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3 Powerful Practices for Experiencing States of Ecstasy and Bliss - Ecstatic Dance

By Indra

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

We seek bliss continually, constantly craving and desiring, because we – with our coming into existence on this gorgeous blue planet – inherit a programming of our minds that leads us to believe that we have to leave our natural, universal connection, and plug into the man-made systems in order to achieve bliss.

I’ll give you a few examples: Ever heard of somebody chasing higher levels of success, the one true love, more money, a perfect body, or a bigger house in the pursuit of happiness, only to discover that the sense of relief and joy they were seeking did not set in?

Our falling hook, line, and sinker for that programming is really the biggest scam on earth! It has made us dependent upon things that are, to put it frankly, completely and utterly undependable, at least for sustainable happiness. However, more than anything, and in my opinion, far worse, it has crippled our spiritual evolution. It can be phrased like this: Trade in the happiness you already are for the chase of the watered-down, short-lived, dubious version made up by someone else.

The most horrible rub of this human cycle of behavior is that after a lifetime of seeking all the possible cures for our pain – of following everyone else in the unspoken (or sometimes not so unspoken) contest of accumulating wealth, gathering possessions, being as politically correct as possible – we still don’t find the bliss we seek. In fact, although we try to find happiness through the means prescribed by our social systems, we come to realize that the bliss we have been offered is just a knock-off – a cheap, poorly crafted imitation of the real thing. And the most startling realization is this:

The real thing, bliss itself, is always right there within you! In fact, it is you. Bliss is your true nature.

You want the real deal? You want the true, all-pervading, long-lasting incredible sensation of bliss? Then always, always, always follow your Bliss Instinct.

The Bliss Instinct

In its most basic format, following your Bliss Instinct is simple: It comes down to slowing down all pursuits of happiness and relaxing into the things in your life that feel inherently good: the very simple, yet completely perfect sensations of bliss, like times when you feel safe and secure; the fluid delight of taking a long, hot bath; the peaceful feeling of a beautiful, quiet afternoon.

We feel these breaths of our natural bliss always, throughout our lives. They are like lost voices calling to us, reminding us of who we truly are; they are deemed nice by society, but not important – at least not as important as having more, bigger, better things.

There is good news, though. Being your true nature, bliss will never completely leave you (think back on my story). Even in times when you are feeling smothered by social constraints, all it takes is a swim in the ocean or listening to the silence of the woods – or whatever it might be that triggers that blissful feeling in you. In these seemingly unimportant moments, you connect to bliss by recognizing and allowing yourself to become it.

Relax your body for a minute right here as you read. Take a deep breath and feel your entire body while simply watching your mind. Become aware of the physical sensations within your body: Feel your skin, your muscles, your internal organs, your bones, your blood, all your cells in your body, and your DNA. Keep doing this until you actually feel yourself slowing down. Soon enough you will feel nothing but yourself and your own natural bliss. Now, truly connect with this bliss and follow it – and then wholly and completely surrender to its instinctual instructions.

Don’t worry if your mind takes off in a whirlwind of interior dialogue – just stop judging yourself. Bliss is right there inside you, ready to work for you as it did when you were a child, not caring, not judging. Always think of yourself as wonderful and simply relax again. Do this exercise again whenever you are ready, and know that you have just made your first conscious, tangible connection with your Bliss Instinct.

Becoming a Bliss Surfer

As with anything else you’re new at, practicing and strengthening your connection with your Bliss Instinct will make it easier over time. Gradually, connecting with your native bliss over and over again will make you capable of knowing when you are experiencing your actual bliss and when you are being tricked by your ego posing as your bliss. I will cover the ego in more detail later in the book.

For now, I just want you to focus on the sensation of bliss. You feel it. It is not some pie in the sky idea that you never get to experience on a visceral level. You know it and sense it – you just did.

Getting reacquainted with the wave of bliss and making it last is a real challenge – undeniably. However, I also know that you will be delighted with what you are actually feeling. And, as every bliss surfer will tell you: It gets easier with practice as you welcome bigger and bigger waves of bliss into your life that spark your sense of wisdom, worth, and courage. It’s the kind of feeling that makes you take on greater adventures, launching your soul’s potential for absolute abundance, perfection, beauty, and love!

It Simply Feels Good

Knowing when you are aligned with your Bliss Instinct is as simple as this: It feels really good! For example, when you are facing an urgent situation and need to make an impactful decision, relaxing into your bliss, connecting with the physical sensation, allows you the perspective you need to best make that decision. In order for you to see the best choice clearly, connect with the possibilities that lie ahead of you. Relax your body and open up to them, one at a time. How does your body respond? What do you feel? Do you feel a sense of joy; do you feel euphoric, or do you feel numb? Or perhaps, do you get knots in your stomach or feel filled with fear?

When you feel good, there is no confusion. It is your body telling you, “Yes, go for it,” and a sense of calmness, relaxedness, peace, and maybe even euphoria takes over. In some cases, you may feel more at ease with what arises inside you than you do in other cases. A good choice isn’t always easy to make. However, what will surprise you – even if you have difficulty trusting yourself at first – is how quickly you will feel your bliss take over as your guide. You’ll start noticing how seemingly random events in your life, like meeting the right person at the right time or stumbling upon opportunities, have a magical quality to them, as if the universe is conspiring to steer you in just the right direction. It is simply your senses taking charge, assuming the role of a loyal guardian of your life.

Based on this principle, your body also has ways of telling you “Don’t go there,” communicating with you through feelings of discomfort, resistance, or contraction, rather than expansion. The “no” response can be just as difficult to accept as the yes response; however, the reality is, even though a certain choice may seem like the “only acceptable thing to do” or you feel it is expected of you, there are absolutely no grounds for entertaining that thought or making that choice if you receive a no response from your body. Investigating the underlying motivation for going against the wisdom of your body reveals the fact that it simply originates in habitual patterns from the conditioning you have received all your life. These programs arise from your mind and form no solid ground of reality in your life. Thoughts and beliefs about what we should or shouldn’t do come from past conditioning and hold no true power unless we let them. They are mirages and nothing more.

If you feel numb, or you don’t get a response from your body, the answer is still “no.” Your Bliss Instinct is designed to guide you on the path that brings about your absolute growth, benefit, and happiness. If your body is not feeling a full-fledged sense of joy, the path you are currently taking is simply not worth pursuing. However, never stop consulting with your Bliss Instinct; in certain circumstances, the lack of responsiveness simply means “not yet.” When this happens, it could just be that the energy of a given choice is not aligned with the most amount of bliss at the point in time you seek your guidance.

It can be tricky to allow yourself to understand that you don’t need to take off on a flight of fancy with all the thoughts fleeting through your mind, and to shift your decision-making processes from the mind to the body. However, the more you learn to relax with the feeling of bliss already waiting for you in your body, the better you become at decoding situations in your life, navigating effortlessly toward choices of truth and joy, gradually becoming more of your natural blissful self.

Over and over again – with other fellow travelers before you and in my own experience – an element of divine timing flows along the pathway of bliss. For example, I recently went camping at the beach. When I woke up the first morning, I couldn’t wait to go swimming in the ocean. That morning – as I do every morning – I tuned into my Bliss Instinct and allowed it to take me over completely. Everything was great: The early morning sun, the sound of the waves rolling in, the invigorating air; yet, every time I attempted to go into the water, something would come up that needed my attention. I started wondering what was going on, going over the details of the morning to look for clues as to why I shouldn’t go swimming. I didn’t figure it out, and realized I would simply have to wait and see.

Then, finally, all distractions cleared up, and I jumped in the water and swam away from shore, way out into the open ocean. As I continued swimming, I noticed a movement in the water ahead of me. I continued forward, and the roiling of the water moved closer. I stopped to see what it was, and at that moment, a dolphin jumped from the ocean, high into the sky, and did a spinning backflip! Soon after, a whole school of fourteen dolphins joined me and we swam together. I’m sure you can imagine my reaction: It was a totally overwhelming, completely joyous experience that sent shockwaves of thrill through my entire being; I could hardly contain all that happiness!!

Later, when I recounted the experience, thinking how lucky I was to have been in the water at the exactly right time, I remembered how my instinct to swim had been delayed strategically for my meeting with the dolphins, and it almost felt like a small miracle.


The Power Of Bliss

The miracle of your bliss (which is actually you) is that it continues to empower you as you restore it into your being. It’s really quite simple – just think of a child. Children are like blank canvasses; no one has yet tainted their minds with ideas and thoughts of whom they are and what they ought to do. They are still living in accordance with their sweet bliss. Think for a moment of how powerful that makes them: When they are tired, they simply fall asleep, no matter how noisy the surroundings; when they play, they completely merge with the stories unfolding with no room for disturbances; if they are mad, they scream or strike out. Their behavior is a direct and honest reflection of what they feel like doing in that specific moment, and, therefore, holds immense power. It is what natural bliss feels and looks like. In that child – and in you and me.

The power itself comes from the act of your being flowing with the energy fields of the universe. Your soul is an integral, structural part of the universal make up; that is, the universe could not exist without you, without me, or without anybody else. As you open yourself to your bliss, cultivating, nurturing and empowering the unfolding of your individual gift, you bring more of your true power – your true blissful being – into existence, sending wonderful ripple effects throughout the entire universe.

Returning To Your Bliss Through Your Body

The natural need of mammals for closeness is a part of our genetic code. The limbic brain seeks the sense of touch and closeness with unbendable concentration; babies of any mammalian species removed from touch curl up in a corner and wilt away.

The reason I’m telling you this is the fact that society uses that extreme need to be part of the crowd to cause us to conform to tenants that are healthy for the tribe but also to behaviors that cause us to discard our natural selves. All sorts of erroneous behaviors and thoughts are hammered into our minds when we are children: happiness is not that important, you are not that perfect, and you must behave the way you are told.

Listening to your own being is incredibly important. Not only is it your direct source to happiness, but it is also an incremental key to life itself. What happens when you don’t follow your bliss can actually be compared to a small death: It is the withering of your true and special being, which carries the essence of your soul’s purpose. The numbing of your being with the limiting framework defined by society is not only unhealthy for you, but for the entire universe itself.

Going back to the nature of mammals, the child is forced to accept the norms of its tribe because it is deeply frightened by the possibility of being abandoned. Consequently, as time goes by, it suppresses parts of its true being, ultimately setting aside its native self completely. So you see, by no means are you a lesser person for following the patterns and norms of your family, your culture, or your society. It is simply in your biological makeup – as it is in mine.

The good news however, is that it is impossible for society’s conditioning to entirely preempt your Bliss Instinct. That has to do with the fact that the mind, your primary tool for sorting data, is very limited. The data-sorting centers of the mind want facts and linear causality; however, the transfer of data in your soul proceeds intuitively in your body, with an amazing speed and spontaneity similar to the movement of electrons around the nucleus of an atom – not with slow, methodical thinking like the exchange of “ordinary” data. Thus, as you will discover, restoring your bliss is actually very simple. All you need to do is listen to your body.

The greatest advantage of using the Bliss Instinct for navigating your life is that it provides you with the ability to override all the faulty “logic” of the mind. As you become increasingly proficient in recognizing your soul’s communication through the framework of your body, it also becomes easier for you to trust the guidance of the bliss sensation.

I’m sure you have seen examples of people who achieve success or experience a great stroke of luck, and when asked about the reasons behind their success, their response is something along the lines of “I really just followed my gut,” or “My intuition told me to do that.” When it comes down to it, “gut” and “intuition” are essentially just other words for their Bliss Instinct, which they had tapped into, to ride the waves of bliss through their lives.

Being The Fool Is Being Absolutely Free

Needless to say, your sensation of bliss differs from mine because we are two different people. Also, your body may react differently at different times and in different places. However, as you continue to experience the sensation of bliss, you learn to trust and recognize it by the sense of knowing and wholeness that accompanies it – just like I did that morning at the ocean when I couldn’t get around to going in the water. Being an experienced bliss surfer, I knew to just go with the sensation and let the morning unfold at its own pace; although, from a rational or mental point of view, it seemed really strange that I wasn’t able to get in the water straight away.

Following your Bliss Instinct comes down to trusting the signals your body sends you, however subtle they may be.

Trust comes with seeing. The more you experience your Bliss Instinct serving you as your ultimate navigation tool, the easier it becomes to trust the directions it gives you. Somehow, it is like becoming a fool who goes on trusting, even if others might pass him as simple-minded or worthless in ordinary affairs. In reality, any negative voices discouraging you from becoming the trusting fool are based in fear of not conforming – and that is why the fool is free! He or she is not bound by the nightmare of playing the old “prove-it game” or with bickering and other petty ego constraints that others suffer. The fool is free of the blinders of society and feels the bliss of being, taking in the wonderful world around him with every breath of his being. It is just like that old Beatles song, “The Fool On the Hill”:

Day after day alone on a hill
the man with the foolish grin
is keeping perfectly still
but nobody wants to know him
they can see that he’s just a fool
and he never gives an answer.

But the fool on the hill
sees the sun going down
and the eyes in his head
see the world spinning round.

When you are connected with the natural flow of the universal energy that is you, you are able to enjoy the most secure way of being of all. The existential anxiety that so many experience is rooted in a separation from our own fool caused by narrowing, defining, and complicated beliefs, creating a disconnection from the native, divine love that is us.

Rediscovering the Bliss Connection returns us – returns you – to that natural unity existing between yourself and the universe, taking you from a place of insecurity to your natural magnificence and beauty. Returning to bliss is simply about dropping those counter-intuitive traps of seeking others’ standards of perfection and allowing the universe to outdo them. It is about allowing yourself to be the fool and dropping your little ego trips over and over again, for as many times as you need, to cut out the middleman and go straight to the source of bliss and happiness (you).

You Are Bliss And That Is The Truth

The thing about the truth is that it will always be the truth, even if no one believes in it – just like the fool on the hill. And, conversely, the thing about the lie is that it is always a lie, even if everyone believes in it.

You may have heard this message in some form or another before, and maybe following your higher guidance isn’t new to you either. But then you will also know that it’s not always an easy thing to do. As you now know, I have had my fair share of crashing and burning, and I have risen from the ashes just like the phoenix. And I have crashed and burned, even though I have been channeling bliss into my system from a very young age. I’m not saying this to discourage you. In fact, quite the contrary. I’m saying it to let you know it is possible – and that you are not alone. And at the end of the day, what you are doing is simply returning to your truth, whether others believe in it or not.

For me, returning to my truth meant receiving, deciphering, and developing a way to engage in that exact same process at all times, in a way that would make the process an easy, foolproof gateway to tangibly experience that which has thus far remained intangible. I am pleased to share my findings with you, and I look forward to following you on your path to truth, whatever it may look like.

Three Golden Nuggets To Remember and Carry With The Awakened You:

  • The Bliss Instinct never offers a response that benefits others, but does not benefit you.
  • The Bliss Instinct never produces a response that benefits you, but harms others.
  • The greatest and the highest good for all is always the formula involved with true bliss.

About the author:


Indra (deceased) was the founder of the Full Spectrum Bliss®, a teaching organization dedicated to raising consciousness by incorporating scientific, metaphysical and ancient teachings on “bliss” to enhance sex, love, beauty, health and longevity.

With a background in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Communication, USDA and CDC funded graduate research in Ag and Applied Sciences, and corporate experience in both healthcare and not-for-profit organizations, Indra, along with a team of like-minded people, devoted her life to teaching, research and development of the ultimate tools for human health, happiness and evolution — all of which can be achieved by following the “physical instinct of bliss”.

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