Upgrade Your Body to Upgrade Your Life Experience

By Indra

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Our cellular  make-up  and structure reflect the current state of our being, and our level of consciousness. The light of our soul is reflected through certain areas of our bodies with ease – the ones in which we have fewer or minor blockages, or maybe none at all.

We experience this as structural integrity within our physical bodies; when the glands and organs within that region vibrate at their optimum healthy frequency, it creates symmetry and beauty the way nature always intended it. These areas within our bodies correspond to specific aspects of our lives, which means that when they are in harmony, the macro reflections of the micro – our life experiences – also manifest as harmonious and beautiful.

Why? Because we all embody the same intelligence energy  that exists throughout the universe.

Based on that notion, the same is true for areas of our body that are blocked as a result of social programming and traumas. It means that the physical matter vibrates at a less than harmonious frequency and the light emitted through this matter is distorted and disharmonious – and the macro reflects that as well.

This means that when we upgrade our bodies to hold healthy frequencies, we directly impact our external experiences – because they merely reflect what is going on within.

That knowledge makes us incredibly powerful; it allows us to create exactly the lives for ourselves that we want through the upgrading of our bodies.

The upgrade happens through DNA recoding and gland activation, which is a way of consciously overwriting the noises of our negative life patterns with the light  language of the soul,  installing its messages directly into the body. It gives our bodies the opportunity to hold and feel the energy of the full-spectrum amazing being within us, and not the distorted, polarized ego-version.

The re-programming goes through our nervous center, which sends selected messages to the rest of the body. By updating our DNA with new beliefs, we enable a powerful transformation from within the body, harmonizing the LumenOctave ®  – the interplay between our body and soul.

The LumenOctave Technique ® is a powerful system designed to transform our life experiences by unlocking our tremendous dormant potential with DNA recoding and gland activation. The technique thoroughly addresses all aspects of the human existence and introduces new healthy paradigms to upgrade our lives from within the body.

The technique is based in the law of octaves, a cosmic law defined by ancient schools applied to music. In a musical scale, there are seven tones: Root, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh, which are the scale degrees relative to the origin of the octave. Originally associated with music, the law of octaves applies to everything else in our reality from light, to heat, chemical and magnetic over physical vibrations – they are all subject to the same principle as sound.

Sunlight entering and leaving a drop of water to create a rainbow is a simple natural phenomenon exemplifying this law. When sunlight leaves the prism of moisture, it is no longer white, but spreads into seven rays of different color: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, depending on the angle though which is enters and leaves

The  8 tones  of the LumenOctave ®

Musical sounds are organized into patterns of harmony: Noise is random, disorganized sounds, whereas tones are created with harmonies. Tones are produced by vibrations contained in an organized way for the musician to control the loudness, quality and duration of the tone. The tones of the LumenOctave ® represented by physical glands and organs (the activation points) within the body which hold the information about specific aspects of our lives. The tones encompass life purpose, intelligence, healing, communication & truth, love, personal power, intimacy and abundance.

The harmony of our LumenOctave ® is determined by our intentional ability to take charge of the tones within the octave and create harmony instead of disruption and noise.

To learn more about the LumenOctave ®, please visit lumenoctave.com

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