Finding Freedom in a Crazy World

By Michael Roads

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The world isn’t crazy… and freedom is within! But, I have to confess, it sure looks that way! In fact, when I look through the eyes of illusion I see a world that is totally insane. Crazy doesn’t get close!

So, what to do? Do we relate to the illusions of life, and try to get a feeling for what is happening and try to understand, or do we pull back from illusion and learn to see ‘what is’ through the eyes of Truth? Just for a moment, let’s look at the illusions.

Physically, the people of the world have never been so sick, and this in a time when, on some levels, there has never been a greater opportunity for really healthy living. I have no doubt about the reason for this. Over the past few centuries, we, the people of most countries have been gradually cajoled into releasing personal responsibility for our health. During the 20th century most people finally abdicated from any sense of, “this is my body, this is my health, I am fully responsible for it.”

Somewhere in all this, the pharmaceutical drug companies grew huge, and healing succumbed to drugging, while medicine itself was seduced to convert from body-friendly to body-destructive. And we, the people, just let it happen. We could, of course, say that we didn’t know what was happening, and this may be true, but we did, en masse, withdraw our own innate responsibility for our own personal health. This, along with a poisoned world environment, has sent our overall well-being into a rapid decline. Now, those of us who are more aware are finally taking responsibility for our own health, but seriously, we are a tiny minority in this crazy world.

The environment is another illusion that commands our attention. It would seem that we have an ecological collapse on our hands that promises to be of major proportions. Certainly, with my background in agriculture, I am aware of the appalling changes that have taken place on the farms. Agri-culture has become agri-business. True culture of the land has been put aside, while the business is to rip maximum profit from the land regardless of the organic life within the soil. As I travel the world each year, I pass through much of the agriculture countryside. Now, this may sound fanciful to you, but long ago I learned to listen to the ‘Spirit of the Land,’ and when I pass through areas where the ‘rape and reap’ abuse is really high, I am aware that the Spirit of the Land has withdrawn.

This spiritual energy is now focusing into the wilderness, the more remote mountains, and particularly the deserts. The places largely devoid of humans. This does not mean that the land is no longer productive. It is, with its usual nutritionally depleted crops, but the spiritual component of the food produced is now missing. Not that anyone can truly measure this, and only a few people are aware of it, but it is a phenomena that is now increasingly taking place. I could write of many more illusions, but let me now show the other side of what I have already, very briefly, touched upon, basically, human health and our food production.

The theme of this article is “finding freedom is a crazy world”. Let me be very clear about this – you cannot! You cannot find freedom in the illusion. You cannot find freedom along the path of understanding. You cannot find freedom in trying to make sense of human craziness. You cannot find freedom while you relate to a world that appears to be outside of Self. I repeat, you cannot find freedom in the illusion. We are Beings who live in a greater reality, but we are also Beings who, for the most part, have no idea of a greater reality. The alternative to a greater reality is consensus reality, and this, of course, is where human consciousness is focused. People all believe in the same collective reality. We believe things like the past is finished, and cannot be changed. Wrong. We believe that life is an outside event, something we see around us. Wrong. We believe that we are born, and after a lifetime, we die. Wrong. We even believe that war can create peace! Glaringly wrong.

Even consensus reality varies. We have an Australian consensus reality which is fairly close to the American consensus reality, in-as-much as we insist on following their particular errors. The British CR is different from the European CR, which is now struggling to make their many CR’s into one. Obviously the Afghanistan CR is very different again, different enough to have a mini-war over. We also see that most people who migrate from one country to another take their CR with them, and so find it difficult to fit into a new, quite different, CR. Okay, enough of consensus reality.

First and foremost, what is freedom? Are we in Australia free people? I think not. There is no freedom to be found in the illusion. Not even in the mythical paradise of Shangri La. While we see life as an outside event, while we believe that what we see is what is, and while we believe in the beginnings and endings of people, of species, and of life, we remain in the depths of illusion. And this, of course, is the breeding ground of fear.

Freedom is knowing and experiencing Truth. Freedom is knowing that we, each one of us, is an immortal Being. Freedom is knowing that far beyond the physical experience, there is a metaphysical reality that is our Truth. Freedom is definitely possible. I know, because I experience it. We are taught to believe that we are physical bodies containing consciousness. This is a half-truth. We are Beings of consciousness that contain — and express through — a physical body. Let us call that human consciousness Light. Not light from the sun; more the illumination of eternity Light, the expression of consciousness Light. We, as Beings of Light, contain the body, each cell, every molecule. We are not, and never have been, imprisoned and contained in and by the body, yet this is the way that most people live. The body is their physical prison, and they do not leave it until the illusion of death breaks the illusion of containment. If you are following this so far, you will begin to realise that our so-called crazy world has nothing to do with the limitations of our freedom.

In fact, why not look at it from a completely different perspective. Just suppose our world was ticking along merrily, with nothing to stir us, nothing to frighten us, nothing to compel us to look at the world and ourselves in any way beyond apathy and lethargy. What we would get, and continue to get, is what we have long been submerged in, namely, more of the ‘same!’ The ‘same,’ repeating endlessly. And regardless of technology, if you look at history, you will find that the ‘same’ has been repeating over and over for, literally, ages. Technology is no more than window dressing. Truth is, we have also been there, done that. We are Beings of Light, completely lost in the illusions of physicality. Somewhere along the way, we lost the plot. We forgot that we are here to learn the universal principles of creation, that we are here to grow into and discover the Truth of Self.

Instead, we are kids squabbling and fighting over which piece of the playground belongs to whom. If it is freedom we want, then we have to leave the illusion. Trying to make sense of illusion is futile. Trying to make whole something that cannot be broken is beyond futile, but that is the way of humanity.

Let me again refer to the Spirit of the Land. There are those among us who are discovering the true worth of Self. The further we go with this, the more we find there is to discover. We begin to treat ourselves, and our bodies with respect. We discover that we are worthy of life, of good health, of caring living, so we live accordingly. We buy food that is grown under conditions of organic agriculture. Food grown where the soil and its micro-life is respected and nurtured. In other words, the soil is treated in the way we now treat ourselves. We choose this by discernment. There are millions of people who think nothing about self, who care nothing about their body, who discard the whispers from the heart, who have no interest in spiritual values, who want only to gratify their senses. Is it not fitting that they should be able to buy food that exactly reflects their lack of conscious values. These are the people who are attracted by, and eat the food from where the Spirit of the land has withdrawn.

Be aware, however, that the same Truth applies to them. They are each Beings of Light, and when they choose to turn within, they also will reach the place of making choices that honour them. Nobody can be forced or even coerced to open up to their inner Truth before they are ready to do so. Unfortunately, the price for error is the mass sickness in our Western world, the massive degree of self-victimisation. With depression and suicide on a savage increase, you would think that more people would ask a few basic questions, like, what is happening? And I don’t mean ask the government, they are part of the same equation.

We, as a people, are literally by-passing our hearts. We live from the head, rather than the heart. We have yet to realise that all the continual thoughts of self-criticism create a continual attack on the heart. We have yet to realise that thought is an energy; an energy that when continually misdirected can bring about disastrous results. We are nations of people who are unwittingly taught to self-attack, with the heart as the receptor of the attack. Then we wonder why there are so many people dying from what we call heart attacks! And the best we come up with is more drugs. Very soon doctors will be removing the heart we have attacked, and replacing it with the heart from a pig! Anything, rather than take personal responsibility for our own heart, our own health.

So, despite having done no more than skate over the surface of the subject, I hope you can see that if we live our lives focused into the illusion we have no chance whatsoever of finding freedom in a crazy world. From my viewpoint, I see the world in its stunning perfection, and I see humanity as incredibly beautiful with an inspiring potential. I experience freedom in a world of love and beauty, and with my wife, Treenie, we travel away for 4-5 months each year giving our Re*treats in many countries of the world. I teach the Principle of Truth, showing people how they can change their lives for the better. I show people how it is better by far to find the Truth of Self, the overwhelming beauty of life, rather than attempt the impossible task of finding freedom in an illusion.

It is ironic that it is the frenzy of our crazy world that is causing so many people to break away from the apathy of comfort and look at themselves, their lives, and the direction humanity is once again heading. If you are asleep, dreaming a beautiful dream of comfort and ease, you are not likely to awaken as easily as if you are in a nightmare, where the content is so bad, so scary, so threatening, that you feel a pressure to wake up, fast. That is us, now. Better by far that we wake up screaming, than stay submerged in the illusions of an unreal dream.

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About the author:

Michael RoadsBorn in England in 1937, Michael Roads discovered at an early age he was able to communicate with nature and go beyond linear time and space. He immigrated to Australia in 1963 where he was a beef and dairy farmer, and prominent in the early organic movement. He wrote the first book on organic gardening in Australia, which was an immediate best seller.

After becoming spiritually awakened in 1986, Michael wrote about his metaphysical experiences and has since published 14 books, translated into 16 languages. 2016 marks his 25th year of travelling around the world giving talks and 5-day intensives on unconditional love and emotional balance.

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