our physical bodies actually blocks access to our glands. For example, the pineal gland is the center for knowing. It’s our “third eye”. Once we “know” something, it still has to go through a series of other challenges before it is manifested. Said more fully, you may have a very pure pineal gland, but your thyroid or adrenals are blocked, and they are responsible for speaking your truth and personal power. Your actions and delivery may become blocked, and so the intuition never gets acted upon.

Do you see the correlation? It is important to detoxify all aspects of our body.

Here’s the fact of the matter: Purifying the body and losing its density is directly related to being an effective human being on Planet Blue. Your Bliss Instinct/intution at its best will go to the full range of all of the glands in the body before it outputs a result. A result, having come about after it had been run through the innate intelligence of all of the glands, has a much greater chance of being correct. In other words, it has been “signed off” by all your systems. You have literally tapped into every form of intelligence you inherently have access to.

Higher glands like the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, and nervous system are often blocked by subtle frequencies like electromagnetic pollution, mercury, flouride, plastics, other chemicals and toxins.

The adrenals and the pancreas often get covered up by fat deposits, cellulite, and toxins which guard their ability to feel and to deliver the subtle messages of the language of the soul. The toxins also bind with fats and create dense masses of inorganic matter within the body, which ultimately block the flow of this beautiful intelligence.

Here are my top 3 gland cleansing tricks:

Detoxification of the body:

With ancient tools used for centuries by yogis and Chinese masters. Any tools that stand the test of time are, indeed, effective. (My favorite of them is fulvic acid).

DNA activation of glands:

As we discovered the power of the glands, we have discovered simple and effective techniques to activate them. (To learn more, please see: DNA Activation: a Secret to Personal Transformation.)

Change of lifestyle:

Once you hear the voice of your “Higher Octave”, you can’t go back. It is simply so much more intelligent that your own wisdom — with a dash of magic and epiphany! It will astound you in the beginning, yet you’ll get used to the excitement! 🙂

This to me is the willing alchemy in this game called Life. Know your enemy, yet also know that you are the Ultimate! The rest are just obstacles in the game designed for us to see, recognize, and decode, and that’s where all the fun is!

About the author:

Indra Love

Indra (deceased) was the founder of the Full Spectrum Bliss®, a teaching organization dedicated to raising consciousness by incorporating scientific, metaphysical and ancient teachings on “bliss” to enhance sex, love, beauty, health and longevity.

With a background in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Communication, USDA and CDC funded graduate research in Ag and Applied Sciences, and corporate experience in both healthcare and not-for-profit organizations, Indra, with a team of like-minded people, has devoted her life to teaching, research and development of the ultimate tools for human health, happiness and evolution which can be achieved by following the “physical instinct of bliss”.

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