Discovering Our Earthly Selves

18th June 2012

By  Liz Blake

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

We are all made of a beautiful combination of star dust and earth.  At the moment of your human conception you become a physical being made of molecules provided by the earth.  As your body grows, you gather, assimilate, and transform the molecules offered to you by the planet. This molecular dance continues throughout life, a dynamic exchange of energy and matter between your body and your environment, a constant giving and receiving. Awaken to this dance, it is intelligent, it is sacred.

Know this process of your earthly becoming.  Be a conscious co-creation.  Know your mother, the matter, and the atoms of this earth that become the physical you.  You are nourished by the soil of the planet you walk upon, you drink her water, you breathe her air and you eat her food.  You carry her with every breath, with every step, with every sip, and with every bite you take.  Consume and transform her with consciousness. Elevate her, this is alchemy.

You choose the materials of your own creation. What qualities do you seek to embody? What do you desire to become? Whole, vibrant, and intelligent? Or processed, artificial, and manipulated?  Your choice. Allow the wisdom of your body to be your guide. Listen to the language the earth speaks through food. Listen and you will know exactly what your whole being needs. Awaken to the dialogue. Trust and the earth will provide.

Earth gives raw materials for your physical creation. Your food is the form, the way in which you consume her. All elements of the whole process by which she becomes you will influence your experience of being.  Awareness is a key ingredient in your self-creation.  There are no recipes; there is no one way to eat. Discover your own way.

Embrace the sensual nature of being human. Attune to the subtle sensory experience of the body. Let your senses guide you. Eat to feel great.

The earth is a sensuous being, offering pleasure. Touch the earth. Smell the earth. Taste her. Receive this pleasure. Eat her succulent fruits. Walk barefoot upon her. Breathe deeply her fresh air.  Know the beauty she offers. This beauty is intelligent.

Discover your true nature. Embrace being made of the earth. Consciously engage with the transformation of earth becoming you. Be responsible for your own creation. Choose your materials wisely. Love this planet and love yourself. Grow your own food. Talk to your plants. Live intentionally. Eat awareness. Enjoy.

Free yourself.  Awaken our human relationship to nature.

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About the Author

Liz Blake  is a designer of conscious culture and evolved lifestyle, inspiring a co-creative healthy future.

She is a graduate of NYU, with a self-designed BA in Holistic Health and Alchemy, focusing in Jungian psychology, nutrition, energy healing and shamanism.  She is a practicing Reiki Master.   She also earned a certificate as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as a Yoga Teaching certificate, 200 hr RYT.

As a conscious chef, she nourishes our evolution through alchemically integrating healing energy into the kitchen and creating food with love.

She is committed to nurturing community and healthy relationships to the earth and is an active member and healing center visionary of  The Source Farm Ecovillage in Jamaica.   She is also a friend of Growing Heart Farm in upstate NY.

Guided by sacred plant medicine, she traveled to Peru, Brazil and England to pursue her shamanic studies.

Liz is currently based in New York City and is offering services in nutritional and transformational coaching, focusing on personal transformation through working with the subtle energetics of food and balancing the inner ecosystem.   She also offers Reiki and subtle energetic healing work.

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